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crash safety

  1. A

    My Model Y is completely dead after the new vc front

    Hello, I bought a rear ended tesla model y awd from auction. The car was stuck in service mode so I started troubleshooting. I changed the pyro fuse and lv battery on it thinking that it would fix the issue. After turning on, I wanted to enter the service mode to clear the post crash load...
  2. 0

    Got rear-ended at red light while in FSD. Does anyone know if I’ll lose access if (for ex) they have to replace bumped (and calibrate sensors)?

    You can see video of the crash on this thread I put on Twitter. I couldn’t find USB so just recorded the dashcam playing in the car. It drives as if nothing happened (no warnings, noises, etc.) and FSD is still working normally. Trunk functions normally as well. I’m just wondering if the...
  3. MontyFloyd

    A challenge in FSD: To CRASH gracefully.

    Reading another topic I was reminded about the "march of nines". article 1 crash in 100k miles is probably better than average human drivers (I admit to a couple of minor fender benders over the years). But the previous sentence is even more important: the inevitable crash. I read a post...
  4. Telanon

    Vendor LaneAhead® System using radar to spot crash danger and focus driver attention

    In addition to the poll above, if you own or have on order an Autopilot-equipped Model S or X, please consider taking this interest survey with only seven click-the-answer-box questions: LaneAhead® Driver Support System . It gives details for Mobileye’s 630 vision-based system for some...
  5. S

    Do you think a driver of the Model 3 or other Tesla could of survive this?

    There was a sad fatal drunk-driver incident in Temecula, California where a speeding pickup rear-ended a stopped Nissan Altima on the highway. Temecula: 1 killed, 3 hurt in chain-reaction crash on 15 Freeway captured on video; DUI suspect arrested The Altima was demolished: Does anyone...
  6. jpaz

    Ouch but no ouch

    Sad day for me........but I am impressed more than ever with the safety engineering in my S. Ironically, was en route to the SC in freeway traffic when someone in a 1991 truck rear-ended me. I suspect he was going about 55 mph and I had slowed to a crawl. The good and the bad: My rear bumper...
  7. Az_Rael

    Model 3 gets an "A" for headlights and "Superior" Front Crash avoidance from IIHS

    Some results trickling in. Will be interesting to see the rest when they finish the testing. So glad they fixed the headlights in the 3. Compared to our P85D, the 3's headlights are waaaay better. 2018 Tesla Model 3