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cracked windshield

  1. K

    Model 3 with 3 ft long crack on the windshield

    Hello Guys, I am a newbie when it comes to Tesla, I just got my Tesla 3, 2 weeks ago. But I have owned ICE cars for decades and never had I experienced a windshield cracked by a small rock that hits you in the freeway, I was sure it was a tiny rock because of the sound (Tick) and the mark it...
  2. Blu Zap

    Pano sunroof crack

    I had Tesla replace my windshield last Friday. Rock chip led to a crack. Allstate insurance covered it less the deductible. 2014 P85+ w/ AP1. So Tesla needed to do the windshield replacement since recalibration of the camera and rain sensor were needed. Anyway, sometime over the weekend, the...
  3. B

    Input on Huge Crack in Windshield - Model 3 Delivery Day

    Well I went to Tesla today to take delivery of my new Model 3 SR+ Black/Black 18” Aero wheels w/ FSD. First thing I noticed was a huge crack in the windshield, unable to take delivery of the car. Huge disappointment but glad we noticed it before leaving the lot. There were some minor panel gaps...
  4. E

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement

    I recently had a stone hit my windshield on my Model 3 and crack it. I filed an insurance claim and they recomended Safelite. I called Tesla to verify and was told that they now use Safelite to replace auto glass. It has been two weeks since Safelite requested a new windshield from Tesla and...
  5. jrc0yne

    Hairline Crack - Bottom Front Windshield

    I have had my Model 3 for about 1 month now and put almost 700 miles on it. I just noticed this small hairline crack on the bottom portion of the front windshield on the passenger side. I do not recall anything hitting the windshield while driving and I am not sure if this slowly developed or...