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  1. Tagar

    Change Motor Vehicle Order Agreement to my wife?

    Hello Tesla mates! I ordered Model Y today.. so looking forward to drive the Y and be part of the community! Hopefully quick ordering question: For tax purposes (to get the IRS credit, we would file 2023 separately and not jointly as we used to do), I'd like to change account owner / owner...
  2. W

    How long should I expect to wait for a base Model 3?

    Current ETA with the 18" wheels is Aug, 19" is Jul. Should I believe these?
  3. in2survive

    Shouldn’t Canadian orders benefit from US taxes in December?

    With a lot of the southern neighbours trying to delay the delivery to get the tax credit in 2022, should we see more Canadian EDDs in December? I haven’t seen anything in the forums, but wouldn’t it make sense? Instead I see a lot of posts about Tesla trying to “force” old orders to be fulfilled.
  4. A

    2021 Southwest / Texas Deliveries

    Hi everyone! I haven't been able to find much about 2021 deliveries in Texas or the Southwest, so I wanted to create a thread. Ordered 10/26, Model 3 LR Red/White in Frisco, TX (initially ordered in the summer but deferred till October). No VIN yet, SA said to expect delivery in around 4 weeks...
  5. A

    Picked up LR Y 629xx Black & White in Mt Kisco Today

    260 miles each way from the Adirondacks, we arrived to walk among the newly delivered models before heading into the delivery/sales office. MY was as close to perfect as we expected. We asked our advisor to have the service center go through it and fix what’s possible before delivery. 2021...
  6. R

    Seattle Model 3 Delivery

    When can we expect Model 3 deliveries in the Seattle area? I’ve been seeing a lot of posts where people are getting their Model Ys but no updates on the Model 3s
  7. A

    Delaying Model Y delivery

    Hi Everyone, I placed my Model Y order on February 29th, 2020 and I just received a text from Tesla that my Model Y is on its way to Costa Mesa, CA delivery center. I did not expect it to be ready this fast and during this economic situation, I'm not so sure I want take delivery right now. Is...
  8. W

    Sitting at Prepare To Order

    On 3/7/20 I placed my order for a Red LR MY AWD 5 Seater Black Interior 19” Gemini non performance non FSD I am located in Southern California. Within two hour of ordering my status page reflected a changed of “Prepare for Delivery”. There is no option to upload anything. My question is, how...
  9. J

    Picking up on Friday

    Decided to join the Tesla family with a MSP Midnight Silver, black interior, with 21", FSD. We also have a Model Y on Order with delivery TBD. Excited about the change to full EV. Coming out of several Audis. Order was placed on 2/27 and scheduled pickup on 3/6 (it was an inventory car that...
  10. B

    When will showrooms see Model Y?

    What is typical timing for models to show up in the stores? Will they keep them to the waitlist only for a while, or will showrooms get Model Y soon, too? Anyone know how this went down in for the Model 3?
  11. tjmurphy79

    Model X postponed indefinitely?

    Hearing a lot of noise on twitter regarding having model s/x deliveries/orders indefinitely delayed. Has anyone heard about this? Not sure if its related to the update, NTSB investigation, or just trolls on twitter... I placed my order 2/22 and hope to have it by end of March. Thoughts?
  12. Mulprs

    How to Review deliverygb team member

    Hi, We called the deliverygb team to get an update on our delivery status and the person on the phone was super nice. He found us a similar car that was in stock and arranged everything for us very quickly. This was 2 months ago. We emailed him back with some questions this week and he didn't...
  13. S

    Saw this trailer of Model 3s and MSs just now

    Out today and stopped at the Morgan Hill SC. As we were leaving, noticed car carrier across the field from Target in the development on that opposite side. Looked like Teslas so checked it out before heading home. Sure enough they were. 4 Model 3s and 3 Model Ss. The MSs (2 performance) were...
  14. G

    In 2017 Tesla delivered 103,000 cars. Now Tesla is aiming to deliver 100,000+ in a single quarter!

    Crazy how fast sales have grown for Tesla. Their FY 2017 sales are now their expected quarterly sales! The Spring on Instagram: “A leaked email from Elon Musk claims Tesla could deliver over 100,000 vehicles in Q3 if the end-of-quarter delivery push goes as planned.…”
  15. M

    trouble with Tesla finance

    Hey guys, My finance has been approved for about a month (never got any notification or anything until I asked my sales adviser). I had no trouble for any of the process next to that i'm basically begging them to sell me the car since it seem like no one even cared to update any information for...
  16. Y

    13k for the difference between 335 and 370 miles?

    Hello! I placed the order of a model S Raven on 04/24/2019 morning, the first day it is announced. And now I am very frustrated by the waiting experience just as many Raven buyers in the forum. Talked to the local showroom last Friday and they still have no clue when my car will be in the...
  17. nlmunro

    Estimated Delivery Date

    Hi, I ordered my M3 SR+ mid April and there was no estimated delivery date (I also asked by email - they did reply but said they were unable to give me one). What I find odd is that while the US site says "2-4 weeks" and UK site says "June" all the EU sites I checked show nothing (using...
  18. D

    Anyone with open MidRange order with no VIN yet? What to expect?

