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  1. C

    Hansshow Mirror Installation

    Does anyone know of a shop that can install the Hansshow rear view mirror with a camera near Covington Louisiana? The job looks a little daunting to do myself.
  2. K

    Recommendation for Interior Trim replacement/custom shop in Los Angeles

    Hey all, I'm looking to replace the wood trim in my Model Y Performance with carbon fiber, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for custom shops in the LA area that do this? Thanks!
  3. ALI3N51

    Unique/Clean Model S For Sale

    Hi all and thank you for reading this. We're selling our Model S and hoping you can help. I'm not sure if this is the best venue to post this and am seeking this forums best recommendations. Here are some quick details about our car: -2014 Model S -61,517 (Milage) -Full Autopilot -Version...
  4. bwherry

    2016.5 Model S P90DL steering wheel reupholstered in Alcantara by T Sportline

    Hey guys, So I've never exactly loved the leather on my 2016.5 Model S's steering wheel. It's always felt a little sticky/tacky to the touch, not soft & luxurious. I finally did something about it. I had the fine folks at @TSportline reupholster it in black Alcantara, with light gray stitching...
  5. R

    Aftermarket 1000 watt amp model Y

    I wanted to wait some time before posting to get a good timeline but I have tested and am sure no error messages so far. I am a local installer and have done car audio for well over a decade, dating back to the old circuit city days. After well over a hundred hours of research I decided to go...
  6. TheeUnderdog

    Which wheel configuration setting should I choose for my new setup?

    2019 MYP and a long, steep gravel driveway. Unplugged Performance "Dirt and Snow Coilovers" are lifting the vehicle approx 3.5" from stock in the rear, and I think 1" or so up in front. Wheel Specs: 18x9.5" ET34 + 15mm spacers all around (required to clear the upper spindle in front...
  7. B

    Tesla audio build DIY

    These guys did an amazing job hiding the subwoofers underneath the storage in the trunk. This video shows how to do a bass build on a model Y I’m going to try to do it my self this weekend got all the stuff I need now.
  8. B

    For Sale: 2019 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD w/ FSD less than 5k miles

    I am seeing if there is any interest in my Model 3. Don’t really have to sell but just putting feelers out there for anyone that might be interested. Car is in great shape and even still has new car smell. It’s a secondary car for me so with the pandemic not many miles have been put on it. I...
  9. airborne spoon

    RHD in USA

    So i said years ago if I ever buy a new car it will be RHD because its more fun to drive a RHD car in a LHD country. I've had my 14 P85D for a few years now and was thinking maybe i can get a new S custom made and i reached out to the tesla chat people who were excessively less than helpful...
  10. MichaelP90DL

    How do I configure a Model S for 20" wheels?

    Today I put on some pretty cool staggered TSW wheels and new rubber. The car noticed a change and told me to configure the new wheels. However I see options for only 19" and 21". Does anyone know a way to configure for 20"? Thanks in advance.
  11. N

    Model 3 Headlight Dimensions/Mold/Template/Print out ?

    I'm wanting to add some vinyl for a halloween theme but I need an image of the full size headlight so I can use it in photoshop to get the job done. Anyone know where I can get an image of the headlight full size or what is the best way to go about doing this aside form hiring a professional?
  12. WrappedP85D

    Ambient Lights in my Model S

    Just installed these last night. Really happy with how they came out. Thoughts? I can put more pictures up tommorow night if anyone is that interested haha. (Also the lights are white, but come out blueish in pictures)
  13. LA PYD

    Sold Custom build Performance Tesla Model 3

    2018 tesla awd performance condition: like new cylinders: other drive: 4wd fuel: electric odometer: 14500 paint color: black title status: clean transmission: automatic Selling my lightly used ‘Stealth’ forged carbon fiber black Long Range, duel motor AWD Performance custom build...
  14. Jomak

    Fisker Karma, rarest color

    $39,999 It's reliable and gorgeous!
  15. L

    Hint: Hitch plastic cover clips

    Hi. I use my MX hitch a lot. While the original plastic cover was not well thought out, it does create a smooth surface and a decent seal, so I like to use it when I am not towing. But I ALWAYS struggle getting the plastic clips out with my fingernails. I tried leaving the plastic clips out...
  16. Rogue Synapse

    Why are all car paint colors so boring?

