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  1. L

    Front window defrost switches itself off after a while

    Hi there, I have the problem that the front window defrost switches itself off after a while (on trips, while driving). This is not the case with the rear window. I noticed this when the front window started to get foggy on a regular basis on our journeys in winter and the corresponding icon...
  2. CMc1

    FML: Defroster ribbon sheared during tint

    Ughhhh. It is what it is. Defroster ribbon sheared during tint. Tinter thought the FM radio ribbons (up top) were for the defroster / defogger, so assumed down low was safe. Also 3rd brake light foam has been pushed/snapped causing light to bleed when brake light is on. Any UK solutions? Think...
  3. I

    Direct Airflow up Vs Defrost

    I just got my Model 3 and I noticed in the climate control settings there's 3 options for where to direct the airflow: face, feet, or up. What is the difference between direct airflow up and the defrost button (blue mode, not red)?
  4. Brother T

    No panic button?

    How does one invoke a panic function (honking and flashing lights) like one would by pressing the red button on the key fob of other cars? Also, it snowed and frosted today and I noticed there is no way to heat the LED headlight lens. Does Model 3 have a heat element that defrosts the headlight...
  5. J

    Defog and A/C

    In the morning lately, my windows all fog up and I need to put on the defog. Usually I put it on hot for the quick blast and defog. When I turn it off, it gets a bit cold and I noticed that the a/c is turned on with both hot and cold defog. Is there a way to default back to heat when I turn...
  6. B

    Winter issues, frozen windows, door locks, seals, etc.

    Not a FUD post, just an honest one. Winter has set in up here in MA and I had my first encounter with the dreaded frozen window issue today as the temp dropped into the 20s. Noticed some weird condensation walking by the car yesterday, should have twigged to it then. Even after 44.2, the window...
  7. S

    Defroster tape damage

    What is the tape covering the defroster edge in the back? Recently had my model tinted and it looks like maybe the tinter try to peel it off when he tint the rear window in one piece. Should I leave it alone or ask SC to take a look at it. Anyone else have the same issue after getting their M3...
  8. StealthP3D

    Why I love my Model 3 in cold weather

    I'm an avid snow skier and I've really been having a blast this winter with the Model 3. Here are some of the reasons why 1) Cabin heats up almost instantly with the powerful electric heater. 2) Remote control of cabin heater is great on a ski morning or near the end of a ski day. 3) Winter...
  9. B

    Activate the rear window defroster from app

    Is there a way to activate the rear window defroster using the Tesla app? I thought that I read somewhere that turning the heat to high would do this but when I tried doing so the other day before leaving work, I arrived to my car to find that the defroster was not on and it did not appear like...
  10. T

    Front defroster in Model-3 not working

    I just took delivery of a new Model 3 in september. I live in seattle. I drove it out yesterday at night, in the cold and rain, and the front windshield got fogged up. Switching on the front windshield defroster did not have any affect. It was really dangerous driving at night with a front...
  11. L


    Tesla X owners. I have a mysterious Rear Defrost situation. Please see attached pic for reference. I'm trying to see if the ENTIRE rear window heat up when rear defrost is on. (both the thinner lines and the thicker lines). My 3 day new X only heats up the bottom half of the window (all the...
  12. M

    Windshield and Rear view mirrors defrost time

    I know other cars have this issue too but it seems to be worse on the Model 3. Now that it's minus 10 Celsius or colder, when I pull into a parking garage, the windshield and rear view mirrors frost up upon pulling into the underground parking garage. For the windshield, I can get it...