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delivery center

  1. C

    Direct Delivery No Longer Available?

    Is Tesla stopping their direct delivery? I just got my text to schedule my delivery, and I live about 5-10 miles away from the Buena Park Center and was told that they no longer do direct delivery and only option is to pick up from the dealer. The rep I spoke to said they only offered direct...
  2. Y

    Rockville, Maryland Tesla manager

    In order to be more efficient, you should have one central check in sign in person for all deliveries. Right now the check-in person that you have does several different jobs resulting in confusion for that person and for anyone checking in for a delivery. This would promote efficiency and you...
  3. T

    Poor Delivery / Lease Return Experience

    Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I just came to the end of a lease on a 2019 MX Long Range. I ordered a 2023 MS Plaid in July. I gave the RN to the Tesla Loyalty guy and asked please have it so I can return the car on the same day I pick up the new one. No problem he...
  4. S

    Tesla delivery location change

    Hello I am looking to purchase a reservation from a buyer located other side of country. He dint enter any registration information yet. When we make deal I am planning to enter registration information. Does entering information to my dl will it change delivery location automatically. Or I need...
  5. A

    Confirming Delivery Date

    I’m scheduled to take delivery on Monday. If I received a text message this morning asking me to confirm my delivery date does this mean my car has arrived and my appointment won’t be moved at this point?
  6. Persfoto

    My Delivery Of my Model 3 Performance inside the Tesla factory

    Last week they delivered my 2021 model 3 Performance car from the Tesla Factory in Tilburg. A great experience. I made a short video of it including the ride inside the factory. The video can be found here My Model 3 Performance Normally you are not allowed to film or photograph inside, but...
  7. ddt3

    Service / Delivery Center - Alhambra, CA (1200 W Main St)

    New service/delivery center in Alhambra!?
  8. D

    Home delivery on new Model S, far away from Service Center

    When ordering my Model S last week, I was told on the order page that I was not able to get delivery to my area, something that contradicts Tesla's own FAQ: What if I live far away from the nearest Service Center? If you live more than 360 km from the closest Service Center, your vehicle can be...

    Serramonte Delivery Center

    I haven't been there in person, but have been reading that Tesla took over the vacant dealer lot across from Starbucks and that it's been operational in recent days. This morning, I was told by my Operations Advisor that all deliveries originally scheduled for SF or Burlingame are now being...
  10. kornelyus

    My MY delivery experience at Rocklin, CA delivery center

    I picked up my MY last Saturday, white exterior, black interior, dual-motor, long range, 19" wheels, hitch option. It was ordered Dec 2019. VIN=20xxx. This is my first Tesla. I was armed with three checklists and ready to reject the car if there were any serious issues. My wife and I combed...
  11. B

    Registration package!!

    I just received an E-Mail with a VIN for my Model Y. However, it indicated that the registration package would be sent until 7-10 business days AFTER I take delivery. When I first ordered by my MY I was told delivery would be in Massachusetts. I live in Maine. How am I supposed to take...
  12. awedio_femi

    Changing delivery location...

    What's the best way to change delivery location, by calling/chat/email? I'd like to switch from Marina del Rey to Santa Barbara (those were the only 2 locations offered online). There's no way to make that change online.
  13. Ratoncito

    Dedham, MA Tesla woes... "Hugh"

    So it's about 4pm on a Friday night on the 15th of November, on "Delivery Day Eve." I get a call from Hugh in the Dedham, MA delivery center confirming my pickup at 12:30pm on Saturday, November 16th. Awesome, I'm getting excited... but then Mr. Hugh says "Well I noticed that your trade in...
  14. rubberfish

    Birmingham delivery centre direct phone number?

    Hi. I’m picking up tomorrow from Birmingham. Does anyone have a direct number I can call? Thanks
  15. C

    Flying downt to Fort Lauderdale Saturday 10 Aug to pick up my new Standard Range Plus!

    Well this has been a journy to say the least. It all started with purchasing a Standard Range Plus with white exterior and white interior. After waiting about 2 weeks and my delivery specialist stop responding to emails I gave the wife Tesla number to "talk" to them. Come to find out my white on...
  16. A

    Vancouver Delivery Experience

    Despite many on-line forum posts claiming that paint defects and bad panel alignments on the model 3, mine was perfect. I have to say that the gaps and alignments are not as perfect as Honda or Toyota (I only owned these two brands before), but they are acceptable. The only thing was that they...
  17. rafacq

    70 Point Inspection to Delivery

    Seems my delivery date is getting close and the closer it gets, the more EXCITED I am. I am a new user and this subject may have already been discussed, my apologies if it has. There are so many threads, it would take weeks to go through years of posts! Here are some questions regarding the 70...
  18. F

    After sales... particuliere aanschaf

    Even voorstellen: met een VIN-code eindigend op 927, sinds 28/12/2018 de trotse (particuliere) eigenaar van een Model S, P85 uit 2013. Dit berichtje behandelt de after-sales van Tesla. Een feitelijke weergave van mijn ervaringen en de zorgen omtrent de reputatie van een vooruitstrevend automerk...
  19. W

    3 Days Rule - Tesla QA not doing their job

    I have owned a Model S and a Model X, and I can share that my experiences have been vastly different so far. My Model S experience (started Nov 2015 in Southern California) was amazing. My Model X experience (December 2018 in Boston Area) has been horrific. I am only going to talk about one...
  20. David29

    How crazy has it been at the Dedham delivery center as the 12/31 deadline approached?

    I drove past the Dedham store today about 4 PM. from what i could see from the street, it looked as if there were dozens of people in the showroom and in the delivery center, maybe 75-100 people in the areas i could see. So, it looked very busy. I am not curious enough to leave my house and...
  21. David29

    Any volunteering in today's/end of Q4 crunch?

    I recall quite a lot of news/chatter about Tesla owners volunteering at some Tesla delivery centers at the end of Q3 to help out with the last minute crunch. Have not heard anything about that for today and this past week, for Q4 crunch. Is it happening? Any volunteer efforts? What's it like...
  22. David29

    New off-site car storage facility for the Dedham delivery center

    Driving south on Route 1 in Dedham this morning, I was surprised to see a large number of what looked like brand new Tesla cars in front of a now-closed former car dealership on the southbound side, at the corner of Pleasant Street. Looking at Google Maps street view, it looks as if the site...