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  1. L

    Almost a year with M3LR and bam, 5 car collision. Total cost to repair? Please tell me it’s not totaled?

    Hit a trailer hitch and in a 5 car collision. The left bumper frame extension needs to be replaced, fog lights have scratches on corners. Hood needs to be replaced (bent). Frunk is bent in. The remaining inside? Wiring looks fine, but no idea of anything else. Any estimates on cost of repairs...
  2. U

    Do you think my 22 MYLR is totaled?

    Happened last night, car is still in the tow yard and insurance will pick it up today to take it to bodyshop... I ran over something in the highway, unfortunately couldn't see it and didn't save the click from my shock... i think it was a tire as the from bumper is in good shape, but the car...
  3. M

    Is my 2022 Model Y totaled?

    Hey guys, My 2022 Model Y go read-ended yesterday. It is about 1 year old with 15k miles. Immediately after the crash, it gave me many warning signs and I couldn’t even drive it off to the side of the road because the car wouldn’t let me. Then it shut off about 15 mins later even though I had...
  4. T

    Total loss 22 MYP

    Hello all, Anyone had to go through a total loss situation with your Tesla? Was rear ended yesterday and Allstate said it’s a total loss. They will let me know this week what they value the car at. It’s a 22 MYP 17,000 miles. Ordered 11/21, picked up 2/22, and to buy the same car now is ~$7k...
  5. Gurule92

    Got my MYP back after an accident. Looks better than new tbh

    So I am one of those people who grabbed a test drive vehicle at the end of a quarter. The paint wasnt perfect but i was happy to have the car. I got into an accident on Apr 12 and got the car back on June 28. I was thinking they'd total it. Repairs ended up being over 30k! But s-Y-per is pretty...
  6. CertLive

    With all the sensors and Ai software it failed to see the pilar coming! (How?)

    Actually amazing the driver survived! Markup for safety!
  7. R

    M3P - Slammed Into Curb Hard - Totaled?

    Hi guys, I have a 2019 Model 3 Performance and was in an accident last week and wanted to get the community’s opinion. Long story short, took a left turn too hard and lost traction, popped over the curb and scraped against the side wall. Happened late at night with only myself in the car, no...
  8. N

    Model Y Damage Estimate

    Some grandma didn't check her blind spot and swerved into my passenger side front-bumper/headlights area :( Sadly it looks like the other driver might be uninsured so I'll probably have to use my uninsured driver coverage (my stupid ass should have bumped this coverage amount up smh). Trying...
  9. dwahl

    Total Loss Settlement for Model 3

    My 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ Was recently in a crash. The Tesla Model 3 was declared not at fault. The appraiser declared a Total Loss and Tesla Insurance wants to arrange a Total Loss Settlement. What's a fair Total Loss Settlement for this car? The car had 100,000 miles but worked...
  10. A

    Is my car gonna be considered a total loss

    So I was at a red light and a drunk driver rear ended me going about 40-50 MPH. Will insurance deem this a total loss? The car is 6 months old with 10k miles
  11. S

    FSD 10.9 screen freezes and the software crashes

    Hi, Since I got the newest update for fsd 10.9 the screen keeps freezing and the software keeps crashing. I cannot use fsd at all. Does anybody else have this issue?
  12. gaspi101

    Official Tesla USB Needed for Sentry Mode

    I've been using a Samsung USB drive for some time now on both my P3D+ and X. Amazon.com t/B0874YS2N7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie Over the past year, however, the X's dash screen and GPS would often not turn on at all, or crash mid-drive--It's been a pain in the tuckus. Tesla kept...
  13. OneTinyFish

    Minor Accident: Advice please!

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. I was last active around a year ago when I was buying Christine, my red model 3. In the last 12 months we've covered 9,600 miles together on the island. She's been attacked by a loose dog (Forum link), also attacked by a peacock (YouTube) and now - she's been...
  14. Jae001

    Model Y Crash

    What a waste of a beautiful car! These kids have no respect for speed and performance and are lucky to be alive. According to reports they try to get the car airborne by going over bumps in a parking lot at high speed doing well over 120MPH. The kid blames the car of course saying it wasn't...
  15. CoffeKow

    Smart Summon Drove My Model Y Into A Tree - July 2021

    Video footage of Smart Summon crash here: I purchased the Full Self-Driving capability via subscription for my 2021 Tesla Model Y on Saturday, July 17, 2021. On Sunday, July 18, 2021 at approximately 12:40pm while activating the Smart Summon feature in a private residential parking lot, the...
  16. C

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    Got rear ended last week, the driver has reputable insurance but is taking forever, can't schedule to fix until their claims department gets back to me. They are saying they are still trying to reach the driver that hit me, I sent them the dashcam video but they are still taking forever, been...
  17. S

    I hit a Tree in my Tesla Model 3

    During the February 15th Eastern US Ice/snow storm I was on my way to rescue a friend from his 4 day power out home. It had just turned dark and pouring down freezing rain adding more ice to trees with 2 in from previous ice storm. My enhanced Autopilot decided it couldn't see well enough and...
  18. DanCar

    AP Crash Los Angeles, protruding bridge column, Model 3

    Other forum: https://www.reddit.com/r/SelfDrivingCars/comments/lvi5dy/tesla_model_3_autopilot_crash_feb_27_2021/
  19. EV Family

    Model X crash + an Inside Look at how Tesla’s Approved Body Shops Manage Repairs

    Recently was involved in a crash with our 2018 MX. We got a behind a scenes look of how Tesla’s approved body shops handle repairs, some of the common misconceptions about repair delays and also how you could avoid some of the headaches.
  20. F

    Model 3 crash with police cruiser, who's at fault?

