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  1. R

    Dealers Price haggling vs Tesla's price fixing

    I am not sure how many have traded their Tesla MS or MX with tesla and bought another tesla. But it seems they charge premium + for their cars when selling them (no middle man and no body know how much they actually cost) and they give peanuts when you offer their own tesla for trade in.Its as...
  2. Reeler

    Tesla Referral Program REDESIGN - Post Your Suggestions to Help Tesla Sell More Cars

    Elon Musk has thumbed his nose at the traditional manufacturer-dealer car model to sell directly to consumers. Many states (encouraged by lobbying from the Auto Dealers Association) are trying to make this business model illegal. By going directly to the influencer community, we can become the...
  3. igotzzoom

    Thinking Outside the Box: Model 3 to be offered through Costco?

    Okay. Bear with me folks. I know some of you are going to pooh-pooh my speculation right off the bat, but I think it could happen. I think this could potentially be a very elegant work-around to the state-by-state dealer battles. Some of you may be familiar with Costco's auto buying service...
  4. tonybelding

    Roadster shopping: sturm und drang

    As a few of you old-timers may remember waaay back, I was active here in the early days of this forum and was on the waiting list for the Roadster when it was still in development. After many delays, much sturm und drang (or "drama" as we euphemistically call it nowadays), and 18 months of...
  5. Alpha

    America tonight: Tesla's showroom under fire

    An in depth segment on the Tesla dealer fight will be airing tonight at 9pm ET | 6pm PT on the Aljazeera America Network: "Tesla's business model of selling cars direct to consumers has National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) declaring war. This week, America Tonight looks at the debate...