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delivery actual

  1. J

    Got my new Model Y yesterday

    After a rollercoaster of a time getting a new car, my new Model Y arrived yesterday. Prior to that I was driving a 2018 Nissan Leaf, and have leased Leafs twice before. The Story I ordered it on April 25th, but I wasn't sure I wanted it, vs. getting another Leaf. It's a superior car, but it's...
  2. B

    Tesla Needs to Learn How to Deliver Teslas to Maine (and NH and VT!)

    Last Tuesday (6/23/20) I took delivery of my Model Y when it was delivered to my house in Yarmouth, ME on a car carrier truck. It would be great if I could drive it!! I was given the impression it would be delivered with temporary plates so I could drive it while waiting the ridiculous 7-10...
  3. C

    Initial order to pick-up: 25 hours.

    Just to let the board know, my wife and I purchased a Model 3, LR, AWD, midnight silver metallic around 9am this morning and received a phone call at 1015 from the Tesla advisor and an additional phone call from the delivery agent at 1:30pm. We pick the car up tomorrow at 10am. I would have...
  4. K

    Delivery Contact Problems

    I am all for Tesla trying out new ways of selling cars, but can it really be a sensible approach to selling a £35,000+ car to make it impossible for the customer to talk to any human being about their purchase between the point of order until they turn up to take delivery? I've tried all sorts...
  5. R

    Expected features missing on new Model X! Included premium package not included!

    Has anyone noticed features missing from what was ordered? I was so happy to finally receive my MX that I never even thought to check that it might not include the features I ordered but after making sure I looked over and reported the fit and finish issues which were minor, I realized I had no...
  6. Lucky13

    Just received P3D

    beyond excited. Just got my white performance model 3 with aero and autopilot. Will add some pics later and more details but got home delivery and it went off with out a hitch. Some very minor flaws that were all noted but nothing that would cause me to reject the car. Car is fast but like...
  7. jlmbsn

    5-10 Minutes for Instruction on New Delivery????

    We are currently waiting for our Model X, ordered end of June. We went by the Tesla store today because we wanted to specifically look at a couple things. The salesman proceeded to inform us that we no longer receive an hour orientation on our new Model X, we will get 5-10 minutes. The reason...
  8. J

    What will be the actual wait time for the 6/31 order?

    What was the latest delivery waiting time? The manager told me end of Aug delivery, but not sure if I can really trust that. Ordered June 31 and just confirmed the design. 75D with white ex/creme interior. I saw Tesla making 1000 of X + S models per month.
  9. Labradordriver

    Model X Actual Delivery vs. Estimate

    Hi, I confirmed my order for my Model X 100D on March 22, 2017 with an estimated delivery of May to Early June. I am interest in the accuracy of Tesla's delivery time frame from the time you confirmed to when you received your vehcile.