    Any body see this news clip? Who's look like they are at fault? Vote above.
  21. P

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    hi friends, yesterday i was just waiting (stopped) on the highway to exit onto a ramp, and this van hits me at i don't know... 40-60mph? you can see in the attached pic the damage the van suffered during the crash my car suffered some damage, maybe 6inches of dent in the back? (pretty big area...
  22. S

    Crashed-missing last minute of video. Any suggestions

    So, we were rear ended in our 6 week old M3P today. Knocked us into the car in front, so damage on both front and rear. I pulled the USB drive and when I got home, it had everything up to the last minute, but not the crash. Seems the last minute of driving didn't write to the drive. I can...
  23. D

    CRASHING ui: When in "Call" -> "Contacts"

    When in "Call" -> "Contacts" press "First"... whole UI crashes and reboots. Version 50.7
  24. M

    Why does Tesla get so much attention from NHTSA?

    https://ktla.com/2019/12/31/feds-investigate-deadly-gardena-crash-involving-tesla/ Plenty of other vehicles have varying levels of automation (like TACC). But stories of crashes with those vehicles don't seem to make the news every day. They only hit the news when there's a major...
  25. C

    Tesla Body Repair - Chicago Area

    Sadly my Model S was just hit in an accident last night! :-/ Does anyone have recommendations for Tesla body and maintenance repair shops in the Chicago suburbs area?
  26. CFrolander

    Model X Graveyard

    So I poked around a bit but I couldn't find any threads for sharing when our Model X's come to an untimely end. I'm starting this thread as a place to post as a place to share, whether your fault or by fault of another, your beloved model X goes to the parking lot in the sky. Just a reminder as...
  27. Silicon Desert

    Dry Cleaner drive through (CRASH)

    Now, not the type of drive through that comes to mind. I would have thought someone to post this by now. If it is hear I didn't see it. Posting in the Model 3 thread as this looks like a 3 crash, but correct me if I am wrong. Hope I didn't post in wrong area. I get annoyed by the media...
  28. GolanB

    HW and SW Redundancy in HW3

    Today in a tweet, Elon Musk eluded to hardware and software redundancy coming. He then further clarified a question about how this will work: A few questions come up as I think about this: 1. Will each SoC run identical versions of the OS and NN? - If so, will this potentially open...
  29. S

    That was fast--Bjorn crashes new Model P3D into snow bank on track

    Bjorn is always interesting to watch and does some silly things with his cars but running your brand new Model 3 into a snow bank on a track in Finland and damaging the front with summer tires on is up there. MC Hammer, his white Model 3's name, as he said got hammered. Watch This Brand New...
  30. T

    Written off over 2 years ago - resurrected in Poland?

    So, my first 2016 Model S 90D was written off about 2 years ago after some severe damage. Frame damage all along the passenger side, crippled and crumpled, front wheel/suspension destroyed, A and B pillar damage, all airbags deployed, front passenger door ripped off. I've never bothered to have...
  31. S

    MX owner (Tesla employee) in Fremont crash this morning

    Saw the news lead into this morning's programming on CBS KPIX5 about a Tesla employee driving a Model X that crashed into a tree and the car caught fire. Photo of the crash scene of the nearby trees and with the car up the wall, looks pretty bad. They think the driver could have been fatigued...
  32. Wharton

    Autopilot Engaged and Override

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Yesterday my Tesla Model 3 (2018 version) proceeded to accelerate while the brake pedal was depressed going through an intersection at 20 miles and hour (accelerated to 45) causing an uncontrollable maneuver and vehicle control loss. The vehicle failed to...
  33. selfbp

    Another reason our Autopilot is so clearly inferior..

    Tesla Autopilot couldn't even avoid this simple interaction. Sad! Wow Tesla, all this time and development and I'm seeing our systems still cannot avoid airplane incidents? Come on now.. I'm gonna switch to SuperCruise or Mercedes... I've had enough!
  34. T

    Trying to achieve time travel?!

    Well, just goes to show you that, perhaps, just perhaps, sticking to the speed limit has it's merits. VIDEO: Security footage of an airborne Tesla - BarrieToday.com I wonder if insurance will pay out for this one?
  35. apkom

    Drunk driver strikes fire truck in San Jose, CA

    A Tesla crashed into the back of a San Jose fire truck on Highway 101 early Saturday "TESLA near miss! For the 2nd time in recent months SJ FF’s escaped serious injury as a @teslamotors “Zero Emissions” vehicle slammed into the back of a #SJFD FireEngine @ 70 MPH on Hwy 101 at 1am - Reportedly...
  36. S

    Autopilot, Crash and Insurance - Who at Fault?

