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dash cam installation

  1. R

    Hardwired Dashcam

    Anyone done a hardwired installation of a Thinkware or Blackvue Dashcam with parking mode? Just wondering if Teslas still throw errors when there is battery drain due to these dashcams? Do you guys suggest using a separate battery like the Celink Neo and run the dashcam off that instead of...
  2. bliss9273

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    I may have missed it, but I have looked through the threads quite a bit to see if anyone else has gotten a new Tesla where the Dashcam didn't work from the get go. I have seen several people have issues with software updates or failed/corrupted USBs causing the issue, but they all had it working...
  3. K

    Dashcam installation in Seattle - Calibred Customs

    I'm getting ready to install a 4-camera dashcam system (two sets of Blackvue DR900S systems) on my 2015 Model S 90D and have heard good things about Johnny at Calibred Customs. I reached out to him at [email protected] and learned he's going to be in the Seattle area June 6-10, 2019. I...
  4. A

    Experienced Dash Cam Installers in VA/DC/MD??

    Looking to add a dash cam to my Model 3 and wanted to see if anyone has gotten it professionally installed in DC/VA/MD and recommend a company?? Also, what are the best dash cams to use for my car looking for front/rear but do not want to use a battery pack. I am also aware that in the next...
  5. GasKilla

    Anyone install a blackvue rear camera on a solid roof MS?

    All the videos I've seen show installation with a pano roof and run the wires closest to the pano glass which doesn't exist in my car. After 2 wrecks (neither my fault) and one where the at fault driver lied about the accident, I want the extra eyes of front and rear cameras but I'm not sure...
  6. IGotEastBay

    Dash Cam & Paint Protection Recommendation

    Can anybody recommend an East Bay spot (preferably Walnut Creek/Lamorinda area) to get the following done: - Dash Cam install - I'll probably pick up a two channel BlackVue prior to the install. - Paint Protection - I'm undecided on what to go with, looking at wraps and/or something like an...
  7. JohnnyG

    Black Vue DR650S-2ch $249 Today Only

    $249.95 - Black Vue DR650s-2ch 16GB ($120 off) $269.95 - Black Vue DR650s-2ch 32GB ($110 off) $279.95 - Black Vue DR650s-IR-2ch 16GB ($90 off) I just spotted this deal and bought one. B&H Photo is a highly reputable retailer. I have spent thousands with them on photography equipment. Sorry if...
  8. Nerdy_Engineer

    Blackvue Dash Cam - Step by Step Installation

    I had trouble finding full step by step instructions for the installation of the Blackvue Dash Cam so I made a video while installing mine. I thought it might help others out. Overall, the installation is pretty easy. I wired into the 12 volt plug under the carpet, but in hindsight, I think...
  9. Andyw2100

    Blackvue 650 - Are only options for rear camera drilling hole or showing cable?

    I am getting my Blackvue 650 installed professionally on Friday. I'd like to be able to give my installer pretty detailed instructions. I have done a lot of research here, and I think I've read just about all the threads on installation. Unless I have missed something, I think pretty much...
  10. wk057

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    So, I *finally* got around to finishing my install of my dash cam on my P85D. At delivery, before driving off from the service center, I stuck the front cam up on the windshield and have been running with the front cam using the 12V power outlet since then........ that was in December. lol...