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dead wall connector

  1. J

    Gen 2 wallconnector stopped working, need help fixing it.

    The following thing happend to this gen 2 wallconnector. - It was working fine untill two weeks ago. Around that time when you would plug in the charger into the car (m3 and mx) it would trip the breaker. - I got a 3 phase 25amps, 240v. So I fully readed the manual and i tried differend thing...
  2. S

    Dead HPWC (Wall Connector)

    I have a two year old Generation 1 HPWC (now called Wall Connectors) that just died. It has not had very heavy usage. Have others had HPWC's die on them? Further info: • It was installed by a qualified electrician. • The HPWC now gives 7 red blips as an error code. Tesla service tells me...