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  1. A

    Is FUSC available to use during the ownership transfer window?

    I will be traveling halfway across the country to be picking up an early Tesla MX with transferable FUSC. I know the transfer process may take a few days to a business week, though hopefully it should be fast since the owner will be removing it from their account and we’ll be going through that...
  2. J

    Tesla rescheduled my delivery before one day.

    Hello everyone. I’m new to this community and I want to share my current situation. And want to listen that my situation is normal or common. I ordered model 3 on 2/6/23 and received vin at same time. I live in CA(OC). I received “schedule sms” on 2/14/2023 and scheduled delivery on 2/17/2023...
  3. C

    December proposed delivery date - any reason to delay delivery?

    We have a December expected delivery date for our Model Y 7 Seater, after we placed the reservation in the end of March. We are above the 300K AGI. Is there any tax benefit/credit/rebate or other benefit to delaying until Jan 2023? Would the car itself be any different if received in 2022 vs...
  4. S

    Key fob Passive Entry Delay

    I'm having issues with the Model 3 key fob passive entry feature. When I walk up to my car with the key fob, I experience delays ranging from 2-15 seconds while pressing the door door handle, before the door opens. I also experience this issue when pressing the button on the charging cable. If...
  5. S

    How to find out even an estimated quarter of an estimated year of delivery?

    In Europe, Croatia. I ordered my Model S on Jan 20th, 2021. I have been waiting for a year and a half now, and there isn't even an estimated date on the car in my account any more. It used to say Q3 2021, then end of 2021, when Q1 2021, and since then, nothing. I ordered this juuuust before...
  6. C

    Changing Color After Ordering Causes Delivery Delay

    Original Order Date: 03/14/2022 Model and config: Model Y with white interior Hi friends, earlier today I asked my sales associate to change the vehicle color from midnight silver to pearl white. After he made the change, two things changed: 1. estimated delivery date, and 2. order date. For...
  7. S

    2022 RWD Footwell door pocket light mod?

    Hello, Has anyone tapped into dome light circuit to add footwell and door pocket lighting to m3 Rwd ? I would like to add footwell and door pocket lights, and for them to turn on/off with the dome lights The easiest way I can think of adding footwell & door pocket lighting would be to tap into...
  8. trus

    Model X delivery delayed; anyone else?

    My Model X was intended to come in January. However, I logged onto the Tesla website yesterday to discover that it was changed to Feburary. Thing is, it NEVER notified me about this. Has anyone else experienced this undercover delay?
  9. T

    Delay on day of delivery due to inspection. VIN received.

    After waiting months, I finally received my VIN on 11/20/21 and was told to pick up my new MYP the next day on 11/21/21. Literally an hour before the confirmed delivery window, I got an email from Tesla saying the service team needed more time to pass inspection with the car and the delivery...
  10. ECCtechguy

    Suck on 2021.35.102.2 - Advanced Selected

    Seems that I’m not receiving any updates. Car is a bit behind the fleet. I have advanced enabled as well as have subscription autopilot, any ideas on what could be going on? I seem to be quite a bit behind. I’m on Wi-Fi all night long as well as anytime I’m at my office. I’ve rebooted...
  11. T

    Weather delay?

    Is weather delay a thing? I feel like it’s a lie from Tesla. I ordered a model Y in early July. Same experience as everyone else: original timeline was 4-8 weeks, then it delivery estimate kept moving. Finally got a note saying my car would be here by Nov 19. I got a VIN. I was contacted by...
  12. K

    Massive PTO Delay

    Very disappointed with Tesla, curious if others experiencing the same issue. Ordered system ~9/20, install on ~4/21. Inspection was delayed as the installer did not send correct paperwork which I had to resolve but was completed ~5/21. I'm still waiting on PTO and Tesla is telling me they have...
  13. inspace2020

    Christmas Delivery Delays

    Has anyone else gotten a text from Tesla about their delivery delayed that were expecting in the next few days? My scheduled pickup date was supposed to be Saturday. I just got a text message (on Christmas Eve!) that they will have to push my date back to Monday. No real explanation. Not sure...
  14. Electric Steve

    No NY deliveries

    Official word from Tesla: So with the NY state closure (mainly the DMV) we are not able to do any NY state deliveries. We are monitoring everything very closely and trying to do our best to get customers cars as soon as possible. And NY, particularly NYC, is hit especially bad by the pandemic...
  15. rossfboyle

    Fremont Closing Affecting Loan Payment?

    Hi friends, I am scheduled for delivery March 24 and closing on terms with my credit union this afternoon. The reason we are closing almost a week before delivery is because my Credit Union sends actual checks via FedEx -- they don't wire anything. Tesla gave us/our CU the Fremont address as to...
  16. D

    Used Purchase Delivery Time

    Hello all. I finally placed an order on a Model X that is to ship from Baltimore to Chicago using Tesla's transport option. It's been 17 days so far though and zero updates from Tesla. I've bothered the Sales Advisor and the Inside Delivery Advisor more than a dozen times through email and...
  17. Otisrex

    Model X Delivery Delays

    Hi everyone! Has anyone who ordered a Model X after the April refresh received a VIN or delivery date? Something seems off. We are going on 16 days with literally no communication from Tesla and have no idea what’s going on. Our advisor has also not been helpful. Any feedback would be...
  18. GolanB

    Audio and Camera Prioritzation Delays in 2019.12.x?

