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  1. Deaf Paul

    Making Tesla Cars Deaf-Friendly?

    Curious if Tesla or anybody has looked into options for making our cars more deaf-friendly? I was born deaf and don't speak, and I run into deaf-world problems daily with my Tesla cars (M3, M3LR [sold 2 weeks ago], MYLR and a MYP). For example, here are my top 3 deaf-world issues when using...
  2. Mike Tuccelli

    $16 million fine possible?

    Wells Fargo was fined $16 million by the Feds due to their communication policy with deaf customers. There are approximately 20 million Americans unable to effectively use the telephone due to hearing losses. ADA policy includes a provision that when a telephone is the only means of...
  3. Mike Tuccelli

    Hi from Nations Oldest City

    Good morning! Finally picking up my Tesla today in Orlando! If you're also into motorcycles or helping deaf babies please see DrSign.com.