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delivery esitmate

  1. Jeff Wa

    Home charger options

    Hey folks. Waiting for my delivery TXT or Email or what have you and I have been thinking about charging. Is it really needed to have a Tesla wall charger or even something like the Juicebox or Clipper Creek EVSE devices in the house? Would a second mobile connector, like the one that comes...
  2. sanjeevh

    Order update issue

    Hi I placed an order my M3 AWD black exterior with black interior on 11/21 but after coming home we changed our mind and decided to go with white interior. I called my rep immediately, I was told he has submitted the case to update my order. It’s been 4-5 days and I am still seeing old info...
  3. A

    Differences between my change order page and new

    Hi All- Should I be concerned. I placed my order on june 27th. Somethings have come up and I was unable to take delivery of my car and have to wait for the standard range Model 3(M3). I have been contacted numerous times by multiple people at tesla saying my car is ready and have on multiple...
  4. ctn531

    6 weeks since MX confirmation - account page still says "scheduled for production in our factory"

    Uggghhhh ... This wait is killing me. Originally quoted 6-8 weeks. That ain't gonna happen - I live in Denver and the car hasn't started production yet. Once scheduled for production, will this page update to show the actual production date(s) ??? I've called my delivery specialist (Doug -...
  5. samuelzzz

    Model X delivery is 2 months ahead of schedule

    I placed my order at the end of January 2018 and the delivery time was late May. About 2 days ago, my delivery specialist called me and told me that my Model X actually will be ready end of this month(March). I was very surprised but also curious why the production schedule is 2 MONTHS ahead...
  6. J

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading FUD Around The Tax Credit?

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Around The $7500 Tax Credit? A few weeks ago, I went into the Tesla Dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona and spoke with a Customer Experience Specialist who was very knowledgeable. I mentioned that I'm looking at a Model S and my...
  7. Labradordriver

    Model X Actual Delivery vs. Estimate

    Hi, I confirmed my order for my Model X 100D on March 22, 2017 with an estimated delivery of May to Early June. I am interest in the accuracy of Tesla's delivery time frame from the time you confirmed to when you received your vehcile.