    Since updating to 2019.12.x I've noted delays in both the rear camera display and interestingly in the audio volume adjustments. I plan on testing this next with the HVAC (specifically with fan speed) next. Today during my ride home, I noticed a delay of 10 seconds or more between setting the...
  19. J

    Long Wait for Parts -Body Work

    Hi! I've currently been waiting 4 months, 6 days for all of the parts to arrive to my body shop for fairly major front end body work. It's a Tesla cetified shop/2017 Model S/ not driveable. Anybody else have experience with how long it takes for Tesla to get the parts supplied for body work...
  20. J

    Body Work Parts Delay

    I was in a car accident in my Model S four months and three days ago. She sustained front end damage and the airbags went off. She's been in a Tesla Certified body shop in Costa Mesa, CA for the entire time, and still not all of the parts have been sent from Tesla to the body shop. I'm involved...
  21. R

    Model 3 wake-up issues both with phone and key card

    Hello, I've searched around on many threads here and have found bits and pieces. Have tried various reboots with no luck. I wanted to see if anyone else was having these problems grouped together as I am. Since I got my 3 this spring, I love it but it's never worked very well with the phone...
  22. A

    Delivery Canceled - What now?

    Hey there, I received a text in the beginning of the week stating I might be able to take delivery of my car this weekend. Just to give you an idea - I originally preordered the car in August 2016. I configured my car during June of 2017. Just looking for some advice. I was originally...
  23. J

    Is it normal to take more than 2 weeks of transit to CA?

    I am in SF area, near Dublin. I ordered the car June 30, and the order status was updated "in transit" status 2 weeks ago I was expecting the call from Tesla for delivery scheduling, but there was no contact for the last 2 weeks. Is this normal? I tried to call my delivery manager, but she is on...
  24. tyfosho

    Vampire Drain for Cars Long-awaiting Delivery?

    Hi all, Like many from Texas, I'm in the boat that my car has been manufactured since mid-July, and I'm still waiting to take delivery as my delivery dates are rescheduled, and then rescheduled again. One of the thoughts I had was what is happening to the battery in my car sitting on a lot...
  25. C

    Why I Cancelled My Model 3 Order and am No Longer a Tesla Fan

    Wanted to share my experience with attempting to get a Model 3. Like many people, on March 31, 2016, I paid a deposit of $1000 for a Model 3. On April 15, 2018, I received my configuration email. It said that my car would be ready in 3-6 weeks. I completed the configuration and paid the...
  26. tyfosho

    ISA said paperwork was urgent, but haven't heard from him in over a day

    Hi all, I'm hoping that somebody has some advice for a bit of a stressful situation. My ISA reached out for the first time last Friday to confirm delivery details and said that we need to get the paperwork done in the next week if I didn't want to delay the delivery until later in the year. I...
  27. B

    Delay Delay Delay Delay BS

    They are playing games Getting very very old, if I had another car I wanted I would say good buy but, I want Model 3 but, the games they play give me a VERY bad taste Dallas None Tesla owner April 1, 2016 10:30 AM CST 2 major delays last window was May/June/July show on June 20th, 2018...
  28. B

    Model 3 Delivery Rescheduled 3 HOURS before pickup. Can we get compensated?

    Hey everyone, So I was scheduled to pick up my Model 3 from the Toronto location on Wednesday. I had to take time off work and take the train to Toronto (I live in Ottawa). Literally 3 hours before the pick up time, I got a call saying that my car had been delayed until at least Friday. I...
  29. DJ_S75D

    Long Road Trip: Bluetooth Audio Lag

    BLUF: Movies playing on a bluetooth-connected Samsung tablet have ~.75s audio lag on YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Netflix. Without an 'aux in' 3.5mm port, is there a good way to stream content from these apps without suffering from audio sync issues? A lot of reading on the Internet...
  30. fasteddie7

    Proprietary software hold up or something else?

    Excuse my ignorance on this subject but I couldn't help but wonder about the current state of autopilot for both Hw1 and Hw2. When it comes to the mobileye hardware and Tesla vision hardware, does Tesla have the ability to continue to develop software for Hw1 vehicles or do they run the risk...
  31. JHWJR

    How Long After Purchase To Wait For Autopilot?

    I received my Model X on Wednesday, May 10. I'm enjoying it. It has system 8.0. I know that it has to get some miles on it before Autopilot comes on. I've heard 50-150 miles is common. But the Delivery Specialist also said that it will have to update to 8.1 before Autopilot will work and that...
  32. houstonian

    Order Before 12/31, Opt for Delivery Before 3/31, TESLA Delay Pushes Delivery After 3/31 - Free SC?

    Greetings All, Title says it all here - placed my order this past Sunday for a S60D, planning on confirming it this coming Saturday, opted for a late January/early February delivery date. Did this in part to take advantage of the Free Supercharging before it goes away. Question for the pros...
  33. O

    CPO MS: Planning for delayed delivery of M3

    Variation on a topic that has been discussed here before (read: getting impatient): Come mid-2017, any thoughts on pricing estimates for basic 2014 CPO S60's with AP? Conceivably we'll see some as leases run out, right? I'm considering getting one next year with 20-25k down to hold me over...
  34. J

    Delay your request?

    I noticed that some people mention, in this forum, that they delayed their delivery dates. Once you place your order, how would you request a delivery delay--is this even a thing you can do with Tesla?
  35. L

    Shift in Production

    Just got an email from my DS. I was told 2 days ago that the car would be produced during the week of May 23rd and now I'm being told mid June with a delivery of late June but the math doesn't add up since they've already said it takes 10 days to deliver from factory to Austin. Here's the...
  36. PaulusdB

    Janken over leverdata (vertraging, voorkruipen, sigs vs. non-sigs, andere landen...)

    Vandaag zag ik in My Tesla voor het eerst het VIN; P21331. Wat je daar al dan niet van kunt afleiden m.b.t. leverdatum weet ik niet precies. Lester van Tesla geeft aan dat productie 3 tot 6 weken na uitgifte van het VIN start. Dat klopt dan wel weer met de afgegeven productiedatum van begin...

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