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data plan

  1. N

    Tesla provided Cellular Data Plan - Free forever?

    With the recent announcement of "Unlimited Supercharging for free" ending and details of the upcoming program expected to be announced before year's end I have to wonder if/when Tesla will take the opportunity to announce an end to unlimited free cellular data. From memory, when Tesla was...
  2. igotzzoom

    Would you be willing to pay for 4G service if 3G were free?

    Someone hypothesized elsewhere on this forum that the reason Tesla has been able to offer free 3G service is that it was able to scoop up 3G bandwith for a super-low price. 4G is obviously in higher-demand. What is your feeling about Tesla continuing to offer free 3G service, but charging for...
  3. dsm363

    Connectivity: service plan/upgradability/speed

    Some of the discussion regarding Model S data service discussed here among a few other topics warranty/maintenance speculation/3G Unknown at this point is if the cost of the data plan and the exact download speed. 3G has been reported but it looks like 4G will be supported in the future. One...