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  1. L

    Extra dashcam for parking mode, long battery (third party?)

    Could anyone recommend a third party dashcam with parking mode and a long duration battery? (Or battery pack.) i.e. a way to record incidents during many days parked. I park in a shared garage with tight spots and the risk of someone dinging my car is high. We're all happily wealthy here but...
  2. Celestine

    Third Party Dash Cam with Wifi for Live Viewing

    I've swept the forum/Youtube/the outer galaxy and the question still sears my soul: what is the best third party wifi dash cam to access live footage over wifi of what the car is experiencing? And to be notified of potential criminal activity? I need to stop people in the act from hurting my...
  3. T

    Best way to send a dashcam video?

    While watching "Wham Bam Teslacam" on YouTube, I notice that they often speak about "giving the Teslacam footage to...." law enforcement, the other drivers, etc. But the way it is said, it sounds like they do so immediately. I realize one could show the video footage on the screen instantly...

    Dashcam suppose to auto save?

    Is the Dashcam suppose to save your entire trip or are you suppose to hit the save button only if you want the trip saved? Is it suppose to work like an aftermarket dash cam that constantly records and overwrites? I see several threads of previous updates changing from autosave to manual...
  5. M

    Dashcam icon frequently dissapearing after last update

    Model 3 SR+ w/ Samsung T5 ssd. Been working rock solid since I got it. Recently having very consistent dashcam icon dissapearing when I enter my car. Reboot usually fixes it but it's happening way too much now. Rebooting more than once a day.. Is the ssd going bad? Or is it a bug from the...
  6. rogerbohl

    Post-6/2020 Model 3 USB ports

    A friend bought a new Model 3, on 12/30/2020, and I'm puzzled as to where the USB ports are located. The Dashcam icon shows a red dot, but we have not, ourselves, put in a datastick. An aftermarket firm's photos seems to show 2 USB-A sockets and a 12V receptacle, for cars built after June...
  7. W

    Dash Cam 2021 Model 3

    Dash Cam icon is lighted so I know it is on, yet not recording onto USB. Not sure how to make that happen. The USB drive is the one that Tesla provided with my 2021 and is formatted. Sentry Mode is recording just fine and listed on USB as Saved Clips- front, back, right repeater, left repeater...
  8. A

    Sentry Mode Dashcam Keep Disappearing

    I have the RAVPower Portable External SSD Pro 1. 512GB Hard Drive with 540MB/S Data Transfer 2. USB 3.1 Gen 2 Interface Here is my entire process 1. Plug the SSD 2. Format the drive 3. It show the Dashcam 4. After a while Dashcam disappear 5. Unplug and plug back 6. Dashcam setting ask to...
  9. N

    Dashcam Flash Drive Repeatedly Disconnecting

    Since the day I got my Model 3, I noticed that my dashcam flash drive would sometimes disconnect or not be seen by the car. I originally just had a sandisk flash drive, then upgrade to an SSD, and then to another flash drive. All of these suffered from the same issue. 50% of the time, when I...
  10. Kofther

    Automatic uploading Dashcam files

    This weekend I play around with sending my Dashcam and Sentry files from my MY to my Mac using the teslausb GitHub project. The concept is that the videos are stored on an SD card fronted by a Raspberry Pi Zero W and when you Tesla gets in range of your home's WiFi it starts the upload...
  11. professortech

    FS: Blackvue 4K DR900S-2CH w/ 128GB SD Card $440

    I have a mint Blackvue 4K DR900S-2CH with a 128GB SD card for sale. Asking $440 shipped. It's in mint (used) condition with absolutely zero issues (the rear cam has never been used). I have a newer Model S, so I no longer have a need for it. This also includes a wire tap for the front camera...
  12. TessieEddie

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    I have had my M3 for about 18 months now. I still absolutely love driving it but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with multiple issues. I was not able to find similar threads so I have started a new one. I took it in to a service center once, which is 2 hours away from home, only to be...
  13. bliss9273

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    I may have missed it, but I have looked through the threads quite a bit to see if anyone else has gotten a new Tesla where the Dashcam didn't work from the get go. I have seen several people have issues with software updates or failed/corrupted USBs causing the issue, but they all had it working...
  14. C

    2020.24.6.9; no more multiple partitions for dashcam and sentry?