    This is not unique to Tesla. Paint colors have gotten so boring. I've been more attuned to colors ever since starting to seriously shop for a Model S. This made me take notice that on my drive to work today, other than my car, virtually every car I saw had absolutely no color. Every car was...
  17. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    OK, I am about to have my chrome deleted but I look at other photos on this forum and see black door handles. I am leaning toward having the handles painted to match the body vs. black. I was wondering what everyone else thought about this. Side note, I was rear-ended so the car is having some...
  18. chadcristi

    Model X Custom Finger Print / Scratch Blockers

    For those who haven't covered your chrome door handles yet, here is a great DIY solution for eliminating those unsightly finger prints and fine scratches from the door handles of your Model X. Introducing the Maverick Door Handle Appliques for the Tesla Model X. Each set includes 4 solid...
  19. Ruby Red

    Bling and more bling

    So while I wait for my new Model 3 to be repaired, it's going on 2 weeks now, they pulled out the dash and part of the console. I've been staying busy redecorating!
  20. Haxster

    Dutch Designer Dreams Up a Tesla Model S Wagon

    http://www.automobilemag.com/news/tesla-model-s-shooting-brake-project-spawns-a-limited-series/?wc_mid=4035:10102&wc_rid=4035:1683826&_wcsid=492BBCBD268EF74C19B31E6DC7785DA464A392BCD68EC547 The electric shooting brake - Niels van Roij Design
  21. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    Hey guys! This week we worked on 2 Teslas. Below are the products used and a video of the process and final outcomes: 2017 Tesla Model S Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film 3M Crystalline Window Tinting Chrome Delete Package Tsportline Wheels 2017 Tesla Model 3 Xpel Stealth Paint...
  22. jpwe10

    Project: Glowing LED Front Air Intake for Facelifted S

    Hi All- I have my new Model S on the way, which, being my first facelifted one, gave me the idea of installing an LED light strip inside the front air intake where the Tesla "T" is on the nose. It would activate when the headlights turn on and create a really unique look for the car at night...
  23. A-E

    Vendor One of the Craziest Colors We've Seen On a Tesla!!!

    What color would you wrap your Tesla? Check out the Tiffany Blue Tesla Model X P90D from one of our recent Tesla transformations. This is a 3M Vinyl Wrap that covers all the exterior body panels of the vehicle. Vinyl wrap protects the paint's surface from damage caused by rock chips and road...
  24. TriggerBanger

    A Few Teaser Pics

    Complete with stage 1 of some aftermarket work done to the X. So far: 1. Red stitched leather interior mats 2. Red Satin Vinyl Wrap 3. 22" Aftermarket wheels powder coated a satin bronze 4. Black out most of the chrome 5. Upgraded interior LED lighting 6. Tinted front windows 7. Custom exhaust...
  25. EVS Motors

    Vendor New Tesla Model X AND S Wheels Released! - Vossen Wheels NV2!

    We are proud to release our second collaboration with the world renown Novitec Group and their first ever Tesla Model X program. Together we have designed the NV2 - a 22 inch staggered true directional monoblock wheel made of forged 6061-T6 aluminum that is designed exclusively for the Tesla...
  26. T

    Salvaged MS: no sim, no updates, no map, no service (looking for help)

    Gotten an early Tesla Model S in Ukraine. :eek: Its history is not known and previous owners are not available. So it is a total surprise everyday. External temperature is showed as 60*C (140 fahrenheits), heating is working weird, mobile app cannot be connected, climate cannot be controlled...
  27. UnpluggedP

    Unplugged Performance Model X Automobile Magazine Feature

    We are deeply honored to have been chosen for the cover of this month's Automobile Magazine. It's a rarity for an aftermarket manufacturer to take the cover and as far as we know this is the first Model X to be on the cover of any major magazine. It's been a long road to get this far but we have...
  28. dhelmly

    OLED Display Demo at CES .... Custom Design Cluster

    This was pretty amazing to see in person. Totally doable on Tesla. Would be great to have different design skins to switch from at some point.
  29. A

    Upgrading standard sound on Model S and using Chromecast

    I took delivery of my Model S 70 last September and got it with the standard sound system with the idea of upgrading it later. This is going to be long post (and my first post too). My hope is someone trying to do something similar may benefit from my post. I have a signal processing background...
  30. UnpluggedP