    Has anyone on here dealt with a crash while on autopilot and how competing insurance companies decided fault? In my situation, I was in autopilot in the left lane going about 30 miles an hour in heavy traffic. In the lane on my right, an SUV pulling a long trailer attempted a lane change...
  37. T

    Car Shutdown on an Urban charger

    I'm on the latest software 2018.26 and was charging on an urban charger when everything shutdown after about 30 minutes. I was sitting in the car when it happened - first there was a message saying "check charge port" then the screens went blank, the a/c shut down (including the battery cooling...
  38. D

    Impact with traffic cone - now what?

    I'm driving from Seattle to Orlando in my Model X - I stopped by Mt. Rushmore earlier this week and left the monument's visitor complex late at night while roadwork traffic cones were on the highway, one of the cones was lying in the middle of the road and was already crushed, so I thought my...
  39. drewbaumann

    Has anyone scraped their Model 3 yet? I feel like I need a support group

    Last night I made the mistake of taking a corner too sharply at a drive through. Unfortunately, this left some damage on the body under the driver's side door. I have ceramic coating and suntek on it so there are no scrapes to the paint, but I can feel the difference. The once smooth section has...
  40. CFrolander

    Tesla Safety features/What happens in a crash?

    So my wife was driving the Model X (AP2) to work last week when another driver lost control, fishtailed, and crashed into the side of our X. Both insurances have now declared that the other driver has 100% fault (in fact the other driver admitted to it). My wife isn't completely positive what...
  41. MelaniainLA

    Objective and positive Fox News Radio segment on Tesla and EVs

    I had the opportunity to be interviewed at length by a Fox News Radio reporter (who even drove my S and X) about Tesla, Autopilot, Safety, OTA updates, and features. I tried to set the record straight on all of these issues and the story managed to come out pretty positive (as compared to the...
  42. Joe F

    BREAKING NEWS: My Tesla has not crashed due to AP error in __ weeks of ownership

    My Tesla Model S has not crashed in over 73 weeks of ownership due to using AutoPilot. Nor has it crashed due to Operator Error. Despite what the media and financial reporting outlets would have the public believe, as currently designed, AutoPilot will not cause a Tesla to crash when used...
  43. GasKilla

    Am I the only one to unlucky enough to wreck my MS twice?

    l was rear ended last year (not my fault and car was in the shop for 6+ weeks) and just today I hit a guy making an illegal U turn right in front of me. Don't know how long this repair is going to take. No real injuries in either accident but I'm super annoyed to go through the repair process...
  44. E

    Will tesla release details of crash to drivers

    was in a crash that totaled my Model x the other day. Wondering if tesla will release details of crash to me. I hit the back of a car transporter/trailer that ran out of gas in the middle of the lane, i was only going 40 mph. I am 100% sure auto pilot was on, I don’t know why AP didn’t slow down...
  45. E

    Question about Insurance Post Tesla Crash in California

    I was hit by an underinsured insured driver in early May in my 2016 Model S. There was $30K of damage to my what was previosly to the accident perfect car. The driver was 100% at fault carried $15K in property damage liability coverage. In CA the minimum required by law is $5k! I was horrified...
  46. O

    Crash of Tesla driven by Tesla employee?

    I was using my Model S to pick somebody up at Logan Airport in Boston yesterday (10-July-2017). A MA state trooper came up to me while I was loading luggage into the trunk. He asked me if I ever use autopilot, and I said yes. He then told me a Tesla crashed recently somewhere on US Route 3. He...
  47. M

    Crashed my 90D into a fence while parking...

    I lived in china and got my model s 90D for only 3 month, and i crashed the car into a fence while parking.:( Fortunately nobodys hurt. When i drive my car into the parking slot the car begin to accelerate for no reason then i panicked and press accelerator pedal even further. The car crashed...
  48. S

    Any Autopilot 2.0 accidents yet?

    I am just wondering, of course it's inevitable there will be car accidents where Tesla car is at fault and Autopilot 2.0 was activated. But I am wondering are there any reported so far? anyone know? thanks
  49. C

    Crush / Rollover safety impacted by glass roof or panoramic roof?

    One selling point for the Model S is the famous story of how it "broke" the testing machine which tried to crush it. I *assume* that test was conducted with a solid metal roof. Any engineers here who can comment on how much, if any, crushing resistance is likely to be traded away for a clear...
  50. VerityZooms

    My sister, MX, MX5s, and AutoPilot: 0 … concrete construction barrier: 1

    When I was startled to wakefulness by the horrific screeching sound, I was absolutely convinced that my sister had totaled my month-old dream-car. We both climbed out, trembling, only to discover that despite the duration and volume of the scraping sounds, the above was the “only” damage to the...