    Hi, I think I am one of the very few people who are still holding a MR order with no VIN and no offer to reconfigure to SR+ or LR. I am getting super anxious and hence wanted to get feedback from people in similar situation. What do you plan to do? I think its not fair that we have not been...
  19. S

    Tesla did buy car-hauling trucks & trailers

    In coverage about the Sunday price increase news and store status, CBS News also had a paragraph this morning stating that Tesla did in fact buy car carriers, something that I know was kind of scoffed at by some as not really happening. Haven't seen this mentioned in other news stories yet. The...
  20. M

    With tesla closing stores, where would you pickup the car?

    With most store closing, where would you pickup the car? Is FedEx delivering your car in a box? LOL Also are they planning on doing test drives? Since they won’t have a sales team.
  21. David29

    Any volunteering in today's/end of Q4 crunch?

    I recall quite a lot of news/chatter about Tesla owners volunteering at some Tesla delivery centers at the end of Q3 to help out with the last minute crunch. Have not heard anything about that for today and this past week, for Q4 crunch. Is it happening? Any volunteer efforts? What's it like...
  22. DrDabbles

    Home Delivery Overview (on a truck)

    I wanted to share some detailed information, some benefits, gotchas, and some warnings for anybody using home delivery from a car hauling truck instead of a Tesla employee driving to you. First, as a note, I would say if you want the fewest problems you should go to a delivery center. Tesla...
  23. C

    Loan before Delivery

    I have a few dumb questions regarding the sequence of Loan and Delivery and hope some of you can kindly advise: 1. I saw a few folks here started the loan (paying for interest/principle) before you actually get the car, because Tesla couldn't deliver on the day scheduled. What happens next - do...
  24. M

    Delivery Experience- 4 different delivery dates with no resolution

    Configured my LR RWD model 3 with EAP on 9/20 First contact with Delivery advisor on 9/26, attempted to call delivery advisor with questions but the given number was disconnected. Multiple emails sent with no response until 10/1 informing me I can take delivery on 10/2. On 10/1 while awaiting...
  25. YusufT

    How do you guys feel on the Model 3 being really popular

    So this came to my attention around mid June. I was at the service centre and a older guy who owns a model s was like, “I don’t feel special anymore. There’s already so many Model 3’s on the road, and you guys are delivering even more.” I said well the goal of the company isn’t to be special...
  26. D

    Do I ever actually get to talk to a rep in the delivery process?

    8-23 I got the email that my Tesla would be delivered 9/8. I've gotten a handful of automated emails since. About a week before delivery I wanted to verify if I was picking it up at the dealership or if it was being delivered to my house. Some of the emails seemed to contradict each other...
  27. T

    Am I the only one getting the car so quickly?

    Non-owner and non-day1(day 2...), received the invite on 06/27 and configured the same day, received an email from sales on 06/29, VIN assigned and delivery scheduled on 07/02 and I got my car on 07/08 in Fremont, CA. Although I'm very happy about the quick process, I felt this is a little bit...
  28. C

    2 Model 3 Reservations Delivery issues

    Hi, I reserved 2 Models 3's in line on the first day. and configured both cars on different dates. I am located in Toronto, Canada Config 1 May 28th Red, LR Config 2 May 30th Midnight Silver, LR I received the VIN and took delivery for Config 2 within 2 weeks..... BUT Config 1 I am still...
  29. D

    Dania Beach Service Center Storage

    While driving home from a service appointment, I noticed a secure lot on Ravenswood Road with a bunch of new looking Model S and X vehicles. I'm talking about 40-50 new vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knew any more info. about these lots. It would seem to be a significant # of vehicles...
  30. David29

    Dedham Store swamped with new Teslas!

    When i stopped at the Dedham store on Friday, the place was swamped with new cars. they were double-parked along the front of the store, and in virtually every spare piece of asphalt around the sides. There was hardly space to move! The Supercharger stalls were all full, as well, at least one...
  31. RaWPower

    Mindmap of Model 3 Delivery Predictions By Quarter, Region, Groups

    As we all wait with baited breath for the reveal of Model 3 on Thurs, March 31, I thought I mindmap my delivery predictions for the Model 3 based on a number of sources but mainly from what I've read in the forums here on TMC and podcasts such as Ride the Lightning by Ryan McCaffrey that...
  32. DrivingTheFuture

    Any Sig X Deliveries in Dade County/ Miami FL area over next 3 Days???

    Since MaxK in Tampa had issues that prevented the show and tell, just wondered if anyone is aware of upcoming deliveries before new years or if some vehicles will be at service center. After scrolling through all the VIN debate, I will NOT be posting VINs so don't be scared! ;)
  33. F

    Huge quarter end spike in deliveries

    It seems Tesla is pushing hard to make a LOT of deliveries by quarter end. I was at the Toronto supercharger yesterday. This is also a store / service centre (hello to the folks reading!). I went inside while charging and the floor was totally covered with new Model S cars for delivery. One of...
  34. B

    Guesses on Last Production # to be Delivered in 2012?

    Anyone want to speculate on the last production number to be delivered in 2012? I realize that there are a lot of factors that go into the timing of deliveries -- battery size, other configuration options, delivery location, etc. -- but thought it would be interesting to see everyone's...

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