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  1. Eugene Ash

    Sturdiest magsafe phone dash holder you'll ever find

    Ever since I switched from Model S, I wanted to have a dash-mounted phone-holder. Regular options seemed flimsy, so I acquired a spare dash and dusted off my calipers. 8 versions later, I present to you this vital reminder from the investment thread: It is made from ASA and PHA plastic for UV...
  2. Tesery

    Vendor Tesery Mini Tesla Display Screen for Model 3/Y - Ultra Compact LCD Instrument

    I am excited to share with Tesla owner about the Tesla dashboard display. This sleek and innovative dashboard display is a must-have for any Tesla owner looking to upgrade their driving experience. As a Tesla Model 3/Model Y owner, you've probably noticed the inconvenience of having to take...
  3. A

    FS/Trade Model Y dashboard wood trim

    I am taking a delivery of a 2022 MYP with the black/wood interior. Testing the waters to see if anyone in the Colorado area wants to trade their white dash piece for my wood one. Let me know if you are remotely interested, thanks
  4. Kate@Teslogic

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Hi all! We are developers of Teslogic. We’ve already published this tread on Model 3 forum, but our device is also designed for Model Y, so we’d like to post it here as well just in case. You can see the discussion here. As Tesla enthusiasts we decided to develop our own transmitter and the...
  5. P

    Model 3 : Selling my old wood grain dashboard

    $60...anyone want it?
  6. Kate@Teslogic

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Hi all! We are developers of Teslogic. As Tesla drivers, we felt uncomfortable with the lack of a dashboard in front of the eyes. This could be especially inconvenient on long trips. So we felt the need to do something about it and developed our own transmitter and the app. The transmitter...
  7. SteelClouds

    Size of screw on side tab of dash mount

    So in the process of installing my boost module, I took the bottom of the glove box which was fine but I ended up popping off the side panel of the dash and the small fill panel next to it. Two things were apparent, someone else had been in there by way of the speaker zip cord running up the...
  8. N

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Hi Guys , I live in Montreal and last December I got my dream car , Tesla model 3 sr+ 2021 model . As I do not have a garage and also did not have access to a dedicated charge point (relying on level 2 charge) . I had a lot of question in my mind about the effects of temperature on my cars...
  9. A

    Dashboard added to Tesla Model 3 in-car touchscreen, with TeslaMirror App and tesLAX App

    YouTube link While driving (filmed by front passenger), Dashboard added to Tesla Model 3 in-car touchscreen, tesLAX App (tesLAX is a CANBus Explorer and visualization tool) mirrored to Tesla Model 3 in-car touchscreen. TeslaMirror app with iPhone 12 Pro Max , audio connected to Tesla Model 3...
  10. RareJ

    Model 3 Dashboard Indents

    Hi all. My dashboard has gained some interesting indent lines on the passenger side. Anyone else have this??
  11. S

    Create a geofence trigger alert (Tesla API + web service)

    Here is a tutorial on connecting your Tesla to a web service to create custom trigger alerts like geofence triggers and create dashboards of historical data. How to Build a Tesla Data Dashboard with the Tesla API
  12. N

    left vs right

    The symmetry of the Tesla 3 driving controls is beautiful. However I have a kind of left-right blindness. It's a developmental issue that I have learned to cope with over the years in one way or another. Having had the T3 for just over a week now, I was leaving my drive the other day when I...
  13. E

    Would like to swap white dashboard for wood

    Hello! I am set to receive my Tesla Model 3 the second week of December 2019 in Santa Barbara and would like to swap my white dashboard for the standard wood one. Any advice on how to find someone to do the swap? Thanks!
  14. S

    Mouse infiltrated Model 3

    Last night when I went to grab my charging adapter from the glove box, there was a ball of insulation in the glove box and I swear I saw a little mouse scurry away. Can't see any other damage, but obviously this insulation came from somewhere. Anyone know where this insulation can be from or...
  15. lzolman

    Mettalic rattle from air vent on driver's side

    We're experiencing a very intermittent noise/rattle that seems to be coming from the air vent on the very left end of the dash. I took a video, and in this case we were on the highway and had been driving for about 50 miles when it started. The noise went on for about half an hour, then receded...
  16. F

    Possible Class Action Suit - Please Read

    I'm looking for several owners that are having issues with paint and interior issues with cars that are out of warranty. My car a 2015 Model S (even though garaged 100% of the time when not in use) has paint just peeling off the top of the driver side mirror. Additionally my dashboard looks...
  17. J

    SoCal LA/OC wood dash/ white dash Swap

    Does anyone want to swap their white dash for a wood dash? I’m in the LA/OC area and would be willing to meet up for the swap.
  18. D

    Model 3 Dash swap

    Anyone here with the white model 3 Dash willing to swap for the wood dash? Located in the GTA if you're willing to swap.
  19. D

    Model 3 wood dash /white dash swap

    Anyone here with the white dash willing to swap out for a wood one? I'm in the GTA. Let me know if interested! Thanks
  20. S

