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  1. N

    Could the Lack of Mirrors Transfer to Other Models?

    Since the Cybertruck is supposedly going to lack side mirrors, is there any reason that other Tesla vehicles couldn't have their mirrors removed for better aerodynamics? If it really is true that mirrors are detrimental to aerodynamics, there shouldn't be any reason why they could not offer to...
  2. El joe

    Production In June?

    Exciting news if this rumor is true!!! Rumor: Tesla Is Gearing Up for Earlier than Expected Cybertruck Production
  3. El joe

    How Long?

    I'm curious how long everyone plans on waiting for their CT. In my mind, I'm thinking that if I'm still sitting around waiting until Spring 2023 with no fulfillment in sight, I may look to move on to a Model Y or even a Rivian at that point instead of sitting around waiting, twiddling my thumbs...
  4. TMC Staff

    Musk Says Final Cybertruck Design ‘Looking Good’

    Continue reading...
  5. DavidES

    Waiting on the CyberTruck Decision

    I have tesla Model S with the full limited warranty that expires on 10/17/2022. I will hit the year limit before the miles, as the S isn’t my only vehicle. I am a triple-motor CyberTruck reservation holder. I ordered the CyberTruck on 12/03/2019, so I’m not at the top of the list. My issue is...
  6. C

    Is 350 miles enough for towing 10k pounds?

    I am a tri motor trim pre order holder since unveiled. But given recent financial insights, I understand that saving money for retirement is more important than wasting on new cars, yet I still want the CT, so I am thinking, what if I go with the dual motor trim when configuration time comes...
  7. TMC Staff

    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    Tesla plans to reveal an updated design for the Cybertruck in “a month or so,” Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Twitter. Tesla has been giving consideration to the Cybertruck’s hulking proportions, which could prevent the wildly-styled, bulletproof, pickup from fitting into the average suburban...
  8. TMC Staff

    Fiat Chrysler CEO Says 'Stay Tuned' for Electric Ram Pickup

    Fiat Chrysler’s Chief Executive said Wednesday that the automaker plans to build an electric version of the Ram pickup. CEO Mike Manley revealed the plans in response to a question on the company’s third-quarter earnings call. “I do see that there will be an electrified Ram pickup in the...
  9. CyberGus

    Cybertruck Pre-Delivery Checklist

    The first CT deliveries are still a long way off, but I thought we would get a head start on the pre-delivery checklist. Here is what I have so far: Check the VIN. Ensure the vehicle was not built at Fremont, or at end-of-quarter. Check the body for paint, ensure there is none. Check the...
  10. G

    From A Ford Raptor to Tri-Motor Cybertruck - Anyone Else?

    I’m Swapping My 2019 Raptor for a Tri-motor Cybertruck, anyone else doing the same?
  11. O

    Model 3 Insurance Range and Companies

    I am planning on getting a Cybertruck and want to estimate the insurance range ahead of time. Could you let me know how much is the Model 3 insurance cost per month, state and insurance company? Thanks!
  12. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Plans Original Cars for Berlin, Shanghai Factories

    Tesla plans to build two newly-designed vehicles to be produced at the company’s Berlin and Shanghai factories, Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Twitter. The comment comes after Musk told investors at the recent Battery Day that the company intends to build a new vehicle with a $25,000 price...
  13. TMC Staff

    Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck Orders Are Gigantic

    At the Battery Day event, the Cybertruck was displayed together with ATV, Roadster and Semi. Elon Musk revealed during Tesla Battery Day that the number of orders (actually pre-orders) for its extraordinary, all-electric Cybertruck pickup are “gigantic” (see IEVs coverage – 2:44:07). There are...
  14. XcelerateAuto

    Hello beautiful!

    We recently visited the new Terra Factory site and captured this gem! Can't wait to watch CTs and Semis leaving this factory!
  15. TMC Staff

    Blog Ford Gives New Details on Electric Pickup

    Ford hyped it’s planned electric F-150 pickup in a media briefing Wednesday, saying the vehicle will be “designed and engineered for hard-working customers that need a truck to do a job.” The comment seemed to be a dig at other planned electric trucks like Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T...
  16. G

    Tesla Cybertruck: The Most Bang For Your Buck

    The average electric car in America costs $250 per mile of range. The Cybertruck (Tri-Motor) costs $140 per mile of range. It's the least expensive EV (by pro-rated range) in America. ZAP EVs Blog
  17. EV4K_Mikey

    Wrap the Cybertruck | American Flag

    Hey guys, I was just messing around with a 3D Cybertruck I have and was thinking, what could be the most patriotic wrap be? You have to remind people that Tesla is an American company so why not show the world why it's worth the most right? Ended up coming up with something that I thought...
  18. TMC Staff

    Shaq Asks Musk For Bigger Tesla: Cybertruck Will Work, Or Rivian R1T?

    Most electric vehicles are still small. However, that’s about to change in a big way. Once upon a time, not too long ago, retired NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal owned a Tesla Model S. So, clearly, he was able to fit in it well enough to drive it. However, a recent video originally posted by...
  19. El joe

    Anyone Plan On Making The Cybertruck Their First Tesla?

