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destination charge vs supercharger

  1. RedModel3

    Charging: Destination Charging vs. Supercharging speed

    I just got back from an 800 mile trip in my Volt, using mostly gas, and I've been trying to estimate where I will stop to charge on that same trip in a Model 3. I've been trying to find a simple answer to my question and I have yet to find it. In simple terms, as volts, amps, and watts do not...
  2. D

    Tesla route alternative charger calculator

    having made several 1000 mile trips recently, I realize I need help planning help. 1- super chargers placement often adds 5 to 30 miles to my journey. 2- some legs require charging start At 50 % , some at 14% 3- I know the charge rate varies with state of charge - but if this were solely due...