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dash cam

  1. A

    Dashcam not recording

    When I first took delivery of my MYLR in July the dashcam appeared to (as expected) record all my journeys, it was always on. Erasing the oldest recordings as the USB became full. However after a while I noticed that it was missing footage (I'd also had a sentry issue where video was missing...
  2. Y

    Upload Sentry Mode videos for facial recognition - Google Photos? Apple? Microsoft? 3rd Party?

    I came across some funny clips of kids playing around the car while it's parked, and wanted to explore more of these videos from the saved Sentry Mode footage. I'd like to use facial recognition -- but as far as I know Apple's iCloud Photo Library doesn't recognize faces in videos yet. Google...
  3. MrNik

    Tesla DashCam: High endurance microSD + USB card reader not working

    I’m replacing the default USB stick with a combo of High endurance microSD card and a USB stick which has a card reader (links mentioned below). The USB stick has a direct microSD reader and also a card reader (which can have a microSD inserted in it) However, when I plug the microSD directly...
  4. dudeastronaut

    Poll: Feature Suggestion - Dashcam Speedometer Option?

    Should there be an option to toggle the vehicle's current speed to be shown on dash cam recordings? Running a poll 🤗
  5. B

    service center covered dash cam

    Several months after my Tesla had been in service, I went to look at dash cam footage of a recent incident, only to find that there was tape on the dash cam blocking its view. On previous visits to the service center, they can disconnect the power from the dash cam. So I checked that, and it...
  6. D

    is dashcam always recording?

    sorry for the basic question, I've only had MY for 4 days. I can only see a few recordings on my dashcam, but I was hoping it recorded all the time so that e.g. if I got accused of something I could go back and use the footage as evidence. I know it will save if it detects a collision or if I...
  7. DNSJames

    FSDb Not Working at Night

    For the past few weeks I can't get FSDb to work after dark, I just get a message in my console that says "Cabin camera is covered or blinded". This began on the last beta but it's still doing it on 69. I figured the car got a deep reboot with the update and may clear it up. I've carefully...
  8. R

    Hardwired Dashcam

    Anyone done a hardwired installation of a Thinkware or Blackvue Dashcam with parking mode? Just wondering if Teslas still throw errors when there is battery drain due to these dashcams? Do you guys suggest using a separate battery like the Celink Neo and run the dashcam off that instead of...
  9. 0

    Got rear-ended at red light while in FSD. Does anyone know if I’ll lose access if (for ex) they have to replace bumped (and calibrate sensors)?

    You can see video of the crash on this thread I put on Twitter. I couldn’t find USB so just recorded the dashcam playing in the car. It drives as if nothing happened (no warnings, noises, etc.) and FSD is still working normally. Trunk functions normally as well. I’m just wondering if the...
  10. R

    Cannot find USB port in 2022 Tesla Model 3 delivered in December 2021

    Hello there, I formatted a USB stick on with a third party app on my Windows 10 computer. Today I went to plug it in to my 22 Model 3 I picked up on December 22, 2021. I spent about 20 minutes poking around in the compartments in the front console while looking at the users manual. (Searched...
  11. S

    Potential Sentry Bug 2021.24.5

    Hey guys, I think I've found a bug with sentry mode related to the new dashcam improvements. Would appreciate it if someone else could test this out for me to confirm. This occurs for me on both 2021.24.4 and 2021.24.5 with a 2018 lr rwd model 3. When you enable the new dashcam improvements...
  12. M

    How do I view Sentry Mode/Dash Cam video

    How do I play back Sentry Mode and Dash Cam video recorded on a USB drive by my 2017 Tesla Model S. I prefer a wireless solution that does not require removal of the thumb drive from the USB port. Step-by-step directions would be most helpful. Thank You.
  13. S

    FS: Blackvue DR750S-2ch + 128gb Blackvue SD card $350

    All - $350 for everything listed here. Selling my used, but in great working condition 2-channel (front and rear cam) Blackvue Dash Cam (DR750S-2CH retails for $370 on Amazon before taxes). This came out of my Model S so the connector is already pre-wired (pictured) to connect to the wiring...

    Dashcam suppose to auto save?

    Is the Dashcam suppose to save your entire trip or are you suppose to hit the save button only if you want the trip saved? Is it suppose to work like an aftermarket dash cam that constantly records and overwrites? I see several threads of previous updates changing from autosave to manual...
  15. Padelford

    Dash Cam & # of Cameras Recorded

    Somewhere within the last few months, I thought I saw something on-line that suggested we should be able to record video from six cameras (front, back, both fenders, both B-pillars). I'm getting four (front, back, both front fenders). I called Tesla support yesterday, and after some time in...
  16. S

    How does one view sentry and dashcam clips on command?