    I have an ssd drive plugged in, with a FAT32 partition for TeslaCam, and an ext4 partition with a bunch of music. updated to 2020.24.6.9 today. tonight, I got in the car after a restaurant, and the car notified me there were 4 sentry mode incidents. when I tapped on the notice, though, it...
  15. F

    Looking for always on 12v in rear of Model X (late 2018 build)

    Short version: I know there are options in the back to tap into, but it seems like you need to be in the car/car powered on for them to get juice. Looking to avoid running a cable from front to back to get a dedicated always-on 12v line in the rear. I don't need a lot of power. Is there...
  16. A

    Dashcam and Sentry not recording in 2020.24.6.4

    In version 2020.24.6.4 Dashcam and Sentry are not recording. It also did not work in the last version that I had that introduced the video viewer. I didn't write down that software version because I was "hoping" it would just start working again with the next upgrade, but it does not. In the...
  17. K

    Buggy DashCam

    I have a model 3, software version 2020.20.12. My saved dashcam videos are sporadically unplayable or partially unplayable. This happens on the tesla reader where I get a message "video unavailable, please select different footage". But it's not just the reader. When I try to play them on my...
  18. B

    Samsung T7 500 GB SSD working great

    With the recent on infotainment upgrade to HW 3, I purchased the Samsung T7 500 GB SSD online for $119.99 (Amazon). Upon its arrival, plugged it into the USB port, went to the settings, safety & security screen, clicked on format Drive, and was surprised how fast that was. I am so impressed...
  19. Padelford

    HW3/MCU1 Dashcam Image Quality Question

    I'm a noob to the Dashcam feature under HW3, and I've noticed some apparent problems with recorded video quality. I've attached an example below. It exhibits hesitations and image break-ups. This is one of the worst examples - the distortion problems aren't this bad on all recorded video...
  20. J

    Dashcam icon not available

    Hello all-I’ve had my 3 for a couple months and have gone through several adapters, attachments, etc in the effort to get the sentry mode/dashcam recording to work. With the latest software update I’m excited to play clips right on the screen but have been unable to get anything to record. I...
  21. 5150

    Random Dashcam Recording

    New M3 owner this past month and new to the forums. Searched and found different issues with dashcam but nothing helped so far. The dashcam recording red light is on, no warning or error messages. It randomly seems to decide when it will record or not. This AM I took a drive, and when I got...
  22. azmodls

    Dashcam USB recording no longer continuous?

    I just noticed by playing with the new 2020.12.5 Dascam viewer that the Dashcam no longer seems to continuously record to the USB drive with recent software updates, not sure when it happened. I now only get recordings when I explicitly save by pressing the dashcam icon. Anyone else notice this?
  23. TMC Staff

    Tesla Bringing Dashcam, Sentry Clips to Touchscreen

    A tweet from a members of Tesla’s Early Access program hints at an upcoming “Dashcam Viewer” feature that allows drivers to view Sentry and Dashcam clips on the touchscreen. Tesla cars have integrated cameras that are able to record dash views, as well as possible threats like a vandal or...
  24. D

    2016 Model S 90D Blue, $59,900, Northern Virginia

    Only 22,022 on the odometer! 288-mile range! Enhanced Autopilot. In addition to Autopilot functionality, Enhanced Autopilot also includes: – Navigate on Autopilot – Automatic lane changes – Autopark – Summon Tan Tesla Premium Seats 19” Slipstream Wheels Deep Blue Metallic Paint 90kWh Battery...
  25. X.Static

    Dashcam Issues: Features Not Working

    I'm running 2020.12.1 firmware and am having problems with my DashCam setup, specifically, 2 features that have been added in various FW updates over the past few months just simply not working. I drive a late 2019 Model 3 Performance. - Files are supposed to be cyclically deleted, correct...
  26. Brian's ReX

    TeslaCam Always Recording?

