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cup holder

  1. fsb1

    Coffee travel mug recommendations

    This is a minor issue, I understand, but I have a 50-min morning commute and need my coffee to start the day. I've been using a Contigo Wet Loop 20oz mug for years, my favorite. Unfortunately, at a little more than 3-in at the bottom, it's too wide to fit the cup holder in my 2023 MYLR. I also...
  2. Ostrichsak

    **SOLD** Tesla Model S Rear Cup Holder EVamped Carbon Fiber Ludicrous Version

    Like new rear center console cup holder for 2012-2020 Tesla Model S cars. This is a rare carbon fiber version they made briefly. The base version of this is $450 new (see image) and this was limited time run and no longer available that was $500 plus tax/shipping. Total paid for this was close...
  3. R

    Broken backseat cup holder

    My son snagged his backpack on the open cupholders in the backseat of my ‘18 Model S. Is there any way to replace them or reset the tension? Can I remove the console face without disturbing the A/C vents? Or do I have to take it in for service?
  4. J

    Question about the Model 3 cupholders.

    Hi y'all! I have a random question about the Model 3 cupholders. For those who use those insulated tumblers/mugs, what are the brands and/or size of tumbler do you guys use that fits in the cupholders? I recently placed an order for the Model 3 and this was something I completely overlooked...
  5. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Model 3/Y USB Hub & Console Insert

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with the first generation console (all cars until the upcoming interior refresh). The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your...
  6. Daniellane

    Cupholder doubler inserts

    I found these on a Norwegian site.(bilkomponenter.no) Couldn’t find an English translation. But I would love to add these to my Model S. Anybody know if there is a source in the US? I posted a question regarding shipping to the USA in English on the site using the help button. Waiting for a...
  7. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Introduces the Best Accessory for Model Y & 3 Interior!

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles! The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your specific needs: cup holder or storage tray. Check out the video to see it...
  8. BromerS90D

    FS - Tesla Rear Console: Black & Obeche Gloss

    OEM rear console in perfect condition. Includes original box. $425 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego.
  9. A

    Cup Holders

    I have found that water bottles and cups don't stay in the cup holders very well. So I found these. They work pretty well in case anyone was looking for it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QNVLKCY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. NoMoGas

    WTB 2016+ Model S Center console w/cup holders/USB

    Looking to buy a complete center console to upgrade my 2014 Model S. Feel free to DM if you happen to have one for sale.
  11. WinterDragoness

    Model S Metal Center Console Insert (cup/phone holder and storage cover)

    This console insert was designed by a little husband and wife team and sold on ebay for $100 for awhile but I don't think they're made anymore. They originally sent me one with a few paint chips, so I asked for a replacement and got one. I'm selling the one with the paint chips for $10...
  12. SkagitDoug

    Vessel To Fit Model 3 Cup Holder

    I'm not familiar with the cup holders in the Model X, but I know the ones in the Model S are adjustable. That not being the case with the cup holders in the Model 3, has anyone found a specific brand, model and capacity of vacuum insulated tumbler, without a handle, that fits very shuggly in...
  13. C

    Model S rear cup holder installation (pre-refresh)

    Hello all, I am getting OEM rear cup-holders for my 2016 Model S (before refreshj). However, it doesn't come with instructions. Could someone point me to where I can find instructions? Thanks a bunch!
  14. Naonak

    Naonaks 3D Printed Tesla Accessories

    I've had several people contact me with regards to some of my designs for Tesla accessories. I am releasing all of them under the CCL. Feel free to use them as you see fit. If you want to sell them for some reason, please contact me before hand and we can work something out. Tesla MS Jack Pad...
  15. Jetson

    Model S (and X?) Original Rear Seat Console / Cup Holders / Storage

    If anyone is looking for a rare original made by Tesla rear console, they don't make these anymore, here is one: Tesla Model S X Original Rear Seat Console, Arm Rest, Cup holder with storage | eBay
  16. U

    Cup holders accessory for Model S yacht floor?

    I've looked around a bit with Google and I haven't found it, so I'll ask here. Is any place selling a cup holder accessory you can attach or put into the Model S yacht floor to add cup holders? I don't necessarily want to spend a full $500 on that Evannex drop-in center console, and I...
  17. R

    Preparing for delivery…cup holder question

    I drink a lot of water and want to get a large water bottle for the car - maybe 32oz. Will the cup holder be large enough? Thanks
  18. MikeInFL

    Model S and Roadster parts for sale!

    I have several items for sale for Model S and Roadster. - OEM Roadster Headlights (driver's side has light peeling that can be corrected) - $500.00 - Model S Arm Rest / Cup Holder (2 different styles) - $100.00 (each) - Signature Red Driver's Side Mirror Cap (light scratches / clear bra...
  19. Father Bill

    Avantelle Drop In Rear Seat Console with Cup Holders

    As many have noted as nice as the MS is, it is lacking in some features. Most notably are the storage and cup holder situations. In the front seat I went with soflauthor's CCI and it has been wonderful. It matches my decor perfectly and has the storage and options that make it a home run. I have...