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delivery duration

  1. S

    Tilburg to delivery

    Hello everyone. My car just arrived in Europe after ordering September 1. Does anyone know how long it takes for the car to get from Rotterdam after being loaded off the ship, to tilburg for assembly to be delivered in Denmark?
  2. S

    Tesla delivery times

    Hello. I ordered a Tesla Model x performance on September 3, and haven't heard anything from Tesla ever since. Im wondering if anyone else from Europa ordered the new raven model x, and how long you delivery times was? I was promised delivery in November, but it still says that it hasn't even...
  3. robertmanning

    CPO Experience/Process December 2018

    Put down my deposit on a CPO Model S on Wednesday December 12th. I wanted to detail my experience for anyone else going through the process or thinking of going through the process in the near future. First, if you are located in NY state, Tesla will not honor a deposit you put down on a CPO...
  4. T

    Ordering Model S but unsure what to do with Trade-In?

    Hi folks, I am new here and I appreciate your attention to this in advance. My situation is that i live in Michigan so I have neither a Tesla dealership nor a Carmax near my home. Nearest ones are 3 hours away. I am very close to placing my order with Tesla for my model S but my struggle is...
  5. Master One

    What's the current period between delivery confirmed and production started?

    I've ordered on 6h July in our local Tesla Store, confirmed that order on 8th July in MY TESLA, but now (13 days after order confirmation) the current state in MY TESLA still shows Your estimated delivery window is September - Early October. Your Tesla has entered the factory production queue...
  6. jerjozwik

    average delivery process duration?

    hi, so im trying to juggle appointments and im wondering how long the average model s delivery process takes. i know there are several things i should check for, but as far as paper work, explanations and whatever, how much time should i set aside? 30min? 1 hour? 2 hours? the car is already...