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  1. P

    Tesla Energy Visualizations

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, I’m kindly asking for your voice I’m currently conducting graduate research on the expression of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. As part of my research, I’m hoping to learn from drivers’ experiences and use my research to amplify drivers’ needs. I noticed...
  2. P

    Tesla Efficiency Visualization

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, For my Master's program, I'm researching the perception of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. I noticed many people have mixed feelings about the Tesla consumption graph. I was inspired by Tesla drivers' frustrations with the consumption metric display so I...
  3. L3X1

    Tesla cumulative sales in Norway 2012-present

    Got into a wee bit of trouble on twitter today from the fudsters who were disputing my claim that Teslas are the best selling EVs in Norway. One of them trotted out a chart of 2020 sales through October but the source was obscured and the MS and MX weren't even on it so I ignored. I checked the...
  4. quentinsf

    UK mobile provider and roaming with your Tesla?

    On a recent podcast I heard about a guy in the US who drove his Tesla across the Canadian border and discovered that the data SIM didn't have any roaming capabilities, so he lost his streaming services and navigation (though the maps were downloaded and so still OK). I was just wondering idly...
  5. corndog

    OEM Suspension Position Sensors

    I swapped out the springs in my 2020 3LRD yesterday and noticed that it has suspension position sensors on the left hand side, front and rear. None on the right hand side. I haven't seen these mentioned anywhere yet, and I'm curious about what they would be doing. My theories are: - Monitoring...
  6. S

    Tesla Web Dashboard and Trigger Alerts (Geofence!)

    Here is a tutorial on how to send data from your Tesla to a web service for historical data storage and real-time alerts. Being able to set a geofence trigger alert is really cool. How to Build a Tesla Data Dashboard with the Tesla API
  7. lUtriaNt

    Those of you using Hotspots in your Model 3...

    wwops wrong forum... :(
  8. Adopado

    Size of Update Downloads

    I would like to have an idea of the size of the downloads when the car updates. I realise that there will be some variability but a general idea would be useful. Does anyone know? Our Wifi runs from a 4G router and we have a capped data limit. I usually monitor this but had not done so recently...
  9. S

    Spotify and streaming data SR+

    Hi all, I did a forum search and couldn’t quite get the answer but apologies if I missed it. I’m in the queue for a SR+ but according to Tesla website streaming/data is for the full premium interior only. Does the Standard range plus in the UK include any data and does it let you stream Spotify...
  10. ACarneiro

    Tesla SIM

    Out of curiosity, does anyone if Tesla use a SIM or is it some sort of eSIM? Is this something that could be replaced? Does anyone know which network they piggyback their services on? :)
  11. S

    Tesla Prices Paid Spreadsheet - Updated Daily

    Link to enter your price paid - Tesla Prices Paid (FB Group - Tesla Showroom Deals) Link to Tesla Prices Paid Google Spreadsheet -Tesla Prices Paid (FB Group - Tesla Showroom Deals) (Responses) I've got a lot of great feedback from TMC members on the sheet but really need more price data. I...
  12. GolanB

    HW and SW Redundancy in HW3

    Today in a tweet, Elon Musk eluded to hardware and software redundancy coming. He then further clarified a question about how this will work: A few questions come up as I think about this: 1. Will each SoC run identical versions of the OS and NN? - If so, will this potentially open...
  13. ModelNforNerd

    What could my car be up to??

    Checked my wifi router this morning, and my car has pulled 5.37GB of data in the last 48 hours. I'm on 2018.50.6 It's a P3D- Are we due for a Maps update? How big is 2019.5.x? Is it bigger because it's also being combined with Track Mode (FINALLY)? And why hasn't the car notified me it's...
  14. Lex_MIT

    Tesla Autopilot miles estimated at over 1.2 billion

    Tesla Autopilot has driven over 1.2 billion miles (estimated). See visualization sand details in blog post: Tesla Autopilot Miles | MIT Human-Centered AI This is a remarkable accomplishment in the history of applied AI research, development, and deployment.
  15. Lex_MIT

    Visualization of Tesla Vehicle Deliveries: Past, Present, and Future

    I made a visualization of Tesla vehicle deliveries from 2008 to today, and projecting out to 2020. If ramp up continues, total should hit 1 million vehicles by Nov 20, 2019. Plus, the following is a plot showing the total number of delivered vehicles, segmented by Autopilot hardware...