    Today was the first time I have driven ReX since I got the latest (to me) update to 2020.12. When I got home from a half-hour drive, I got a message stating that my drive was full?!? I've had the same drive in since early last year (April, I believe) and I have never tapped the icon to record...
  27. sentryai

    Vendor SentryAI: AI-filtering for humans in Sentry/Dashcam footage!

    Hey TMC Community! After my model 3 got keyed last year during a day of rain, I rushed to view the Sentry footage and saw over 350 events. With no way of isolating the actual incident, I set out to make an app that could classify humans using the new machine-learning packages within the iOS...
  28. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    Have owned the Roadie for about 1 month and wanted to share my review for prospective/current buyers. But first /rant on: With how innovative Tesla is, it's laughable they haven't already integrated similar through Tesla UI/touchscreen. Come on Tesla... is this on the horizon? Also, with all...
  29. Mtnrunner

    TeslaCam why only 1 hour of video?

    Hoping Tesla updates the teslacam functionality to continually write video to the drive and overwriting as needed. I don't understand why it's not already a feature unless it's a technical hurdle for Tesla OS to manage files but what is the logic here otherwise? I ordered several large USB...
  30. W

    Windshield tint prevented camera calibration [fixed]

    Repeat thread: Posted in other forums Since end Nov/Dec, I've experienced issues related to autopilot and sentry mode. 1) Auto Pilot constantly not available. It started intermittently but after about 2 months it's now completely unavailable. 2) Sentry Mode constantly turned off due to Sentry...
  31. rohan3au

    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    Hey all, I did some searching and can't find a to-the-point post on getting a constant 12V feed that's easy to get to for a dashcam, so here it is. Remove the front domelight / hazard switch / microphone housing using plastic trim removal tools, it can be tricky to get out, be patient. The grey...
  32. D

    2 weeks Model 3 someone rear end me onto traffic

    Got Model 3 delivered 3 weeks ago, went on vacation, basically drove it for 2 weeks. Vancouver driver decides not to stop at merging , almost rear ends me onto another red car going at like 40mph?. Dude asked me why I stopped? LOL Dashcam is amazing. back view front view left side...
  33. Z

    Dashcam... why does it not work

    Hello, My dashcam feature just stopped working. Not sure if was an update or something else. Tried reformatting the drive (already worked in the beginning) and still nothing ... ideas ?
  34. P

    Safe clips on honk - disabled?

    I just got 10.2 (2019.40.50.1) and the "Saved clips on honk" is disabled and says it will be enabled when you insert a storage device. I have a Samsung Fit 128gb USB stick inserted in the front USB port, and I see sentry videos there. Is there anything else I need to do?
  35. ivolvo

    Dashcam produces spotty recording

    I have installed a flash drive several months ago and it is always up according to the icon on the screen. However, when I looked at actual recordings, they were of good quality but completely random, only a few and sometimes a few minutes of the actual ride. Yesterday I also noticed a warning...
  36. K

    Recovering unsaved video footage of accident

    I wanted to post this in the hopes it helps others that are frustrated with losing footage of an accident. Someone merged into my wife on the freeway and then claimed that my wife is the one that hit her (of course). Unfortunately, my wife didn't hit the cam icon to save the footage and when I...
  37. SamDean

    Best AP1 MX dashcam?