    As someone who has a Bolt but has preordered the Cybertruck, I feel a little awkward browsing the forums without any firsthand Tesla knowledge and am curious if I’m the only one or if there are others like me. Also wondering if anyone else is making the jump from another EV and is as excited...
  20. El joe

    Cyber Truck PreOrdered, Now I Can’ Sleep

    I finally placed my Cyber Truck preorder last night and will be moving on from my Chevy Bolt when the fateful day arrives and I can’t sleep cause I’m so excited. Does this wear off or am I going to be sleepless for the next 18-24 months?!?!?
  21. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Cars to Sound Pedestrian Warning With 'Snake Jazz'

    Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk says Tesla vehicles will soon play “snake jazz or Polynesian elevator music” out of an external speaker. Tesla added external speakers in 2019 to be used for pedestrian warning sounds. The concern is that electric vehicles produce less noise, so pedestrians may...
  22. TMC Staff

    Will The Revolutionary Tesla Windshield Wiper Debut On The Cybertruck?

    The flat windshield on the electric pickup truck may be ideal for that. We try to cover everything related to exciting patents on the EV world. Weirdly, we missed reporting about a revolutionary windshield wiper Tesla trademarked in September 2019. Like the innovative wiring harness it patented...
  23. empiredown


    Good, balanced article in the Austin American-Statesman today... win/win for an area that deserves it and will enable great things to be built as well. THE TESLA EFFECT: Gigafactory could transform Del Valle area ß
  24. TMC Staff

    Elon Musk Says It's 'Highly Likely' Tesla Will Make Smaller Cybertruck

    Hopefully, it won’t just be produced for the European market. A small electric pickup would sell really well in the States too. We’ll start by saying Tesla CEO Elon Musk is extremely optimistic. It seems he always has some new idea. Some people doubt his comments since some of his ideas fizzle...
  25. CyberGus

    CyberTruck longevity

    While browsing YouTube I came across an ICE teardown. I got lightheaded watching all those many bolts, hoses, cables, seals, gaskets, and accessories get removed, piece by piece, down to the block. It made me think about the CyberTruck (and Teslas in general) having a much simpler powertrain...
  26. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Could Be Tempered For Unique Colors Or Tattoos

    When you heat cold-rolled steel, you get various colors. Elon Musk says this is possible with the Tesla Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck is unique in that it isn’t painted. Instead, it is just the color of stainless steel. Of course, people can choose to modify the Tesla however they want. More...
  27. TMC Staff

    Blog GM Planning Chevy Pickup With 400 Miles of Range

    An all-electric Chevy pickup with 400 miles of range is on the way, according to GM’s 2019 Sustainability Report. GM has recently revealed plans for a lineup of 22 electric vehicles, including the Chevy Bolt, Cadillac Lyric crossover SUV, and GMC Hummer electric pickup. The company has said...
  28. TMC Staff

    Tesla Says Cybertruck Will Be Built at New Factory in Texas

    The Cybertruck will be built in Texas. Tesla announced the site of its next U.S. factory on Wednesday’s Q2 earnings call. Both Austin and Tulsa were finalists for factory that’s expected to bring 5,000 jobs to the state. Musk said the factory will be built on a 2,000 acre site on the Colorado...
  29. TMC Staff

    Blog School Board Approves $68 Million in Incentives to Bring Tesla Factory to Texas

    Tesla’s prospective factory project in Austin has gained support from the Del Valle Independent School District, which voted Thursday to approve incentives to lure the automaker to the area. The proposal would give Tesla property tax incentives of $68 million and place the Tesla factory on land...
  30. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Open In China: Will People Buy In?

    Perhaps we should consider this a feeler from Tesla. The company needs to gauge Cybertruck interest across the globe. Now that Tesla has a factory in China that’s cranking out cars, as well as continuing to undergo massive expansion, it needs to figure out future plans for the country. We know...
  31. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Pricing Needs To Improve, According To Marketing Company

    Simon-Kutcher & Partners points out what it believes to be “unused potential.” Most Tesla vehicles so far are presented with a killer entry-level price that is just for show. That’s the case for the Model 3 Standard Range, for example. We bet the Model Y will get into the same situation. Why...
  32. TMC Staff

    Tesla Analyst Says Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck Orders Exceed 650K

    If this is really the case, will Tesla ever be able to keep pace? How long will it take to fill orders? Tesla’s stock has been soaring once again, this time crossing the $1,000 share price threshold. This means analysts are dialing up the conversation even more these days. With the Tesla...
  33. TMC Staff

    Blog Austin Offers Incentive Deal to Tesla for Cybertruck Factory

    A $68 million incentive deal may be offered to lure Tesla to build its next factory in Texas. The Austin American Statesmen reported that the Del Valle school district southeast of Austin is considering the incentive package for the electric automaker in an effort to bring thousands of jobs to...
  34. TMC Staff

    Tesla May Be In Negotiations For Cybertruck Terafactory In Texas

    Hopefully, Tesla will arrive at an agreement and begin moving forward quickly. Reuters says Tesla is in the negotiation process for its upcoming Cybertruck Terafactory. The report indicates that Travis County Commissioners Court is set to discuss the terms and incentives at an upcoming meeting...
  35. R

    There are two improvements to the Cybertruck that can easily make it a lot better.

