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  1. Eugene Ash

    Sturdiest magsafe phone dash holder you'll ever find

    Ever since I switched from Model S, I wanted to have a dash-mounted phone-holder. Regular options seemed flimsy, so I acquired a spare dash and dusted off my calipers. 8 versions later, I present to you this vital reminder from the investment thread: It is made from ASA and PHA plastic for UV...
  2. C

    Ceramic coating interior

    Has anyone ceramic coated the interior of their car? Seats, dash trim, door panels etc. Was it worth it? I’d be interested in what your experiences are as I am considering getting my interior coated.
  3. G

    Rattling noise coming from dash top pad. Not covered under warranty. DIY fix suggestion?

    I have been haunted by this rattling noise issue right after vehicle delivery, and used to think it's coming from the steering wheel. It happens when I drive on bumpy road with relatively low speed, and is more obvious when weather is hot. After several service visits they were not able to...
  4. Suspendmix

    Model Y passenger side dash rattle and rubbing noise

    Has anyone had a dash rattle/rub that they've successfully resolved on their own? I've had these noises literally from day 1 when I'm driving over uneven roads between 15-30 mph. I've already brought it into Tesla service twice and each time they said they fixed it. The problem is that roads...
  5. N

    Issues with 2019 Model X 100D

    Hey there, our Model X 100D has been having some issues with the Dash and Infotainment. Dash - Has an inverted "L" shaped black mark, also the edges of the screen seems to be dull/fade out for some reason. Infotainment - Has a yellow/orange band around it. Looked up online and found UV light...
  6. JBAR

    White interior with wood dash from factory. Oops

    I picked up my MY yesterday. First thing I noticed is that although I ordered the white interior...it had a wood dash. I didn't mention it until the end. The specialist called the manager and they both were shocked. I was shocked it made it all the way to me with no one noticing. I actually...
  7. J

    Damaged metal edge of dashboard

    The brushed metal edge of the dash has been damaged. I bought the vehicle CPO and there was aftermarket accessories installed that I was trying to uninstall. The metal edge of the dashboard top flap now has an unsightly bend. Other that ordering a used dash top on eBay, has anyone had any...
  8. G

    Rattling dash speaker grill

    Ever since my model 3 was new I've had a rattle tied to the front dash speaker grill. The rattle seems to be worse when the car is cold. I even had mobile service come out to investigate, but of course it didn't rattle. I ended up taking apart the entire dash trying to figure this out. What I...
  9. rohan_aus

    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    Hey all, I did some searching and can't find a to-the-point post on getting a constant 12V feed that's easy to get to for a dashcam, so here it is. Remove the front domelight / hazard switch / microphone housing using plastic trim removal tools, it can be tricky to get out, be patient. The grey...
  10. zambono

    paper crumbling sound from behind dash...

    2k miles after 50k warranty is over I am getting a sound from behind the dash trim, to the right of the screen and middle vent. It happens on medium sized and larger road imperfections and sounds like paper crumbling, or like a candy wrapper crumbling. Very annoying and surprisingly loud. By...
  11. T

    Tesla dash part #

    I'm trying to track down the specific part number for the white dash. I looked in epc.tesla.com and it appears to be 1100567-00-F (see attached). But if you search ebay you will see someone selling a white one with number 1100567-00-E. That doesn't show up in epc site. But there is an older...
  12. skyline

    Vendor Help us test new Tesla accessories!

    Hello TMC! Skyline is hard at work on some exciting new products for the Tesla community! So far, the feedback has been amazing for our Model 3 Sunglasses Mount! Tesla owners are telling us that they love our intuitive, custom designed solution to storing your shades in Model 3! If you...
  13. R

    Rust under interior side dash trim 2015 Model S 90D

    I purchased a used 2015 Tesla Model S 90D back in May and installed a subwoofer and amp in it a month or so ago. While doing this, I had to remove the interior side dash trim to pipe some cables through. After popping the trim off, I noticed a ton of what looks like rust as shown in the...
  14. tyfosho

    Noise under dash when waking up from sleep

    I had something weird start with one of the latest software updates, and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. Whenever the car wakes up from being asleep for more than a couple of hours, I get a noise under the dash that sounds like somebody crinkling a paper bag. It...
  15. S

    Mouse infiltrated Model 3

    Last night when I went to grab my charging adapter from the glove box, there was a ball of insulation in the glove box and I swear I saw a little mouse scurry away. Can't see any other damage, but obviously this insulation came from somewhere. Anyone know where this insulation can be from or...
  16. _abridged

    Swapping white dash for wood dash (Atlanta area)

    Interested if anyone in the general vicinity wants to swap their wood dash with my white dash. I've always liked the wood one over the white one, but I wanted the white seats so I was stuck with the white dash. We can drive and meet half way to exchange if you live far.
  17. O

    Dash And Wood Grain Misaligned?

    Hello everyone: I noticed that the seam between the wood grain and dash on my M3 appears to be misaligned, resulting in the plastic of the dash to slightly protrude out. As a result, it's creating a indentation on my front passenger side door. Has anyone else run into this before? I've had my...
  18. M

    New sound....

