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  1. P

    Seat Defects (Creasing/Rippling): Seeking advice on repair/warranty claims

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a '21 Model S Plaid with under 4K miles [have yet to take delivery]. The car was registered in March '22, so it is < 1 year old with 37 months of warranty remaining (given how much it was driven, it is practically brand-new). The original listing, if it is...
  2. S

    Model X Frunk Strength?

    Hi All I'm a model X reservation holder who has been toying with the idea of buying a CPO model S instead. I just spent 2 hours reading about the fragility of the model S frunk and I was shocked and disappointed - it may be a deal breaker for me! Anyone know if the model X frunk has been...
  3. Pilot_51

    How do you close the frunk? Have you creased it?

    I've seen a lot of discussion about closing the frunk and the dreaded crease, but nothing like a poll to give an overview of how likely each method is to cause damage. So, I made this poll. It is multi-choice so, for example, someone who damaged it with one method and changed to another method...
  4. Bill D

    Bumps on our Frunk

    A lot has been written about Frunk dents and creases, but our Frunk has two smooth round bumps bulging from the inside out. The surface area between and around these bumps is flawless. The airspace beneath both bumps is inaccessible because it's in-between the inner and outer aluminum skins...