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dc fast chargers

  1. Chuq

    Victoria Charging the Regions EV network

    Victorian Government is funding 15 charging stations in NW Victoria, as per this press release: New Electric Vehicle Charge Stations For North West Victoria | Premier of Victoria It's a bit light on details. But I've done the homework for you! No mention of AC or DC charging stations...
  2. Chuq

    Repository of DC fast charger information

    (This post primarily refers to non-Tesla charging infrastructure but I thought it may be of interest to many here.) Quick intro: Plugshare is the de facto reference from charging infrastructure in Australia, and serves its purpose well. I recently tried using ABetterRoutePlanner (ABRP) and...
  3. n2mb_racing

    Transition to higher voltage batteries / DC fast charging

    I've been wondering, how will Tesla (and other manufacturers) transition to higher voltage DC fast charging? I can only see two options: 1. Change the battery, motor and other car systems to 800V or higher. Cons: You lose the ability to DC fast charge at all existing supercharger and Chademo...
  4. S'toon

    Northern ON/MB to Get 34 Fast Charging Stations

    Full article at: 34 new fast-charging stations with energy storage for EVs to be deployed along Trans-Canada Highway