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  1. R

    Quarter Panel Dent - Out of Pocket options?

    Still dealing with feeling like an idiot as I backed my corner of my 2013 Model S into a corner of a truck. The truck sustained no damage as the car was just creeping in reverse, but my car unfortunately has significant damage. Given this is an older car, it's not that important that the car is...
  2. S

    Door Ding

    Somebody hit my driver's door in the parking lot! I scheduled an appointment with Tesla for next week but does any body have any rough estimate on this dent?
  3. C

    Looking for quality mobile dent/chip repair in so cal (LA/OC)

    So I was devastated to see someone had likely backed out of their parking space and dinged my front passenger and driver door. To make matters worse, sentry mode didn't pick up anything. I got a few hits of just random people walking by, but not the car backing in or out. I'm stunned that even...
  4. O

    Advice for concrete scrape on side of car, how should i proceed?

    Hey all, just made a terrible mistake and scraped the back right side above the wheel by turning too close on a concrete panel. I've been reading threads on this site and piled some good information but still want more advice on my particular situation. I have tesla insurance and was headed...
  5. A

    Door ding with sentry mode evidence (Vancouver, BC)

    Hi all, I recently just noticed a door ding dent in my car and luckily thanks to sentry mode I have full video proof and the license plate of the driver. I'm not sure if this changes the situation at all but this happened in Seattle (ICBC's website states that coverage applies in America?). The...
  6. J

    Massive Door Ding - No Sentry

    Hey all - first time poster. Have had my model 3 for four years now and first body damage issue. Left my car parked at the airport and some truck next to me slammed his door into my side. Pretty bad dent/paint came off. Of course I had sentry mode off. Anyone have experience on what this might...
  7. V

    Door dent near rear wheel

    After a long road trip I noticed a dent running alongside the bottom of the driver side rear door near the wheel. I didn't notice anything that might have caused this so I'm not sure what the cause is. I searched the forum and couldn't find similar enough dents, but it seems like it's a place...
  8. orion2001

    Advice on repairing damage from minor fender-bender

    I have some minor damage to my Model Y LR from a fender-bender and I'm debating what to do. The certified body shop estimated ~ $1400 to repair/paint. Insurance will cover it minus the $500 deductible. It's primarily a small dent above the wheel in the metal panel as shown and some scraped paint...
  9. D

    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    Hello TMC, I was so frustrated with my recent experience with my brand new 2022 Model Y that I decided to join this community so no one else has to go through what we went through and also ask for advice on what I should do. Disclaimer: We love Tesla and everything that it stands for, but...
  10. S

    Right side front wing collision

    Is there a market for Tesla body parts? I want to repair this without going directly to Tesla. I’m in the UK and I’m looking for third party methods for this repair can anyone help??? Can you purchase the body part easily and fit it through a garage or is that not viable? Is there a market for...
  11. V

    Repair or replace front driver side panel?

    While backing up in the garage, side panel got a large dent near driver side camera. can it be repaired? no paint scratches. No damage to door, dent occurred only to the panel behind the camera, wondering if it can be repaired or the panel must be replaced, if panel must be replaced, how much it...
  12. J

    Fender dent

    I got a dent on the front left fender of my Model 3, it was my mistake. I tried few repair shops and they said it cant be fixed by PDRs. Camera and turn signal working fine. The body shop quoted me 3k usd for fender replacement+paint correction matching on the fender, hood and till door area...
  13. M

    Dented the passengers side rocker panel pretty badly, any idea what I’m looking at cost wise?

    Went over a curb and dented the rocker panel pretty badly. Took it in to get an estimate and was quoted a whopping 10k. Mechanic said that it can’t be pulled out due to how deep it’s pushed in, so it needs to be welded. He also said that since it’s aluminum it’s more tricky to fix. Is this a...
  14. E

    Rear Quarter Panel Damage Assessment

    Backed up into a truck and damaged bumper and rear quarter panel. Wondering if anyone can provide a guesstimate on how bad the damage here is and the body work/cost that could be required. Am mostly concerned about the quarter panel- I imagine bumper will be a pre-painted replacement or just a...
  15. E

    2020 Model X Dent - Cost Estimate?

    Hey all - I was wondering (based on the below photo) what you think the estimated cost would be to repair the dented lower part of the Model X falcon wing door. The plastic panel above the rear wheel has come loose as well and may need to be replaced... I accidentally swiped the door when making...
  16. MattAndLou

    Door Ding Repair on Front Fender - Southern CA

    Hey All, Took delivery of my Performance 3 on 12/28/19.... and already had someone ding my fender. WTF!! Have been sick to my stomach over it because doesn't even have a 1000mi or plates. Did some searching on here and found that pointless dent removal is actually pretty robust. Started...
  17. B

    Overextended drivers door from wind gust.

    Hi there! Unfortunately this past weekend I had a very unlucky experience when opening my door to get out and grab some chipoltle. Literally as soon as I pressed the door button the wind caught the door and violently opened it and I heard the sound of the metal flexing. It returned and shut and...
  18. P

    My Model 3 was damaged. What is the best thing to do? PICs

    Hi, This is my first post. The other day I found out that my Pearl White Model 3 has been damaged! Reviewed the Sentry footages but no luck. Damages: Front bumper - looks like someone bumped into the car very lightly and left an impression and some clear coat cracking (scratches) Right side...
  19. Steve_in_DE

    Door ding! *#^%^$*%$ !!!!!

    Today my wife managed to open the door on HER car too wide, and BAM! - I am now the proud owner of a Model 3 with a door ding! It's a little dent right on the sharp body crease near the top of the left rear door. It's it's first blemish in 5 1/2 months and 8k miles. AAARGH! I THINK it's a...
  20. C

    Tesla scratch/dent repair in Buffalo, NY

    I've got a nice long scratch (about a foot long) on the driver's side door of my black Model 3 probably from a shopping cart. Also, it's slightly dented it seems. Would anyone have any recommendations for a repair shop? Tesla.com recommends Service King in Rochester, but from what I've read...
  21. travwill

    FWD latch crushing-denting step

    Anyone else have this issue? Picked up X from service the other day and noticed this damage. I don't think it was service (could have been I guess). The damage is right around the latch and in a square pattern so figure the latch is pulling the door too tight or hard against the step causing...
  22. H

    Guess how much the damage cost to fix...

    A few weeks ago, someone crossed into my lane on the freeway and their driver's side mirror hit my model S on the rear passenger door. It was a minor impact as I barely heard the impact and pulled over just to be safe. This could have been much worse as we were travelling at about 60mph. The...
  23. Bill D

    Bumps on our Frunk

    A lot has been written about Frunk dents and creases, but our Frunk has two smooth round bumps bulging from the inside out. The surface area between and around these bumps is flawless. The airspace beneath both bumps is inaccessible because it's in-between the inner and outer aluminum skins...
  24. A

    Small dent - found great body shop

    I wanted to let the group know about a great body shop that cost 60% less than the body shop the Seattle SC to which we were referred, and did impeccable work. It's McCleod Auto Body in Kirkland. I strongly recommend them (and have no personal connection to them other than being a one-time...

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