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  1. E

    Dirt Roads and Salt Brine: Rusted 2 Y.O. Model Y Rear Brake Lines in New Hampshire

    Hello All, I have a 2020 Model Y that I drive up in fairly rural New Hampshire - part of my road is dirt, and I drive regularly on roads that are treated with brine including I-89. When I went to get my car inspected, the mechanic pointed out my rusted (to the point of near failure) rear brake...
  2. C

    What to do? Some solar panels shaded late in the afternoon

    I just finished installing solar panels with Tesla. I asked to put all the solar panels on the west side thinking it's better for peak hour performance. There is a little bit of shade from the chimney from the west side but it only covers a small portion of the roof. However, I just learned that...
  3. N

    Model S Interior vs Other $100k Interiors

    After owning my 2021 Model S Long Range for just over 6 months now I have noticed a new trend in the arguments for Tesla haters. What used to be range complaints or distaste for the exterior look has been replaced with an overwhelming amount of "The interior just doesn't compare to other $100k...
  4. L

    A Digital Designer's POV on V11

    Long time lurker, first time posting here! I've had a Model 3 since May '18, and I've been a professional Designer (sometimes called UI/UX Designer and Product Designer) for several years now. I didn't expect Tesla to take so many basic steps back in driver usability, nor did I expect that as we...
  5. B

    Question about Solar Design

    Just got my design back from Tesla, and I'm somewhat disappointed. It looks like they split the panels between south and north facing, although I think they could get more panels on the south side. Wanted to see what the community opinion is about this? It seems pretty counter-intuitive to me...
  6. ascottallison

    How can I get Tesla to increase the number of panels in the design?

    I placed an order for 12.75kW solar panels.... Weeks and weeks went by and they've now come back with a 7.48kW design. Although my roof is a little choppy, 3 reputable local companies have sent designs for around 11kW. Tesla say they can't go that high due to code citing fire set backs. Any...
  7. M

    PowerWall bundling option gone from Solar Design page

    Just noticed that the option to bundle Powerwalls is no longer showing up on the Solar Design page: Anyone else notice this?
  8. MichaelP90DL

    All-New Tesla Model S Could Look Like This....

    From CarBuzz. Pretty cool new design by Emre Husmen of Turkey. What do you think? All-New Tesla Model S Could Look Like This
  9. tangerine

    Model 3 Flat UI in Model X?

    Does anyone know if the Model S/X will get the Model 3 version of the non-skeuomorphic UI? I sat in my friends Model 3 and like the general look of the UI in comparison to my MX skeuomorphic UI. What do you guys think and prefer?
  10. zambono

    New Model S Dash design...

    In the article they focus on the HVAC, but really of much more import is the new dash design which what seems like a smaller offset cockpit LCD and also a smaller LCD above the console. Tesla files patent for new HVAC system
  11. Peteybabes

    Did Anybody Notice That The New Vegan Rear Seats Are Different!?

    New Design! (Cream) Old Design! (Tan Leather)
  12. lunitiks

    Model 3 patents

    Couldn't find any threads on this topic. Here's some design patents that recently dropped. Note however that they were filed on March 30, 2016.
  13. incinie

    Vendor Tesla Plus for iOS

    Hi everyone! Recently I launched a project I have been putting loads of time and love into. "Tesla Plus" is an iOS-app. An alternative to the official Tesla app, and the other 3rd party apps out there. It features a UI that looks much more like the UI in the car, and has additional unique...
  14. Woody17

    Design question: 2nd time in 5 months that someone has hit bumper

    TMC, I hope everyone here is doing well. I'm curious...has there been any discussion of a higher prevalence of other drivers misjudging the distance between their car and the Model S due to its sleak, down-sloping body design? Or am I just an unlucky victim of bad drivers in Southern...
  15. Bet TSLA

    When will Tesla design and manufacture tires?

    When will Tesla design and manufacture tires? Tires are currently the worst part of the car -- the most polluting, the least effective, and not designed or manufactured by Tesla. How can that not be high on their list of target improvements? What do I expect? Lower particulates, better...
  16. AssortedBread

    Aerowheel 2.0 Design (concept)

    Hello, So you may remember Tesla's ill-fated Aerowheels, as seen below, which added an additional 10 miles of aerodynamic range. (becoming increasingly beneficial the faster you go) I personally believe the biggest hindrance to aero wheel design is that it looks inherently fake. Its a...
  17. D

    "Ventless" Dash Design

    It's been pointed out how unfinished the design of dash must be because of the exclusion of vents, but as can be seen (heard) in this test drive demo, the dash has been designed to be "ventless," with some kind of invisible, single slot design instead. It's mentioned right at the beginning of...
  18. Z

    To Increase Range, Could Tesla Just Stack Battery Packs?

    Recently visited a Tesla store and saw the "simple" design of how the battery pack is the floor. With a flat design, couldn't Tesla just stack the battery packs to increase range and battery capacity? It seems like it would make sense, especially since everything above the undercarriage is just...
  19. mspohr

    Q&A with Tesla’s lead motor engineer

    Charged EVs has an interesting interview with Tesla's lead motor designer. Lots of good insight into the process they use to design and optimize their electric motors. Lots of computer simulations and designing trade-offs for power and efficiency at different loads. Charged EVs | Qs lead...
  20. tanner

    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    Friends of mine are in one of two camps concerning design: 1. Ugly (looks too similar to a Prius due to aerodynamic design compromises) 2. Sexy Personally, I keep flipping between the two - what about you guys? Kinda sad the nose cone is gone, personally.
  21. B

    Tulip Concept EV

    Hi, My name is Ognyan Bozhilov. I'm a designer and I want to present to you a project that I think would be interesting to the people loving electric vehicles. It's called the Tulip. It's three-wheel, ultra light vehicle for the city, very fun to drive and very easy to customize. I hope you...
  22. G

    Unofficial Tesla UI (user interface) Concept - Model S - redesign

    Hey everyone! This is a really nice forum so I wanted to share my school project with you. I'm Giovanni Martens, 22 years old and I am studying Graphic Design (Interaction design) in Belgium. In my third year Graphic design I had to make a final project to accomplish my Bachelor degree. My...
  23. igotzzoom

    Should the "T" be more prominent on the Model 3?

    I'm sure there will be some similarity to the Model S, but I'm hoping the Model 3 will be a little bolder and more daring. One thing I'd like to see is a slightly larger and more prominent "T" at the front of the car. Do you think we'll see that when the concept is revealed next spring, or do...
  24. robatbeach

    I can't imagine going back (or Driving the Future Today)

    Tesla first appealed to me due to its use of alternate fuel technologies. However, when I first went to the Tesla store what struck me was that Tesla has reached the simplicity on the other side of complexity (which is the grail for those of us in engineering design). They have removed the...
  25. igotzzoom

    New Gen-III Renderings Request -Theo Chin, Others?

    I think it's time for a new round of Gen-III renderings. I went back through the forum, and found Theo Chin's 5-door hatch Gen-III renderings. Very handsome, but I think it will take more of a fastback form. BTW, I was a big fan of Chin's stunning Model S wagon rendering. What we know so far...
  26. ElectricAvenue

    Best Story about “What kind of car is that?”

    As with most MS owners I have some pretty very funny stories to tell about people’s reactions to seeing the Model S for the first time. I think my best story is when I was about to leave a mall parking lot. My 4 year was getting into the car, I was standing on grass at the back of my MS getting...