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damage body repair

  1. P

    $4400 for repairs - Advice Needed

    Hi, took my car to Tesla collision center and they quoted $4400 in body paint repairs for the following damage. Good news is insurance will cover it since the claim falls under comprehensive and I have a low deductible but I’m scared my insurance still might go up after. What do you think? Is...
  2. L

    Is this structural damage? Is it safe to drive still?

    2022 M3LR. See pictures of damage. Damage is on the front passenger side lower bumper. Basically make a right turn on a parking lot, didn’t realize there’s a side concrete curb, half rollover onto the curb before reversing out. How bad is this? Can I still drive it until a body shop can take...
  3. U

    Do you think my 22 MYLR is totaled?

    Happened last night, car is still in the tow yard and insurance will pick it up today to take it to bodyshop... I ran over something in the highway, unfortunately couldn't see it and didn't save the click from my shock... i think it was a tire as the from bumper is in good shape, but the car...
  4. P

    Rocker panel damage

    Tesla model 3 Rocker Panel damage Was parked at the supermarket and after coming back home noticed that something scratched the rocker panel.😞 Can I take the car out with this? Also how much would it cost for the repair? Can it be fixed or has to be replaced?
  5. A

    BAD Skirt Damage - how long does it take to get it fixed?

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions want to ask regarding a Bad Skirt damage... I hit a curb when I was trying to drive out of a underground parking..... the damages looks pretty bad (to me). Will this be a whole part fix? I booked a service appointment at Tesla service center. How long...
  6. N

    Bottom Part of Rocker Panel Damaged But Hard To See - Should I Get This Repaired?

    I don't know what the heck I ran over in the parking lot today but I think it was a small curb for a loading zone that I didn't see. Damage isn't visible until you get down and look at it. Do I need to get this repaired? There is definitely a small dent to the panel down there (from looking...
  7. D

    Is this damage justified for $4500?

    Unluckily I had a car accident with my 2022 model 3 and have been visiting several body shops recently. I didn't a full coverage insurance so I need to pay the repair myself. The damage includes fender, front lamps and front bumper. There is a minor deformation to the fender, front lamp cover...
  8. T

    Valet Damaged our Brand New MYP

    Hi there, TMC members. Had a... very unfortunate situation with our forced-valet parking setup at our condo community here. Summary of events: (Video of Walk-Around of Damage: Streamable Video ) 09/18/2021: New Model Y Performance arrives! Blue/White -- time passes, +3500 miles due to a fun...
  9. B

    Model 3 collision damage - thoughts?

    Hey everyone.. got into an accident this morning. A woman hit me coming through an intersection after I stopped at a stop sign. Insurance should cover everything (I may or may not have to pay a deductible), but I'm concerned the damage is beyond repair. I scheduled some time with the local...
  10. A

    Tesla Service damaged my car door shell

    Hi all, I took my 2021 Model 3 (4months old) to Tesla Service last week due to water leak and wind noise issues and at the end of a day I received a call from SC saying they damaged my car when they were pulling into the shop and made a huge dent in the passenger door shell. And they promised...
  11. balajeek

    Cost to fix two dents and scratches on Model 3, $9k ?

    I got my model 3 in sep 2018, two months later on a bad weather day someone swiped me on driver side rear door and left the scene. the damages where few line of scratches on the door and on qtr panel and two minor dents, it didn't really bother me and not much noticeable, and been driving that...
  12. iMartien

    Onderkant model 3 beschadigd door waterplas

    Afgelopen vrijdag door een grote waterplas gereden, welke ik niet meer kon ontwijken. Hierdoor heeft mijn Model 3 water geschept en is de bodemplaat gescheurd. Volgens mij ontbreekt ook de middelste bout, waardoor dit heeft kunnen gebeuren(?). Ik vermoed dat dit tijdens de vorige reparatie is...
  13. O

    First day problems cost me a garage door and sheet metal damage

    Pulled my brand new Model X into the garage, shaking my head at the warning message already on the dashboard saying that "Autopilot cameras not available" but offering the tepid encouragement that they "Features may be restored on a later drive." Happy day one. I decided, after some...
  14. mhcrowder

    Freak Hail Storm!

