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destination charge

  1. W

    Trouble sleeping at “private” destination chargers?

    I have been really enjoying camping in the MY recently with the TesCamp. The only thing that makes it better is finding a destination charger along my long roadtrips. Work pays stipend for lodging and transportation, no receipt or reporting. So, when I find a hotel’s destination charger not...
  2. D

    Destination charger not working

    Chateau Tilques is very convenient for Calais (less than an hour away) but watch out for chargers not working. We stayed there in Feb 22 and had no problem charging but a month later in March neither of the chargers worked. Luckily we had enough charge to get to Calais… so, it’s a shame but...
  3. Prowler

    Destination Charge

    I am thinking of getting new car for wife but not sure new or pre-owed new. I can get one with 3200 miles on it for $5,000 cheaper than new but it has a $2,000 destination charge but I dont see were new ones have that. Can anyone tell me if new cars have a destination charge added to them.? That...
  4. M3noob

    Spanish Destination Charger - Mas de Torrent

    A thoroughly agreeable way to spend €€€ on lunch and get 11Kwh free. The DC was nicely shaded from the fierce Costa Brava sun. The hotel got the labels on backwards! Our M3 would not charge from the "Tesla" charger but did from the other EV charger. Relais and Chateau sites seem to...
  5. C

    Nice destination charging locations in Europe

    Dear Community Finding nice destination charging locations can be quite cumbersome, not even speaking of disappointing experiences. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to share respective feedbacks. Here's my first input: Chateau de Moison is located about 30 km North from Bourges...
  6. shanelord

    NSW Hunter Valley Charging Help

    Hi everyone, First post for me here. Very excited I’ll be taking ownership of a CPO Model S 75D over the next few weeks. I’m hoping I’ll have it in time to drive my wife and I up to the hunter valley in NSW. We’re driving from Sydney and should have plenty of charge there and back, but I...
  7. Aussie Yank

    Potential Destination Charger in Southern Victoria on Princess

    Destination Charger Location Problem/Opportunity Just finished a trip from Sydney to Melbourne to Ballarat to the Grampians in Western Vic. Great trip, 1500Km each way. On return we came back through Melbourne via the Princess to Bairnsdale (great new charger at Riversleigh...
  8. C

    Disneyland destination charger cannot charge my Model X

    I was at Disneyland today and cannot charge my car with the Tesla Destination charger. WHY? I already cannot charge my car at Star Ferry mid charger already. How come even Tesla own charger cannot charge my car? That is ready stupid as I cannot try other charger because they are all full. I...
  9. Mknac

    Venice, Fla charging

    I am planning a trip from DC to Venice, FL to visit my parents. Using SCs to get there doesn't look like an issue. But once there Venice and even Sarasota look like a charger dead zone. No SCs near by, a couple on Chargepoint and a couple destination chargers. Can anybody local to the area...
  10. BrandonR22

    When to pay 1200 destination

    When do you pay the destination charge/ or where is it factored into everything? Do you pay the remainder 2500 at delivery, and another 1200 as well at delivery, or is the 1200 built into Alliant financed?
  11. dvroegop

    Destination Chargers in Europa

    Ik speelde een beetje met de Supercharger kaart, tot mijn oog ineens viel op dit: Een geplande Destination Charger in Maasmechelen? Het gaat de goede kant op!
  12. robatbeach

    Hyatt Dewey Beach HPWC

    Looking for a destination charge this weekend. Do they let you charge if you're not staying at the hotel ( hotel was already booked when we made our plans)? If you eat at the restaurant, can you charge for much longer than the time you're eating or are they sticklers about it? If anyone has any...