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  1. fasteddie7

    What a crazy night! First highland, then model S and X drop to the cheapest I’ve seen yet with free paint colors!

    Crazy night. Highland dropped, then model S and X drop to crazy low prices with free paint colors and the X now qualifies for the tax credit!
  2. CrazyRabbit

    Tax credit 2023 [The tax credit discussion thread]

    Does the model y qualify for the full 7500 federal 2023 tax credit, when configured under 80k purchase price? Lots of caveats in inflation bill: https://electrek.co/2022/08/21/which-electric-vehicles-still-qualify-for-us-federal-tax-credit/ That means you can get your credit up front at the...
  3. C

    Any policy/tax reason to pick up car in January instead of December if AGI >300K?

    We have a December expected delivery date for our Model Y 7 Seater, after we placed the reservation in the end of March. We are above the 300K AGI. Is there any tax benefit/credit/rebate or other benefit to delaying until Jan 2023? We live in California. Would the car itself be any different...
  4. C

    December proposed delivery date - any reason to delay delivery?

    We have a December expected delivery date for our Model Y 7 Seater, after we placed the reservation in the end of March. We are above the 300K AGI. Is there any tax benefit/credit/rebate or other benefit to delaying until Jan 2023? Would the car itself be any different if received in 2022 vs...
  5. J

    Tesla Insurance- Credit?!

    I am a California Model X owner and I have Tesla insurance. I pay about $180 a month. Today, I received a call from Tesla insurance saying they had a "system error" and they will be crediting me back $300 in the next 24 hours, and another $70 next month. Apparently this is a widespread thing...
  6. W

    lease and federal tax credit for Model 3 delivered in 2019

    Is there any place where Tesla publishes their policy on calculating the 2019 Federal Credit for leased vehicles? Do they give full credit or only a partial credit? Does this calculation show up on the lease agreement? Thanks!
  7. Spacep0d

    Questions; Financing, Trade-ins, etc.

    Hi there Teslarati! I'm the owner of a 2018 LEAF S, but the Tesla Model 3 is what made me fall in love with EVs. I test drove a long-rage AWD model from Turo and was blown away by how spaceship quiet and fast it is, and I love its minimalist design and great looks (whilst still being...
  8. TD_alseT

    Heads up for the Maryland EV Excise tax credit

    3 quick notes about the MD excise tax credit conditions: - The total purchase price of the car cannot exceed $60K. - This INCLUDES the destination and delivery charge - Your trade-in reduces the purchase price (Purchase price is the total price of the car + options + destination and delivery...
  9. sooner

    Percentage of People Deferring

    This is an important number for a late reservation holder like myself (August, 2016), as the reservation numbers certainly skew positively on March 31, 2016, and weened off to a trickle after the first several days of it being live. (For those who do not know what a positive skew is...
  10. M

    EV/Tesla Tax Credit Eligibility

    I had a question about eligibility for the EV/Tesla tax credit. From what I hear, your tax liability needs to exceed the credit amount (in this case $7,500) in order for one to receive the $7,500 refund/credit. What is the definition of tax liability - is it total taxes paid/due for the entire...
  11. C

    How safe is the deposit?

    I am thinking about putting down a deposit on a Model 3, but I am a little worried about the safety of the money. If there is a stock market crash or another financial crisis there might be a lot of people trying to get deposits back (potentially $600 million) at a time when Tesla might find it...
  12. KBurbridge14

    Business purchase and the $7500 FEDERAL tax credit

    (Please only reply if you can speak with authority, or personal experience, on this topic. Thank you.) My business purchased an X in September of 2016. The vehicle is in the business's name and qualifies for the Hummer Deduction--so on that issue I'm good. I've looked at IRS form 8936 in an...
  13. C

    Tesla Direct Leases - NEW

    I'm not sure what the details are on this so far or what is out there. But I'll share my experience, which will hopefully help some people. I ordered on 11/8/16, and was told I was approved for a lease the next day. I received a letter on 11/22 from US Bank saying I was denied for a lease. I'm...
  14. D

    Alliant - Final Approval Requirements

    I just had the weirdest experience with Tesla Lending/Alliant, so I wanted to share with you guys to see if this is normal. My tesla is scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks, so I applied for a loan through Tesla Lending. A few hours later, I received an email from Tesla, presenting me a...
  15. BrandonR22

    Realistic down payment -70D or 90D

    I have been following Tesla for quiet some time now and am ready to pull the trigger on a 70D or 90D (haven't decided yet..) I feel that I have a decent job (no commitments) with a 760-790 credit score. I went to test drive the 90D today as well as we put it into '70D' Status. I absolutely love...
  16. R

    2012 IRS Form 8936, limit $2500 per vehicle?

    It appears that the most current IRS Form 8936 (2012) tells you to limit the credit to $2500 per vehicle, see line 17 below: Tesla says the credit is $7500. Which is it?