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dashcam installation

  1. usa9910

    70mai Dashcam install - Gen 1 MS

    Hello All, I bought a 70MAI dashcam and the hardware kit came three wires to connect to my Auxillary port in my speaker vent near windshield. Question is do I need a 4 pin extension cable to connect the three wires to the auxillary port or can I just push the three wires in the port? Here's...
  2. bliss9273

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    I may have missed it, but I have looked through the threads quite a bit to see if anyone else has gotten a new Tesla where the Dashcam didn't work from the get go. I have seen several people have issues with software updates or failed/corrupted USBs causing the issue, but they all had it working...
  3. ramonneke

    Installing Viofo A129 dashcam with park mode

    I have a European Model S and want to hardwire a Viofo A129 2 channel dashcam. It has a parking mode but was wondering where to connect it. As I have a European MS the Microphone grill has the alarm connected. Can I still hardware a dashcam there and not overload the fuse? What type of fuses...
  4. watilo

    Dashcam only saving 1.2KB mp4 files

    I've seen posts about the dashcam not working without reformatting, but I haven't seen posts about my particular issue: The TeslaCam folder is saving 1.2 KB mp4 files, and the root directory has *.REC files - some around 30 MB and others in the KB range. I'm using a 32 GB FAT32 stick. The...
  5. aikisteve

    Road trip video: taking the Tesla dashcam business international

    While I was somewhat worried about Tesla's own dashcam feature, when it turned out to be pretty lame in feature-richness (but good video quality), and the fact that the feature is only for HW2.5+ cars :-(, I don't see the dashcam business collapsing anytime soon :). Proof of that was when a...
  6. G

    Dashcam install by Johnny at Calibred Customs

    Hi Everyone, I am taking delivery of my Model X next week and I am looking forward to having Johnny come in 2 weeks to install a Thinkware F800 Pro as well as 2 cigarette sockets for me in the center console. Since I am not a fan of seeing all the wires in the armrest or glove compartment, my...
  7. Siggy101

    European Model S dashcam power source?

    Hi all, I live in Switzerland and have a 2017 Model S 90D. I was intending to fit a BlackVue dashcam but all of the installation videos show you guys plugging in to a 'spare' power connector that is sitting behind the grill in roof above the rear view mirror. Here in Europe, that plug is in...
  8. thegangler

    Blackvue 650 - front camera w/ AP2 hardware?

    A number of the install videos I've seen for the Blackvue 650 involve routing the cables through the front camera enclosure - anyone with AP2 do it this way, and if so - any concern with AP camera interference? Thanks!
  9. S

    Model X dashcam installers in Northern Virginia/DC Metro area?

    Just picked up my 75D and very interested in getting a multichannel dashcam like the popular Blackvue everyone seems to be talking about. Once upon a time I'd even look forward to doing the install myself, but this time I'll defer to a pro. Who in the D.C. Metro area (I'm in NoVA) has experience...
  10. Hummer75


    Hello there, Anyone know if there is a fuse for the 12V up in the grill (In the headliner above the dash) I'm not getting 12V ... :-/ url Thanks, Jimmy
  11. plasmo

    Location of Cigarette lighter charger(s) in the X

    I'm looking at options and planning on installing a dashcam. Is there only 1 cigarette lighter charger (in the front middle console) in the Model X?
  12. Nerdy_Engineer

    Blackvue Dash Cam - Step by Step Installation

    I had trouble finding full step by step instructions for the installation of the Blackvue Dash Cam so I made a video while installing mine. I thought it might help others out. Overall, the installation is pretty easy. I wired into the 12 volt plug under the carpet, but in hindsight, I think...