    TeslaFi Privacy Policy

    Link: TeslaFi.com Privacy Policy As far as I can tell, TeslaFi's privacy policy doesn't mention anything about the data ingested from the vehicle and subsequently stored on TeslaFi servers. Obviously, this data is PII and highly sensitive - where you live, where you work, other places you...
  17. A

    Harvard / MIT machine learning research

    New to the forum - wanted to reach out to Tesla owners that might be interested in participating in research that I'm working on with a group of students at MIT and Harvard. We're working with Thomas Poggio and Vikash Mansinghka on a project to apply Machine Learning / AI techniques to novel...
  18. A

    What I hope Tesla is doing with my data

    It has often been mentioned in the news about how much on-the-road driving data Tesla has collected from its fleet (or its customers' fleet, more accurately), which presumably gives Tesla a competitive advantage (i.e., toward improving the autonomous driving systems, driver assistance, etc.)...
  19. S

    Why is Tesla sharing camera data?

    In the Tesla update, it now asks the users to accept "data sharing" “In order for these features to work, Tesla measures the road segment data of all participating vehicles but in a way that does not identify you or your car, and may share that with partners that contribute similar data to help...
  20. Naonak

    18awg wire for HPWC Master/Slave

    I have installed a second HPWC in my garage and I'm upgrading my circuit to a 100a to feed both chargers. I plan on putting the signaling wire between the two - the manual calls for an 18awg TP shielded wire. Does anyone know what the best wire to use for this is? I have tons of CAT5e and CAT6...
  21. G

    Model S Real World Data

    Hello, my first post here! I am not a Tesla owner but looking to purchase one soon. Currently I am doing some independent research that requires some real world data for Tesla Model S (preferably from 90D or 100D) that shows range, driving speeds, battery discharge rates at various speeds...
  22. thenaimis

    Battery data and what to do with it

    I just charged my 60kWh S from ~23% to 100% while recording the CAN bus messages off bus #3 (which has power train and battery information). What might be interesting to look at? Everything is tagged with a 1ms resolution time stamp (just the one you get from the Arduino millis() function that...
  23. L

    L'utilization d'un Model S (EUs) en France

    Bonjour tout le monde. Je vais l'ecrire en anglais afin de assurer que mon poste est correct. I have a Tesla Model S with US specifications that I have shipped with me to France. Wondering if anyone has the answers to these questions: 1. I am having trouble charging the vehicle. I only get...
  24. L

    Charging/Using a US Model S in Europe

    Hi everyone. I know there are a number of threads on this board and others that tangentially deal with this topic, but most are old and don't come to a full conclusion. I own a US spec Model S that I have shipped to France. I have three questions I'd welcome answers to: 1. CHARGING: -The...
  25. Mr So Chill

    Only connecting at 3G

    I just took delivery this past friday and I have only seen a 3G indicator on my display since. I have been all over and can't get an LTE signal. My phone connects to LTE just fine. Ive tried resetting the dash without any luck. Does anyone have a way to for it to connect to 4G?
  26. B

    Supercharging Data

    So...mostly out of curiosity laced boredom I've been compiling charging data from recent supercharging events. So far I have a couple hundred data points over 15-20 charging events. While not helpful for anything specific, (and they're somewhat predictable based on findings from others), the...
  27. igotzzoom

    Would you be willing to pay for 4G service if 3G were free?

    Someone hypothesized elsewhere on this forum that the reason Tesla has been able to offer free 3G service is that it was able to scoop up 3G bandwith for a super-low price. 4G is obviously in higher-demand. What is your feeling about Tesla continuing to offer free 3G service, but charging for...
  28. Zythryn

    Data tracking for past 5 months and question.

    I am a bit of a data geek and have been tracking our Model S charge history for about 5 months now. Much of the information I have gathered gave trends that were largely expected, but is very nice to have confirmation of hard data. Here is a link to a pdf of one of the charts I created showing...