    I mean, I see the 'there were N sentry events recorded' notification, and can view the events if I hit the notification right then. Is there a way to get to them after I've put it in D'rive or otherwise exited from the sentry-review screen? Apologies if this is covered in a manual.
  17. X

    Dashcam recordings to SSD

    This may well have been covered in the past but has anyone tried using an SSD drive as a dashcam save location (instead of a memory stick) - not sure what technical challenges it might present but was figuring on a 250Gb SSD for low power requirements and not having the spinning disk of a normal...
  18. bliss9273

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    I may have missed it, but I have looked through the threads quite a bit to see if anyone else has gotten a new Tesla where the Dashcam didn't work from the get go. I have seen several people have issues with software updates or failed/corrupted USBs causing the issue, but they all had it working...
  19. J

    Concerned about SSD overheating in Arizona summer

    I’m about to take delivery on my M3 and I want to get a SSD to use for Sentry Mode and dash cam recordings. But I’m worried about how the summer heat here in Arizona will affect the SSD performance. We can hit 120 during the summer and inside the car would obviously be hotter. Has anyone else...
  20. S

    Does the battery outer case get very hot?

    Hi: Does anyone know if the bottom of the Tesla battery case gets hot to the touch during use? I am considering running a conduit to carry a dash cam wire from the rear view mirror to a camera on the rear bumper. I can take a super smooth route directly attached to the battery cover or a...
  21. L

    2020.8.3 and exFAT

    I'm new to Tesla, I got mine a couple weeks ago on the same day Gov. Inslee locked down Washington State. Any ways, I haven't been really able to drive it much but I did receive my first update to the new version 2020.8.3 2 days ago. I've read through the update notes from Tesla and other...
  22. K

    Near miss for a lucky driver

    Recorded this near miss yesterday. Truck side swipes a car on the gateway bridge Brisbane. watch 16sec video on Twitter. Paul Saunders on Twitter
  23. G

    Accident for unable to brake efficiently: Tesla's or my fault? [early 2020]

    Hey all, I've got into a small accident couple months ago and hope we can discuss about this. Dash cam recording goes first: (I only blurred the license plate for privacy concerns. Nothing else edited, for example speed, resolution, color, etc) This rear end accident happened last year, and...
  24. P

    Made a little video about our Tesla Service Center Experience

    Made a little video about our Tesla Service Center Experience! SO THANKFUL FOR TWO THINGS SPECIFICALLY: (1) Tesla roadside assistance (2) Sentry mode / dash cam Overally it was a great experience. Did you know Tesla will tow up to 50 miles for free? We were in and out of the service center...
  25. EVS Motors

    Vendor Thinkware Dash cams for your Tesla!

    EVS Motors is excited to announce that we have begun to carry Thinkware Dash Cams! If you have any questions about the product or availability, please feel free to ask! We would be more than happy to help you! The Thinkware U1000 is Thinkware’s newest flagship model that delivers sharp native...
  26. enolam

    "USB too slow for dash cam" error message

    Yesterday my Dash Cam icon was indicating that it wasn't recording (grey X) This happens every few months. As I've done in the past, I removed the properly formated USB, deleted all the files and kept the Tesla Cam folder in it. This AM after replacing it, there was a red circle where it's...
  27. E

    Dashcam video of avoided accident - would autopilot have avoided this?

    This happened to me yesterday: (fast forward 40 seconds) Autopilot was off at the time and I instinctively swerved to avoid the accident. Wondering if autopilot would have avoided a crash if enabled and I had not reacted? I think it would have slowed but not swerved, and Model 3 would be in...
  28. EVS Motors


    BLACKVUE DASH CAM DR900S-2CH BLACK FRIDAY SALE *While SUPPLIES LAST!* MSRP: $529 BLACK FRIDAY PRESALE: $399 shipped any in the continental USA while supplies last and this will sell out quickly at this price! To order DM or call 888-878-2213 While supplies last we have a limited number of...
  29. W

    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    After getting a Model 3 about a month ago I decided to make an app so I could view my Sentry Incidents and TeslaCam footage on my phone. It uses iOS 13's support for reading USB drives. You can download it here: ‎Dash View for Tesla Cars. You can just plug in your drive, and then view your...
  30. B

    Dashcam / Sentry - Left & Right Angles Different

    New M3 owner for the last few weeks - watched my first dashcam and sentry videos yesterday and noticed that the driver side camera angle is tight to the car and I can see part of the body and further behind the car, whereas the passenger side is wider and does not display the side of the car or...
  31. B

    Upgrade MCU1

    I have a May 2017 Model X, my car doesn’t have dash cam cus MCU1, I was wondering Is MCU1 is capable for Full self drive capability? I did order FSDC when I purchased my car in 2017, if MCU1 is too old for FSDC, is Tesla will upgrade my MCU1 to MCU2?
  32. R

    Poll Dashcam/Sentry Mode USB Failure (Mac or Windows).

    Hi folks, I have had my Tesla Model 3 for about a week now and I have begun to notice a few nuances with Dashcam and Sentry Mode. I have tried several USB sticks, finally settling on a 32 gb Sandisk model. I initially formatted the disk on my Mac to the recommended FAT-32 and placed the...
  33. S

    Dashcam doesn't work due to DAS 2.0?