    Vendor The Modified Model S Thread

    Wanted to see if there's any interest for this type of thread. I've seen the aftermarket wheel thread but there are plenty of people out there doing much more to their cars! It would be great to establish a thread for all those looking to modify, ask questions or show off their rides! Post up...
  31. M

    Custom Audio Installation - Model S - Orange County, CA

    So I just upgraded the standard audio system for my 2016 Model S to a custom one designed by Audio Lab in Lake Forest, CA. Sam and team at Audio Lab built a Custom Sub enclosure with a Focal P25F 10 inch sub in the footwell. Since the footwell has a unique contour, we wanted to maximize the...
  32. X

    Ordering inventory car vs custom order

    Hello, We live near Baltimore, MD and I was working with a sales advisor in DC but looks like she left Tesla. I talked to the new rep and he was helping me get a Model S. When I asked him to check on inventory models for the P60D with the configuration I was looking for, he said he couldn't find...
  33. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance: Flagship Fascia System

    Stand apart at the Supercharger with this complete redesign of the front fascia of your Model S! The Unplugged Performance Flagship Front Fascia (Front Bumper) is designed a complete replacement for the entire front bumper assembly on your 2012-2016.5 Tesla Model S. Included in this system are...
  34. Britannia

    Custom Wrap Model X

    Can't imagine a better fit for our newest comic! " Artwork for the upcoming steampunk graphic novel, Sioux Falls, can now be seen on a Tesla Model X. Featuring artwork by J. Wichmann and colors by Ula Moss, the Tesla X 90D features the cover from the first issue on both sides, along with...
  35. MTBHXC

    (4)21x8.5 Turbine Wheels Custom Powder-coated (any color) or Chromed

    Selling a set of 21x8.5" Turbine OEM Tesla Model S wheels, TPMS sensors, and center caps. These have been professionally media blasted, resurfaced, and primed. Wheels can be powder-coated any color of your choosing then sealed with a multilayer clear coat in gloss or matte finish. Also offer...
  36. ne0x

    Custom Telsa Number Plates

    Hi all Just wanted to get onto this forum and see what other cool plates are out there, i just ordered mine last night for when the Model 3 comes, it works for just Telsa but also works well with the Model 3 so win win i thought I was more than surprised it was still available to be honest...
  37. M

    Tesla Wrapping

    I am Considering wrapping my current tesla and replacing my wheels (possibly selling my current 21" grey turbines). Have any of you all ever wrapped your tesla or have any luck selling your wheels? ( with sport cup tires)
  38. F

    Steering wheel upgrade discussion

    Does anyone has experience about steering wheel upgrade? If yes, please show your new modification steering wheel picture. I wanna get more idea and build one for mine. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  39. jpwe10

    New Custom Front & Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, Spoilers

    I just found this today. It's from a company called Bulletproof Automotive. These new aftermarket parts look very good, keeping the character of the Model S but making it more unique. They are also very reasonably priced. Model S - Tesla - Cars
  40. H

    Pick a color, any color

    In line with the pattern of Tesla Motors doing everything differently from everyone else in the industry (and doing it better), I wonder if there's a chance Tesla could drop the limited range of colors model in the future. Today you are offered the option to choose from a very limited range of...
  41. D

    Wholesale pricing for new custom wheels

    I recently changed the wheels on my Model S and posted pictures here. A lot of interest was shown. I contacted the manufacture (ACE Wheels) to get a promo pricing package for fellow owners. They will give 40% off to a group of 5 owners wanting ACE Wheels. In addition they will give an...
  42. J

    Center caps for aftermarket wheels

    I took the advice of another forum member and went to http://3dcarstickers.com/. He doesnt have them listed on his webshop, but he does have the graphic for the Tesla logo, albeit with the shield around the T that's no longer used. I emailed the guy and he emailed a sample pic back to me of...
  43. Seegem

    Why not create a custom battery

    Hi, Given that the Tesla Model S is designed custom from the ground up, it surprised me greatly to learn that the battery pack is comprised of thousands of standard battery cells. Wouldn't it be more power efficient to design a custom (larger cell) lithium ion battery? There would presumably be...