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  1. H

    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    Every so often a family friend will send me a link about Tesla crashes on autopilot and how dangerous my new car can be. I've always thought that these must be people who are doing really crazy things, until I took a road trip from San Diego to Dallas that took me through some curvy mountain...
  2. CoastalCruiser

    From Silicon Valley to Death Valley in a Tesla

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I just came across this travel log of a guy who drove his MS from Silicon Valley to Death Valley. The post caught my eye because if you have ever driven to Death Valley you know that one of the biggest concerns is your <strong>car...
  3. ecarfan

    Nissan Leaf sales down despite availability of new 30kW battery

    Interesting article Nissan LEAF sales are in free-fall and Tesla Model 3 could have something to do with it Quote from the article: LEAF sales are now down 39% in 2016 versus the same period last year despite the availability of the upgraded battery pack and as previously mentioned, we need to...
  4. CoastalCruiser

    The Other Secret Plan: Tesla as Ticket to Heaven

    The Other Secret Plan: Tesla as Ticket to Heaven It’s a little known fact that there is another secret plan associated with the popularization of the electric car. But this plan comes from a different source. Beyond the long list of features available on a Tesla automobile there is a major...
  5. T

    Actor Paul Walker Dead - Fiery Porsche Crash

    Single car accident. Burst into flames.