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  1. W

    Custom Stickers Online Shop?

    I'd like to customize my Model S a bit on the back and side, are there online shops here in HK or those that delivery to HK at a reasonable charge? I've heard that the larger stickers are difficult to apply but I'm just after the small ones which I can put on myself. Any help appreciated, if no...
  2. vandacca

    Model-X life-hacks

    Now that I have my X, I'd like to share some life-hacks with people on small ways to improve the usability. I'd love to hear how people have "hacked" their X to make it more functional. Here are a couple of mine so far: 1.) I purchased the rear-hatch sunscreen and when not in use, I store it...
  3. C

    Exterior Color Shift using a Tinted Film or Wrap?

    Two questions for the forum... Having difficulty deciding on color -- love the depth and shine of the multi-coat red, but it's a little too flamboyant for my personality. Second option is Gray, which is really classy, but a bit too understated for a car that's this nice. (Signature Red would...
  4. P

    Has anyone done a full WRAP on their new model S P85 yet? I have...

    This is my current black S P85...and I will post some pics of my newly wrapped one by Saturday! Hint...think pearl white satin with all blacked out trim!
  5. P

    Am I the only person here that thinks that the front grill looks like a Ford Taurus?

    I am excited to get my model S P85 in late March however I dont like 2 things about the car 1) All of the chrome (straight out of the 80's) 2) The ugly bubbled-out cheap looking front grill I am looking to customize my car by blacking out all of the chrome, power coating the 21" wheels matte...