    Color Temperature of Dashboard Display

    I got sw-version 2019.8.1 for my model s one week ago. Since then I've noticed a slight change of the dashboard display color temperature. In comparison with the MCU different shades of grey seem to look warmer on the dashboard display. Although this isn't a big issue to me, I would like to...
  21. Y

    Apps for Tesla

    Hey everyone! If you own a Model S you should check out https://tes.app.We are a small start up and develop browser applications optimized for Tesla Model S and Model X screens (Model 3 coming soon). Currently we have a Weather app, an Altitude tracker and more. It would be great if you could...
  22. JerylCook

    Old owner of car in Hud/App

    I recently brought a used Tesla, even though I've successfully transferred ownership to me via the customer service email...the mobile app and hud on steering wheel still show the previous owner. any way to fix this? i do have a scheduled service appointment. ...
  23. F

    Dashboard voor Tesla (YATD) dutch users

  24. W

    Wood Dash Wraps! Post them here!

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for ideas on what to wrap my wood dash with. Since there are so many threads, I figure it would be nice to have a single thread for everyone to post all their wood dashboard wraps! I would like to see what Model 3 owners have done to theirs!
  25. V

    Swapping white dash for wood dash. Anyone interested?

    I have a dual motor LR TM3 ordered with white interior that should be here (Palm Springs, CA) by November 2018. I love the wood dash that comes with the black interior and am wondering if any black interior owners would be willing to make the swap with me for my white one at no cost to you. I...
  26. Nathanael

    Staining the wood dash on the Model 3

    I'm a fan of the Model 3's wood interior, but in my opinion it would look much better with a darker walnut stain like this mock up; I came across this video, and this pretty much what I would like to do. Has anyone else done this to their M3? If so, any tips? Does the stain always stay...
  27. B

    All fault light flashing on dashboard !

    Hello, I have a problem with my tesla model s p85 2013. all the fault indicators turn on and the car does what it wants watch on video. Does anyone know where the problem is? Thanks. *Unrelated video removed by moderator
  28. L

    Model S Piano Black Trim

    4 pieces of the trim available for sale from a 2015 July Model S Piano Black. 3 dashboard parts + arm rest trim. $400 OBO including shipping to continental US (will not ship outside US). These are the instructions if you want to change the trim Premium Tesla Model S Rear Seat Cup Holders...
  29. Haxster

    WTB: Piano Black Decor

    Trim for Model S.
  30. fasteddie7

    Instrument panel trips question

    this has probably been answered somewhere but I can't seem to find it, maybe I'm not searching for the right terms. What is the negative number over minutes mean on the trips portion on the instrument panel? I've included a photo of said negative minutes.
  31. SG57

    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    - Hey all, Here is the official TMC forum thread for the Tesla Android app, Dashboard for Tesla, on the Play Store. Background This project was conceived a few months back while waiting for the delivery of my Model S (which I now have and adore ♥). I was excited to learn I could be...
  32. Mknac

    Heads Up Display

    Perhaps some people with automotive-engineering experience/background could speculate on why Heads Up display is not more common in cars. I've driven a couple chevy rentals, corvetteand camaro, with HUD and liked it. Clearly it can't be cost as the price would drop dramatically and the quality...
  33. O

    Advice on removing the accelerator pedal?

    Hi Everyone, I could use some advice on the best process for accessing and removing the accelerator pedal. A panel covers up the wiring under the dash but unfortunately also blocks access to the bolts for removing the pedal--see the picture with the big red circle. The panel has a hex screw...
  34. R

    Yellow dotted line on Dashboard Energy Display

    I've seen this dotted line show up a few times on the energy display. Can't figure out what causes it or what it means. Does anyone know? Thx.
  35. V

    Dash Board Requests

    Three somewhat nerdy requests for the dashboard. 1) I'd like the status display that shows my tire pressure to also show which of my motors is driving on my P85D by lighting up little motor icons on the car picture like other hybrids do. Perhaps even give a percentage or fraction or even torque...
  36. G

    Need help regarding new Premium Interior and Lighting Package

    I am 2 days away from finalizing my order. I am getting grey next gen seats, obeche matte inserts, but am agonizing between white and black headliner. I like the black better. I am potentially even willing to fork over the $3k extra for it (because the premium package is required). However, on...
  37. jpwe10

    New Alcantara Dashboard

    I believe this option is only available on right hand drive cars now.
  38. proberge

    Model S Speedometer/Energy consumption scales

    I am not a Tesla owner yet but being a User Experience Designer I could not help but notice that Tesla is using "unconventionnal" scales for the speedometer and the energy consumption indicator.As I finished writing my thoughts on this subject...
  39. Robecology

    Night-time driving; Dash too bright, even at 0% setting.

    Dashboard brightness; Anyone notice "0%" is still too bright? I notice when I'm driving at night, and I set my dashboard lights to 0% brightness, that they're still quite bright. Anyone else notice this? Elon/techies; is there a solution/adjustment I can make to get a true 0% brightness on...