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  1. D

    Model Y Won't Start Even With Charge

    Hey everyone, just today my 2021 model y seems to have completely stopped working. The keycard against the door does nothing, and the app can never connect to the vehicle. Any ideas for what can be done besides roadside assistance? I should mention the car had about 70% battery the last time I...
  2. S

    Car dead after successful software update

    While the car was plugged in for routine charging overnight (battery was at ~30%), a software update occurred. In the morning I saw the 'software update completed' notification. When I pressed the handle of the passenger side door, it opened a crack, but after that the car went dead: didn't...
  3. B

    Mobile connector died

    It looks like my 7 month old gen 2 UMC has died. I get no lights on it and the car doesn't recognize that it is plugged in. I have another umc that I keep in the car and it works perfectly fine plugged into the same outlet. I swapped around the 14-50 adapters and it seems to be the umc. I've...
  4. Ostrichsak

    Quick PSA About Changing the Key Fob Battery & "Key Fob Battery Low" Error Message

    If/when you get the "key fob low battery" I would recommend the following as best practices: 1) Change not one but BOTH (or all three if you got a 3rd) batteries at the same time. They should last about a year and (if you buy them right) they're not super expensive. I found that you can get 4...
  5. D

    Model 3 becomes a brick/nonfunctional

    Greetings. Wondering if anyone else has had the following problem with their vehicle. On three separate occasions, my M3 has become completely unresponsive. Each time, the car was adequately charged and had recently been used (the first time, it had been driven 30 miles and parked for 2 hours...
  6. iamvince

    Tesla Charging $2200 for MCU1 replacement

    My 2013 Model S VIN 13xxx MCU went dead. I was hoping to purchase MCU2, but Tesla Service Center Santa Clara is saying my VIN is too old to take MCU2 replacement, so they're charging $2200 for MCU1. Anyone know about the VIN cut off for MCU2? According to the article, they said: "All remaining...
  7. O

    Software update bricked my car

    I am new here so apologies if I break any rules... On Monday I got a notification that there would be a software update overnight. I accepted that, as I always do. That 's the last time my car ran properly. The next day, the car would not start and the media screen would not turn on. After...
  8. MarkS22

    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    This afternoon, I opened my app to check on the Model 3's charge status. I noticed it wasn't updating and hadn't updated since before 7am, about 9 hours earlier. I went out to the car and it was completely "dead." By that I mean unresponsive with no lights or activity. Tesla was originally...
  9. B

    Dead battery in Key fob locked out of Model X

    I tried to lock my Model X and it failed to lock with the key fob. I assumed the fob battery might be dead so I tried the other fob and determined it was a dead battery. I then followed the instructions in the O&M manual to hold the fob with the dead battery near to bottom of the door post on...
  10. E

    Catastrophic battery pack failure

    So I am pretty bewildered, concerned and a little bit upset about what happened to my S a couple of days ago. First, I got a 12 V battery warning and so took it in for service at the Buena Park facility in So Cal. I got the car back the same day after they replaced the 12 V battery and did a...
  11. tanner

    Model S non-drivable after multiple error messages

    The other day, I used a supercharger during a trip. Upon leaving the charger, and returning home, everything seemed fine. The next day (yesterday), I went to plug in and the charging port wouldn't accept the regular charging plug... It just wouldn't go in! What's more, the light around it was...