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curb rash

  1. JaeTheDev

    Lasfit Product Reviews

    So, Ive had a few MY rear seat back protectors sent to me, and by far these are the best ones Ive had yet. A company we all know named Lasfit sent these to me and as stated, best yet! Even though its a simple product, and we all have some, I had to share my experience.
  2. T

    3 months & tires are damaged from curbing them

    Tires are 3 months old. Three out of the four tires have peeling off where the tires meet the curb while parking. I have never seen anything like it on tires before. The inner rim of the tires is shredding and I have concerns about the tires blowing while driving. Should I be concerned about my...
  3. S

    Tire tear from curb scrape

    Would love some opinions.... I've got the 19" Gemini wheels on a new 2023 MYLR, and I *stupidly* scraped the curb while parking, along the front driver's side tire edge and the wheel rim. The tire has a small tear with a flap, less than 1" long, maybe a quarter inch or less deep. Can the tire...
  4. H

    Pictures of 245/45R18 tires on Model 3. Hoping to reduce curb rash.

    I put Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires on the back. I left the factory 235/45R18 tires on the front because they still had a lot of tread. At highway speed, I started getting traction control warnings (nearly continuous) and the car was dumping out of autopilot. I thought I had gotten myself into...
  5. L

    Curb rash happened in the first day drive...

    Brand new car, first time tesla owner, speechless... So anyone has ideas of is this kinda curb rash gonna damage the rim or tire? Or just cosmetic? Googled and said should do alignment and maybe replace wheel... Any comments appreciated, thanks.
  6. R

    Service Center in Connecticut curb rashed my Tesla

    Not sure if anyone else has had to deal with this issue but the Tesla Service center I took my car to curb rashed the passenger side wheels. I'm so annoyed because I've had the car a few months and was SO careful with it but the so called Tesla experts messed it up in less than 2 hours. Any...
  7. D

    So my wheel "stuck" after curb rash wheel repair

    I rubbed one of the rims on my Model 3 on a curb, so decided to get it fixed. Had a service that comes to your house do the repair. They said they needed to be able to rotate the wheel (rear passenger), so they asked me to turn on "Towing mode". I did so and he jacked up the passenger rear of...
  8. E

    Sport rims curb rash

    I relied too heavily on the white lines in the backup camera during a parallel park and finally curb rashed my back rim 😩 Can anyone recommend a DIY fix for the 19” sport rims?
  9. JPoldo

    Best paint for 2017 Slipstream curb rash

    Sadly, after 3 years my ms has curb rash on two slipstream wheels despite strong efforts to avoid curbs. It's inevitable. Periodically, spouse and adult child are behind the wheel and doubtful they are as careful as me since their vehicles have more rash. It's a minor repair and I'm fair handy...
  10. J

    Wheel Repair Shop Recommendations - NYC

    The curb rash Uberturbine fairy has blessed my MY PUP and I'd like to get some quotes on repair before I just go an order a new wheel. (I know, I live in NYC, it's gonna happen and I should just touch it up, but it's been on my mind for a week now). If anyone has recommendations, please LMK.
  11. S

    Curb Rash-- it's so humiliating

    subtitle option: Can we save this almost marriage... OK ok... so my fiance (he may not marry me now) just bought an S (car of his dreams) that belongs to "us". We had it one week and I was just getting used to viewing the camera images and the dashboard "warnings" about getting too close...
  12. J

    Protecting against curb rash

    How well do the ultrasonic sensors work to detect and report the distance to curbs? Since Tesla has decided not to to grace us with 360 degree birds-eye cameras, do the sensors give us enough information to avoid scraping on curbs? My current car's ultrasonic sensors are useless for detecting...
  13. Z

    Model 3 curb crush

    hi all, my model 3 rash the curb. There are some scratches on the rear wheel and the car bottom rubber in front of the wheel got a little bit scratch too. Although there is no difference of drive feeling, I am thinking if I need get an inspection from Tesla? In addition, how much Tesla will...
  14. H

    Curb Rash Fix

    It didn’t take long to get curb rash. A month into owning the car I backed out and rubbed against a curb on the front rim. Here is what I did to fix. Went to Advanced Auto and purchased the duplicolor paint, spot bondo, 800 and 320 and grit sand paper. I taped the rim where the rash...
  15. S

    Curb rash repair

    Within the first couple weeks of driving my Model 3, I scrapped the left front rim very badly-all the way around the rim. I just got a quote for $180 to repair it. Does anyone have a good referral for the East Bay area of San Francisco so I can get another quote? TIA.
  16. G

    Has anyone had their Model 3 damaged at Burbank Service Center? What happened?

    I recently took my M3 for service at the Burbank SC, and when I picked it up, it had damage (curb rash) on the passenger rear rim, and a scratches on the rear bumper. Now the bumper on my 1900 mile Model 3 has to be repainted. Very frustrating, but has anyone had to deal with something similar...
  17. V

    Sonic Carbon Touch-Up Paint

    Does anyone have a good match for touch up paint to cover scratches/crumb rash on the sonic carbon wheels?
  18. Buckeye2320

    Chicago - Curb Rash Repair

    So mad at myself. I have gone in and out of the Bank ATM 100x and not a single issue. Today, I go to the ATM, and my Passenger Front Tire hits the curb. It must be the worst sound, almost as bad as finger nails on a chalkboard, that I have ever heard. Anyone know of a shop in the Northwest...
  19. T

    Vendor We are now carrying AlloyGators for your Tesla

    We are now carrying AlloyGators for your Tesla Wheels We are happy to announce that we're now carrying and installing AlloyGators Wheel Protection. The absolute best protection against curb rash damage for your factory wheels. Colors available in stock are Black, Graphite, Red and Silver. Other...
  20. DITB

    Passenger side camera - see curb and hidden obstacles

    After getting infected by "curb rash" on both off-side wheels, I now also hit a small block to make you avoid parking along the curb. Annoyingly so low you cannot see it in the mirrors, I think these parking lot attendants do that on purpose just to "teach you a lesson". Why not have POLES or...