    The first improvement would be to make their tailgate sealed. Most tailgates let water, dust and even insects through the clearances into the back of the bed. Unfortunately some users use the cargo box area to transport dogs and stuff that might want to be clean. Take the truck on the dusty road...
  36. TMC Staff

    Blog Leno Segment With Tesla Cybertruck Offers New Looks, Little News

    Jay Leno’s up-close look at the Cybertruck was released Wednesday, but the segment didn’t offer many new details about Tesla’s electric pickup slated for production next year. “Do you want your truck to bulletproof or not?” Musk asked Leno, touting one of the truck’s features. “I guess want my...
  37. TMC Staff

    Blog Watch: New Clips from Jay Leno's Cybertruck Test Drive

    Another teaser of Jay Leno’s Garage featuring a test drive of the Cybertruck has been released ahead of the episode’s debut on Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET. With Chief Executive Elon Musk in the passenger seat, Leno pilots the raw-metal, futuristic pickup through the streets of Los Angeles. Musk...
  38. TMC Staff

    Jay Leno Talks About His Wild Tesla Cybertruck Ride With Elon Musk

    The new season of ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ starts this week. How long will we have to wait for the Tesla Cybertruck episode? As we previously reported, “Jay Leno’s Garage” will return for its sixth season beginning on May 20, 2020. That’s this week, Wednesday at 10 PM on CNBC. According to recent...
  39. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Factory In Texas? Electric Pickup May Be Built In Truck Country

    Rumors suggest Austin is the top candidate for the electric pickup truck factory. It seems Tesla may be focused on Austin, Texas as the future site for the production of the Tesla Cybertruck and Model Y. This will likely be Tesla’s biggest factory to date too. Several American publications...
  40. Ty_McMahan

    Blog Is the Cyberquad a Prop or a Product?

    After Tesla employees were finished smacking the Cybertruck with a sledgehammer and shattering its windows, Chief Executive Elon Musk told everyone goodnight. “One more thing!” fans yelled, hoping to experience something on par with a secret supercar rolling out of an electric 18-wheeler...
  41. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Factory Will Be In Texas: Morgan Stanley Analyst

    And he also gives six reasons why. If anyone has a hunch that Texas may be the state Tesla chooses for its Cybertruck factory, you’ll probably take that as just another opinion. What if a Morgan Stanley analyst says so? Adam Jonas works there, and he stated on May 4 that there are six...
  42. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla's Next U.S. Factory Location Could Be Announced Next Month

    Tesla offered a few updates on plans to increase factory count during it’s Q1 earnings call. Chief Executive Elon Musk said an announcement on the location of Tesla’s next factory in the U.S. could come as soon as next month, but likely within three months. And there will be more factory...
  43. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla to build Cybertruck in Texas.

    Per Bloomberg. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
  44. TMC Staff

    Will the Cybertruck Float?

    With all the touting of toughness for the the Tesla Cybertruck, many are anxious for real-world test. For instance, a Twitter user asked Chief Executive Elon Musk if the truck will be sufficient for his hunting and fishing adventures that may require the vehicle to cross streams. “Can I do it...
  45. TMC Staff

    Tesla's Elon Musk Mentions Baja-Bound Tesla Cybertruck

    The Tesla Cybertruck will need a first-rate dynamic air suspension to “kick butt in Baja.” We recently reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to drive a Plaid Cybertruck as his personal vehicle. This caused a bit of confusion for some since the Plaid powertrain is something that was first...
  46. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Design Changes Suggest A More Normal Pickup Truck Look

    It’s still just a concept, so expect more changes to the Tesla pickup truck as production draws near. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the Tesla truck, called the Cybertruck, will change to take on a more traditional truck-like appearance. The changes will be minor, but when added together, the...
  47. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck In Any Color You Want, So Long As It Is Stainless

    This reminds us of the days of the Ford Model T. The Tesla Cybertruck will officially come in just one color – stainless steel. This reminds us of the days of the Ford Model T that was offered only in black. However, nowadays we have an easy option for changing car colors and it’s called... READ...
  48. flyhigh123

    Cybertruck Redesign?

    Tesla Cybertruck Is Being Completely Redesigned I wonder what the new look will be.... Triangle sorta was growing on me. Any Thoughts?
  49. X

    Cybertruck AWD - Will TRI motor be safer than DUAL motor in winter?

    Hi there, I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on the difference between DUAL and TRI motor in snowy/icy winter conditions. I've read other posts in this great forum that covered the RWD, but I'm interested in whether DUAL AWD would be any less secure in slippery conditions than TRI AWD...
  50. TMC Staff

    Missouri Business Leader Asks Musk To Build Cybertruck Factory In State

    Several other states are now working to bring the Tesla Cybertruck factory to their area. According to a report by KSN (fourstateshomepage.com), a business leader in Joplin, Missouri responded to a recent tweet posted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The famous CEO – who has an enormous number of Twitter...

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