    I have tried 2 different cams and hate the size, placement and/or power cable strewn through my cabin. I'd like to have something without a screen, and that can just recharge instead of needing to be plugged in constantly. Suggestions?
  38. T

    SSD help

    I have a standard range model 3 on order here in the UK and I’m sorting a few things before it arrives ie mats USB hub SSD drive etc. It’s regards the SSD drive that I would like some advice. I plan to partition the drive to enable me to have my music stored and my dashcam footage. I know I...
  39. R

    Thanks to Dashcam, got out of reckless ticket and potentially very expensive lawsuit

    It happened 3 months back, I posted this video and deleted as it was still in court. Last week, cops and prosecutor dropped the charges immediately after watching the video. In my lawyer own words - without video , you have no chance: cops gave ticket and the motorcyclist had 3 witnesses...
  40. A

    Tesla Dashcam Failed When Needed Most - During an Accident

    I have a 2018 Tesla Model X, HW3 with the latest firmware at the time of this writing (2019.31.12.2) and a high-speed USB drive to capture dashcam footage - worked fine until now. I was unfortunately rear-ended by another driver - luckily fairly minor damage. About a minute after the accident...
  41. Hated

    Making Dashcam/Sentry work with Jeda V2 wireless charging pad.

    I purchased a small USB hub after I got my Model 3 so I could hook up the Jeda V2 wireless charging pad and still use my Sandisk 128GB USB 3.1 memory key to store Dashcam/Sentry video. This worked fine for a while, but once we hit the V9 (2019.32.x) builds I started to have lots of errors saying...
  42. L

    Dashcam question

    Hi, I have a model s that I bought in December 2016. I can't seem to get the dashcam to work. I bought a sandisk 64gb flashdrive formatted FAT32. I checked the properties on my computer and it is FAT32. I added a folder called TeslaCam. I plugged it into a usb port under the air vent facing...
  43. R

    DashCam: ScanDisk SD card now working, TeslaCam folder keeps disappearing

    Hi, I received my Model 3 last week. I live in Oslo, Norway. I bought before car delivery a ScanDisk USB 3.0 reader and a ScanDisk Endurance Micro SD card 64GB. I formatted the SD card to FAT32 using a free third party software called "guiformat". I performed initially a quick format. I created...
  44. dst87

    Beta Testers Wanted: iOS Sentry Mode viewer

    First, I hope this post isn't against some rule. If it is, please let me know and I'll remove it. My husband and I have been working on an iOS app to view TeslaCam footage from any USB storage device. This makes use of the new capabilities in iOS 13. We've got something that pretty much...
  45. E

    Model 3 Sentry Mode / Dashcam issues, pls help

    Hi there, I'm trying to get the sentry mode feature working in my new Model 3. I have read all of the specs and followed everything to a T, and am still having issues. I have tried multiple thumb drives of varying sizes (32-200+) all formatted and reformatted on my Mac to FAT32, with a...
  46. SomeJoe7777

    FS: BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dashcam Used

    BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam. Used but works. Front camera 1080p, rear camera 720p. Includes power harness cable with integrated fuses, front/rear communication cable, 64GB SanDisk high-write-endurance SD card. You will need to purchase glass adhesive mounts for the cameras separately, they are...
  47. S

    Dashcam doesn't work due to DAS 2.0?

    Short Version TLDR My Tesla has the dashcam equipment but Tesla says it won't work with DAS 2.0. Questions: Is this true (and how do I check)? Is there a way to fix this, get it upgraded, etc? Full Version I have a December 2016 Model S 75D (was a 60D) and have been trying to get the dashcam...
  48. R

    Blackvue DR900s-2 Ch Installation Recommendations in Northern VA or DC Region

    Friends, I am trying to see if anybody here did professional installation. I am perfect up to 98% of my DIY stuff, and I do not want to take chances by breaking anything. Hence, I am lookin to install DR900S 2-Cameras in my Model S with professionals. If you come across anyone or used it...
  49. R

    Dash-cam stops working when 32GB USB drive is full

    12/17 manufactured Tesla S75. Latest software. Samsung 32GB EVO micro SD It was my understanding that when the USB drive was full, the dash cam would overwrite the older recordings. My dash cam icon goes from having a red dot in the upper right corner to a gray X after a few days when...
  50. Chrisizzle

    Tesla Dashcam destroying USB drives

    Hello, I suspect my Model X dash cam may be destroying USB drives in short order. I started with a MicroSD card in a mini-USB reader. It was something I had, was compact, and thought it would perform better than a USB stick. It worked for... let's say two weeks before the webcam icon would...

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