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  1. Ratoncito

    Dedham, MA Tesla woes... "Hugh"

    So it's about 4pm on a Friday night on the 15th of November, on "Delivery Day Eve." I get a call from Hugh in the Dedham, MA delivery center confirming my pickup at 12:30pm on Saturday, November 16th. Awesome, I'm getting excited... but then Mr. Hugh says "Well I noticed that your trade in...
  2. David29

    New off-site car storage facility for the Dedham delivery center

    Driving south on Route 1 in Dedham this morning, I was surprised to see a large number of what looked like brand new Tesla cars in front of a now-closed former car dealership on the southbound side, at the corner of Pleasant Street. Looking at Google Maps street view, it looks as if the site...
  3. A

    Service Center Statistics TV

    When I was in to the Service Center in Dedham, MA I noticed a Statistics TV that was “live” streaming statistics from around the world. It included a few things like the most used supercharger station today, how much CO2 saved total, and how many cars produced. I can’t seem to find a website...
  4. David29

    Dedham Store swamped with new Teslas!

    When i stopped at the Dedham store on Friday, the place was swamped with new cars. they were double-parked along the front of the store, and in virtually every spare piece of asphalt around the sides. There was hardly space to move! The Supercharger stalls were all full, as well, at least one...
  5. megazone

    Tesla Social Meetup in Dedham, MA - and seeing the Model X for the first time

    So this morning Tesla had a ‘social’ at their Dedham, MA showroom & service center for owners – and soon to be owners like myself. Basically it was two hours of informal presentations by a couple of the local Tesla people about what the company is doing (no real revelations if you’ve been...
  6. David29

    New restaurant (Hooters) to be next door to the Dedham service center/supercharger

    The local Dedham paper said this week that Hooters is planning to take over the building next door to the Tesla store, which most recently had been a Summer Shack. Frankly, I had not even realized that Summer Shack had closed -- we tried it once and were not very excited about it. Anyway, the...