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dash camera

  1. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  2. kylelerner

    DashCam Footage

    YouTuber "Thien Nguyen" posted a video of the new Dashcam footage in v9.0 Too bad my AP2.0 S75 doesn't support it :( - Also upset that I have yet to have v9.0 pushed to me... Video:
  3. A

    Experienced Dash Cam Installers in VA/DC/MD??

    Looking to add a dash cam to my Model 3 and wanted to see if anyone has gotten it professionally installed in DC/VA/MD and recommend a company?? Also, what are the best dash cams to use for my car looking for front/rear but do not want to use a battery pack. I am also aware that in the next...
  4. S

    How to download from dash cam to iPhone

    I just installed a COzero dash cam in our MX. Installation was a breeze. However making the Wlan connection to the iPhone took a while, instructions for this step are scarce. With the iPone connected to the dash cam, I can see the files/recorded on the phone however when I click download of a...
  5. S

    2016 Model S P100D with Ludicrous for sale - loaded!

    Selling 2016 Model S P100D with Ludicrous: (Delivered Dec 2016) Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Solid Black Paint Sunroof 19" Slipstream Wheels - only have 2 weeks of wear on them (previously had 22") Black Tesla Premium Seats Carbon fiber décor Black Headliner Ludicrous Speed Upgrade Tesla Red...
  6. JohnnyG

    Black Vue DR650S-2ch $249 Today Only

    $249.95 - Black Vue DR650s-2ch 16GB ($120 off) $269.95 - Black Vue DR650s-2ch 32GB ($110 off) $279.95 - Black Vue DR650s-IR-2ch 16GB ($90 off) I just spotted this deal and bought one. B&H Photo is a highly reputable retailer. I have spent thousands with them on photography equipment. Sorry if...
  7. T

    Vendor We're Now Offering Dual Dash Cam Installation

    After many requests from Tesla owners. We are now offering the BlackVue Dual Dash Cams. This cameras have many different settings. You can leave them to record 24/7, to record by motion sensors and also to just record when the car is on. This carmeras also record sound. The front camera records...
  8. mjcostajr

    Blackvue 650 dash cam settings (Security LED)

    I was curious as to whether people leave the "Security LED" on during parking/normal mode. I've read that a lot of people disable the blinking lights to make it more obscure. However, since having a dash cam is about increased security, wouldn't a blinking light deter people even further from...
  9. J

    Installation of a Radar Detector and Dashcam - I found switched power!!!

    Installation of a Radar Detector and Dash-cam - I found switched power!!! I recently hard-wired my radar detector and dash-cam and wanted to share my discoveries. My toys: 1) Beltronics Pro 300. 2) Thinkware F750 Dash-cam with TWA-X500F750 rear camera First and foremost, I used the advice...
  10. Andyw2100

    Blackvue 650 - Are only options for rear camera drilling hole or showing cable?

    I am getting my Blackvue 650 installed professionally on Friday. I'd like to be able to give my installer pretty detailed instructions. I have done a lot of research here, and I think I've read just about all the threads on installation. Unless I have missed something, I think pretty much...
  11. Z

    Why isn't Tesla making a built-in dashcam?

    Tesla should definitely add a built-in dashcam to the Model S. They could do it with a software update, because most of their cars has a rear camera and the Autopilot enabled cars also have a front camera. It'd make Model S drivers feel safer and it would make the car better. It would be just a...
  12. MajesticSound

    HELP: Trying not to destroy my antenna removing my dash cam mount

    ​I got a dash cam (E-Prance Mini0801) it worked great for 2 weeks and then the video had issues. Decided to upgrade to the BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW. I attached the mount on the front windshield to the right of the rear view mirror with the double stick tape on the antenna raised dots...
  13. T

    Dash cam install experience

    I had been looking at getting a dash cam installed, and while I generally do not shy away from technical challenges, I thought this task would be one to those that I should probably leave to the professionals. I asked the San Diego SC for a recommendation, and they suggested La Jolla Audio...
  14. vfx

    Model S accidents

    A thread for general Model S accident photos. Saw this Monday night on Santa Monica.
  15. nspollution

    Recommendation for Installed Electronics, Minneapolis/St. Paul?

    I want to get a radar detector and dash camera installed. I have heard of one attempt that did not go well. I was curious if anyone in the Twin Cities has a good experience with one or both?