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deep learning

  1. A

    FSD improvement rate with neural nets for planning and control?

    I'm not an AI expert, but I'm interested in thinking about how the use of neural nets for planning and control in FSD (Elon tweeted in January suggesting they were moving to this in FSDb v 11.3) improves performance. Intuitively, moving from a system of traditional programming for control (i.e...
  2. strangecosmos2

    Tesla's large-scale fleet learning

    Tesla has approximately 650,000 Hardware 2 and Hardware 3 cars on the road. Here are the five most important ways that I believe Tesla can leverage its fleet for machine learning: 1. Automatic flagging of video clips that are rare, diverse, and high-entropy. The clips are manually labelled for...
  3. strangecosmos

    Tesla reaches 902 million Enhanced Autopilot miles — what next?

    Estimate by Lex Fridman at MIT: Accelerating doublings As Tesla deliveries accumulate and the rate of Model 3 deliveries accelerates, the number of Enhanced Autopilot miles driven every month will increase exponentially. Lex estimates that Tesla has delivered about 280,000 HW2 cars. At...