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  1. T

    Options for Arm Rest Cupholder insert on 2017 Model S

    The cupholders in the armrests are too big for regular drink cups, so I'm looking for some silicone inserts to help the drinks stay in place/snug. The model Y/3 and refreshed 2021/22 Model S/X have many inserts that work for those cupholders, but I haven't been able to find any for the...
  2. petershi24

    2022 Refreshed Model S / Plaid - Cup holder too small?

    My 2022 Model S Plaid's cup holders are too small... While a lot of you are asking about refreshed S cup holder inserts because your cup holders are too big, I found mine has 3 little rubbers that make my cup holders ridiculously small (that it can't even fit a regular workout bottle). Anyone...
  3. J

    Question about the Model 3 cupholders.

    Hi y'all! I have a random question about the Model 3 cupholders. For those who use those insulated tumblers/mugs, what are the brands and/or size of tumbler do you guys use that fits in the cupholders? I recently placed an order for the Model 3 and this was something I completely overlooked...
  4. jobiggs24

    Black/Gray Evannex Console

    Bought in Dec 2018. Gray leather with Piano Black. Asking $275 plus shipping from NY 12159.
  5. Haxster

    WTB: Model S Dash & Cup Holder Decor Trim Pieces

    I'll be wrapping the panels, so any decor style is okay.
  6. audioryan

    vacuum insulated Steel Model X 27oz cups - will fit Tesla cupholders

    27oz vacuum insulated 18/8 food grade stainless steel cups with BPA free lids that keep your drinks hot or cold all day. They have a laser etched drawing I did of a Model X on the side with the falcon wing doors open. $35 shipped for the 27oz, $30 shipped for the 10oz. The 27oz fits the Tesla...
  7. achaar

    Installed new front cupholders

    I wasn't happy with the cupholders in the armrest, so I thought I would try something else. I ordered a couple of these from ebay. They cost about $25 each. I also ordered some industrial velcro. Ok, not the velcro brand, but you get the idea. This stuff is neat in that it doesn't have two...
  8. Tommy

    Project: Additonal Cup Holder For Driver

    I've lived with my S now for nearly 2 months and have logged 4k+ miles on it so far. One design feature I am really beginning to appreciate is the open area between the seats; I am finding I really don't need a lot of storage space. However, as others have observed in various threads, the...
  9. Norbert

    Cup holders (and cheese....)

    Is there such a thing as g-force neutral cup holders? Which don't start to swing around like crazy, so not just a 2-axis pendulum?