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dab radio

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    Matige DAB+ ontvangst

    Al een paar weken erger ik me aan de ontvangst van alle DAB+ zenders in mijn model 3 (sept '19 met 82dkm en premium connectivity). Het klinkt alsof er zeer regelmatig (meerdere keren per minuut) een soort miniscule hapering/glitch in de ontvangst is. De storing is op alle zenders identiek, dus...
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    Model S audio (radio) - is it a bit rubbish or is it me?

    Folks, is it just me or is the audio system on the current Model S Long Range in UK just not very good? The DAB / FM radio on my outgoing car, a 2013 BMW 520, seems to be way better... Specifically my issue is the radio, which just seems to be poor - not easy to use (but I'll get over that) but...
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    DAB Radio: Playing Now Info Field Too Short

    Does anyone know if the information field on the DAB radio on the Model 3 can be expanded? It drives me mad that mostly the Playing Now info is truncated and I can’t find out what the song is called or who is playing it. If it can’t be expanded to two or three lines like on most cars is there...
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    No radio after 2020.4.2

    Having picked up my M3 a week ago, I set my favourite AM and DAB radio stations. Then I upgraded to 2020.4.2 and now I can only use TuneIn stations and Spotify. Although my AM and DAB favourites remain in the favourites list, touching on them only brings up the spinning wheel of death. The DAB...
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    DAB radio - song info not displayed

    I would assume digital radio like DAB in my X displays the song information (title, artist) but it doesn't. Is that related to me living in Belgium where DAB stations do not emit that? Does anybody have song info on DAB ?