    Short Version TLDR My Tesla has the dashcam equipment but Tesla says it won't work with DAS 2.0. Questions: Is this true (and how do I check)? Is there a way to fix this, get it upgraded, etc? Full Version I have a December 2016 Model S 75D (was a 60D) and have been trying to get the dashcam...
  34. galan

    Dashcam Flash Drive - Volume Error on Plugging Drive Into Windows (10)

    I'm not sure if this has been covered by another post or not... After formatting my flash drive to FAT32 and plugging it into my M3SR+, the drive mounted and worked ok. However, after stopping the dashcam recordings (as prescribed by Tesla), removing the drive and then plugging it into my...
  35. kataleen

    Guide on how to set up one SDD for both dash cam recordings and personal media

    Hi all, since there was quite a lot of information scattered all around, I did a write up for how to format and configure an SDD to work with the Model 3 for both personal media and the dash cam recordings. For now this targets Windows computers for setting up. If anyone can do something similar...
  36. Chrisizzle

    Tesla Dashcam destroying USB drives

    Hello, I suspect my Model X dash cam may be destroying USB drives in short order. I started with a MicroSD card in a mini-USB reader. It was something I had, was compact, and thought it would perform better than a USB stick. It worked for... let's say two weeks before the webcam icon would...
  37. M

    Right side fender camera coming off?

    It looks like the side camera cover or the camera entirely is starting to come off. Has this happened to anyone else? It's not completely off but you can see some of it is coming/sliding off. I'm not too worried about it coming off on its own but I feel like going through a car wash would be no...
  38. L

    Model 3 Sr Usb Ports Don't Work

    I try to plug in usb drive as a dashcam drive, it would not work. At first, I though maybe my usb drive has issue. Then I use usb cable to charge my phone, still no response.......
  39. A

    Tesla DashCam Not Working (no icon)

    The Tesla Dash Cam icon no longer appears (for last month or so). I've spent the last few days trying everything, resetting the Model X, formatting various USB sticks (on both Mac and PC with diskpart, 3rd party programs, etc.), tried SD card in USB reader, etc., etc. Still nothing. Anyone...
  40. tschmidty

    PSA: DashCam USB Flash was causing MCU hangs for me 2019.12.1.2

    So after updating to 2019.12.1.2 I was getting pretty consistent hangs on the center screen, pretty much every morning or anytime it was left for a while. I have a USB stick on a Taptes splitter and removing the usb drive gets things rolling again. I have it plugged directly in the usb port...
  41. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  42. M

    Rear view camera save/download

    I was wondering if we're able to download the rearview cam video recording as dash cam recording. I tried saving the dashcam and got a front view, but now a rear view. thanks
  43. R

    This is why you need a dashcam...

    This happened to my wife and kids last Friday evening: Unbelievable, but glad everyone was okay. Glad we had the dashcam so didn't have to worry about who's fault this was. The other driver's insurance (American Family) has accepted liability. The appraiser has given a ~$12K...
  44. T

    My first accident caught on dash cam

    Nothing major, but the other driver had me worried that she was gonna lie saying I rear-ended her. Honestly, it was probably just me, but she rubbed me the wrong way. Newark NJ is a city where they don’t send an officer to take a report unless there are injuries. So it’s up to the drivers to...
  45. plasmo

    Does Sentry mode now allow BlackVue to be on all the time?

    I just got the Sentry mode update and enabled it. I noticed when returning to my parked car that my BlackVue (connected to front cig outlet) was still on and recording. Is this now getting power 24/7? I was actually thinking about hardwiring the BlackVue but if this is always on now, maybe...
  46. jat255

    TeslaCam saves the day at a red light camera

    Got dinged by one of MD's many wonderful red light cameras last night, at which point I was already well into the intersection. Thanks Elon for the always-on dashcam! I look forward to sharing the video with them when they get around to sending my $75 ticket in the mail.
  47. R

    Front USB ports not working

    hi everyone! Just got the 2019.8.3 software update and now my front USB chargers are not working. Can not charge phone on either port and car won’t recognize the flash drive for the dashcam (previously was working). Has anyone else had this problem? Any recs? Thanks in advance!
  48. R

    A cautionary autopilot video

    Posting this short video (5 sec) captured by the dash cam as a cautionary note for those who use the Tesla autopilot on secondary roads. The video shows my almost hitting a pedestrian dressed in dark at night standing still in the middle of my lane. The autopilot did not detect the person...
  49. RedModel3

    360 dashcam?

    Please excuse the stupid question. With the supposed release of the 360 degree dashcam in a few weeks, (Tesla's 'Sentry Mode' with 360 degree dash cam is coming in 2 to 3 weeks, says Elon Musk), are all current Model 3's with EAP version 2.5? Or does this apply only to the FSD hardware?
  50. T

    Dash cam shows red but no footage

    Maybe someone can help me. While stopped at the entrance to a parking deck, a woman reversed her car without looking and hit the front of my Model 3. Light damage but nevertheless. Perfect situation for dash cam recall. It never struck me to tap the dash cam icon to preserve the footage...