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  1. X

    Badge Removal and Install

    If anyone is interested on the removal of the trunk badge and the install of the “TESLA” badge on the model 3. This video was helpful. I was able to do the work myself for less than $10 and a few household items like dental floss, goo gone, a rag and dish detergent.
  2. Kirill

    2021 Model 3 LR: My Latest Build

    This thread will be updated regularly showing the progress of my latest build. Here's a photo from delivery day, June 10th:
  3. Shiro

    Chrome delete questions (rear hatch and vinyl color)

    I'm going to be doing a chrome delete soon and had a couple of questions I haven't been able to find an answer to: 1. Has anyone removed the chrome "T" from the rear hatch? Are there screw holes underneath it or is it only held on with tape? Any pics of the car without it (assuming no holes...