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  1. GasKilla

    Anyone else experiencing creep not holding in reverse?

    I'm on FW 2017.34 2448cfc this seems to be a new "feature" since the last update. I have creep mode on and on several occasions when shifting into reverse from park my car has moved forward instead of reverse. The only thing I can think is that I've been on a slight grade but this has NEVER...
  2. plasmo

    Always-on Brake hold mode?

    One of the things that I noticed on my new X is that many times after breaking the car to a stop, I notice the car start to roll backwards slightly right before hitting the accelerator pedal. I know that pushing harder on the brake turns on the Hold mode (which is what I want), but is there a...
  3. C

    Creep Mode.. drifting backwards...a third option needed?

    I like to keep Creep Mode OFF, but the issue I have is that without creep mode, the car is in total free wheel mode (forward and backwards), and so once or twice I have found myself drifting backwards when the road has even the slightest of inclines on a normal "flat" road... It would be great...
  4. chriSharek

    Creep ON or OFF?

    Before I ordered my MS I test drove a couple and I absolutely loved the Creep OFF function. It felt like I was driving a stick, but of course not really. However, in reverse, where I normally just ride the brake, I'm not as fond of it. Wondering your thoughts on the creep?