    While supercharging, there was a gurgling sound on the driver side dash area while the air was on. When I turned the air off the sound stopped and there was also a whole lot of leaking. I know leaking is inevitable for an AC, but there was a lot. As far as the sound goes, the car was on for just...
  19. S

    Wanted: White dash for model 3. Will buy or trade for my wood dash

    I hate the wood dash and want a white one. If you are up for a trade or sell please respond here, text or pm me. 530.683.5017
  20. chudiddy

    Model X or S OEM Carbon Fiber Dash (4 Pieces)

    I have an OEM set of Carbon Fiber dash pieces that will fit either Model X or Model S. Please see pics. All in perfect condition. Includes 4 pieces total. $600 shipped anywhere in Continental US. Thank you Mike
  21. J

    SoCal LA/OC wood dash/ white dash Swap

    Does anyone want to swap their white dash for a wood dash? I’m in the LA/OC area and would be willing to meet up for the swap.
  22. D

    Model 3 Dash swap

    Anyone here with the white model 3 Dash willing to swap for the wood dash? Located in the GTA if you're willing to swap.
  23. D

    Model 3 wood dash /white dash swap

    Anyone here with the white dash willing to swap out for a wood one? I'm in the GTA. Let me know if interested! Thanks
  24. S

    Danger - Falling Rocks! I'll say!

    Saw this Model 3 owner's story this morning of a 37 pound rock that fell on to his car while driving in WA. He got damn lucky, and interesting to see how the Model 3 took the hit. That Center screen mount is pretty rock solid and likely this rock put it to the test although it looks like the...
  25. Haxster

    Cars keep crashing into me...

    Or at least that's what V9 shows when I'm stopped in a center lane at a red light. Rather annoying to see images of vehicles, well within their lanes, sliding sideways into mine. Perhaps Tesla should add some metal crunching sounds to enhance the effect...or not.
  26. L

    Tesla Model 3 Wood Dash Panel

    I would be happy to trade a white panel for a wood panel or just buy a wood panel.
  27. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Model X Obeche Matte Trim

    Tesla Model S/X (2012-2016) OEM Dash Trim Set Console Trim Obeche Open-Pore | eBay Tesla Model S/X OEM Dash Trim in Obehe Open-Pore Pristine, no damage All mounting points and clips are good PM any questions you may have $600 OBO Will ship worldwide at buyers expense
  28. Penfold

    Roads and roundabouts missing from main dash screen

    Hi all, my S has been in for minor bumper and wing repair and since having it back (2nd rejection) while driving around my neighbourhood I have no roads on the main screen. Sat Nav is fine and showing roads correctly but I just have my car with a grey background and no roads until I get onto a...
  29. zambono

    New Model S Dash design...

    In the article they focus on the HVAC, but really of much more import is the new dash design which what seems like a smaller offset cockpit LCD and also a smaller LCD above the console. Tesla files patent for new HVAC system
  30. Ruby Red

    Bling and more bling

    So while I wait for my new Model 3 to be repaired, it's going on 2 weeks now, they pulled out the dash and part of the console. I've been staying busy redecorating!
  31. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Dark Ash Trim Complete Set

    Donor car was 2017 90D w/ 16k miles No damage, all pieces are immaculate $700 Here is my listing: Tesla Model S (2012-2017) OEM Dash Trim Set Console Trim Dark Ash *Pristine* | eBay
  32. AutobahnEV

    Cutoff Dates for GEN1 v GEN2 Cluster?

    Does anyone know when Tesla switched from the GEN1 cluster 1004788-00-C and older to the GEN2 cluster -D and newer?
  33. Haxster

    WTB: Model S Dash & Cup Holder Decor Trim Pieces

    I'll be wrapping the panels, so any decor style is okay.
  34. dhelmly

    OLED Display Demo at CES .... Custom Design Cluster

    This was pretty amazing to see in person. Totally doable on Tesla. Would be great to have different design skins to switch from at some point.
  35. Mknac

    Heads Up Display

    Perhaps some people with automotive-engineering experience/background could speculate on why Heads Up display is not more common in cars. I've driven a couple chevy rentals, corvetteand camaro, with HUD and liked it. Clearly it can't be cost as the price would drop dramatically and the quality...
  36. palmer_md

    Anyone using Chffr or Dash to help gather data for Comma.ai?

    http://comma.ai/ Chffr for Android and Dash for iOS are applications that are used to collect road data for the comma.ai autonomous vehicle control system that is supposed to be sold late 2016 or early 2017 for $999 + $24/mo. Early release is only for folks driving an Acura with lane keeping...
  37. T

    Dash Cam in Refreshed MS

    Has anyone installed a dash cam in to the facelift model S? Looking at all the instructions I've hit a few issues, they all relate to the pre-facelift cars. The plastics around the rearview mirror are different. It feels quite fragile and I don't want to snap it. The fuse boxes have moved...
  38. D

    "Ventless" Dash Design

    It's been pointed out how unfinished the design of dash must be because of the exclusion of vents, but as can be seen (heard) in this test drive demo, the dash has been designed to be "ventless," with some kind of invisible, single slot design instead. It's mentioned right at the beginning of...
  39. dhelmly

    Why no pictures of the dash and front console layout?

    Am I missing a thread somewhere? No pictures of the dash and front console on website or picts from last night? Looks more or less the same as Model S? At CES the steering wheel had advanced touch controls like a small iPod screen. Did these make it into production? - my guess is no.
  40. X

    Continuous clicking noise under dash, please help.

    We decided to take our first road trip in the Model S 85 from Houston, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Its been great until today, after coming back to a full charge at a public charging station, a continuous clicking noise developed out of nowhere and refuses to go away. I first thought it was the...
  41. Robecology

    Night-time driving; Dash too bright, even at 0% setting.

    Dashboard brightness; Anyone notice "0%" is still too bright? I notice when I'm driving at night, and I set my dashboard lights to 0% brightness, that they're still quite bright. Anyone else notice this? Elon/techies; is there a solution/adjustment I can make to get a true 0% brightness on...
  42. A

    Access under or behind dash

    I want to try installing a parking assist module I got but am not sure what the proper method is to gain access under the dash. I see a spot in the firewall where a bunch of wires poke through and I hope to use that to run the wire from the sensor. I just don't know what the best method is to...

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