    Ok, I've had my new Model Y for three days. Last evening around 8PM, just after it had gotten completely dark, a small freak storm rolled over that dumped golf ball size hail on my new car (and two others in the driveway). After the storm passed we examined the cars and noticed some damage on...
  15. zone121

    Used car nightmare

    So I bought a used 2017 Tesla model S a month ago from Tesla and I have discovered some structural damage to the car that I wasn’t aware of before I bought it nor was disclosed by Tesla at the time of sale. I asked Tesla to show me a copy of the pre-sale inspection report to compare it with the...
  16. Freewheeler

    Case Study: Deer Strike in a MYP

    New here, so hello everyone. Sorry to open with this post, but I figure it might be useful for reference. I hit a deer late last night, maybe a 200# deer at ~40mph. Totally unavoidable; just ran in from the side of the road directly in front of the car. It's hair is still plastered to the car...
  17. J

    Crazy 24 hour scratch and dent repair from autobody shop in Massachusetts

    I’ve been a long-time lurker on this forum and recently had my M3 hit while it was parked leaving a softball-sized dent and very deep scratches above the rear drive-side wheel-base (pic below). I had seen some posts on here about issues with autobody shops paint-matching, especially with the...
  18. BZM3

    Small Damage to Bumper - Turning in at end of Lease

    Hello Someone bumped into my rear bumper causing a small scratch, literally smaller than a dime. I am curious if when turning in my car at the end of the lease Tesla will give me a hard time? In my lease agreement there is of course the provision that I am responsible for the cost of "repairing...
  19. N

    [need advice] used model S purchase

    I'm new to this forum. Please be kind if I make an inappropriate question. I have purchased a USED 2016 (mid-year) Model S 75. Free lifetime supercharging. When I went to pick up the vehicle the car had about 1800 more miles then the screenshot I took of the purchase online. The car also...
  20. C

    Model S P90D Damaged Salvage

    Hi all first post as this is the first Tesla I’ve bought. Just bought a P90D Model S last week and have started stripping it down when it arrived home yesterday (4/7/19). It has some front damage but fairly high up not affecting the front bumper reinforcement bar or chassis legs. Air bags...
  21. SeminoleFSU

    Car damaged by detailing guys.. how would you handle?

    Team, I'm wondering you would handle this? This looks repairable if I got the part myself, but then again I didn't damage it (the detailing guy that cleans cars at our office park did it).. He's agreed to fix it on his dime... So how would you handle it if you were me? 1. Book a service...
  22. MikeM3D

    Collision Damage & Tesla Service Center

    My lovely wife took my M3D out for the 3rd time ever, she likes it, so I was happy for both of us... Unfortunately she backed it into a stationary object. It needs a new rear bumper and a rear quarter panel. I don't know if anyone would repair the damage on the quarter panel or if that's a...
  23. jpaz

    Ouch but no ouch

    Sad day for me........but I am impressed more than ever with the safety engineering in my S. Ironically, was en route to the SC in freeway traffic when someone in a 1991 truck rear-ended me. I suspect he was going about 55 mph and I had slowed to a crawl. The good and the bad: My rear bumper...
  24. Sg911

    Tesla integrating Body ship in-house

    This should help with deliveries -Tesla Targeting Same-Day Body Repairs Tesla Targeting Same-Day Body Repairs
  25. GasKilla

    Any recommendations for body shops in LA area (valley)?

    A 16 year old driver decided to cause a wreck on the freeway and did this damage to my MS. Looking for recommendations on a Tesla approved body shop in the LA area, I live in the valley but I'm willing to drive to a highly recommended shop.
  26. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance: Flagship Fascia System

    Stand apart at the Supercharger with this complete redesign of the front fascia of your Model S! The Unplugged Performance Flagship Front Fascia (Front Bumper) is designed a complete replacement for the entire front bumper assembly on your 2012-2016.5 Tesla Model S. Included in this system are...
  27. Plugsuvohio

    Dealing with body damage

    Well I got this surprise as I came from Sunday am breakfast today. It could not have been a car accident. This was vandalism and probably a statement about the car. 3000 miles. All was factory perfect. Film too. I don't know where to start dealing with this.