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destination charger

  1. vanjwilson

    Good experience with destination chargers at hotels

    I've notice a lot of advice on TMC along the lines of "Don't rely on destination chargers!" especially at hotels, and while I agree that you should not rely on any Level 2 charger, even Tesla brand, I wanted to relate my good experiences with them. In the last month, I've stayed at 4 hotels...
  2. eladts

    Derry pulls plug on electric car charging stations

    It looks like Derry, NH has decided to shut down the destination chargers installed there in 2018. I charged there several times in the past and always visited local businesses. Too bad I won't be able to do that in the future...
  3. S

    Tesla Destination charging availability?

    Hey folks, Like with the Superchargers, is there a Tesla or 3rd party app/website in which you can remotely check whether a Tesla Destination Charger is available & not in use?
  4. M3noob

    Spanish Destination Charger - Hotel Palau Lo Mirador

    Still trapsing around the Costa Brava in search of good food and free electricity we happened upon the Hotel Palau Lo Mirador with FREE 11Kwh to feed our M3. The hotel is in Toroella de Montgri quite near the mountain (308m) of the same name with a 13th C castle at the top. I might go up in...
  5. N

    Charging in Cleveland Heights

    Anyone in NE Ohio have intel about any destination chargers coming to Cleveland Heights, or updated info about the supercharger in the works for downtown? We’re planning a road trip in that area. Thanks!
  6. BCRuth

    Driving from Vancouver, Canada to La Paz, Baja Sur Mexico

    I received my Model S in October and we decided to take it on a road trip at the end of January of this year. We have driven this route many times in my husband Tundra but to do it in my Tesla would be new and challenging. I had some anxiety as to no roadside assistance after Ensenada Baja...
  7. eladts

    Swissbäkers closed all of its locations

    This probably means the destination chargers in the Allston location won't be available anymore. Do you know how to notify Tesla so that they will take it off their database? Local bakery Swissbäkers closed all of its locations | Boston.com
  8. P

    New to Tesla: Distance added per hour of Destination Charge - kW, MPH, Amps, etc

    I am seeking to make the transition to EV, and planning to order a Model S within a few weeks. I have read many of the threads on this forum which have been an invaluable source to learn about charging. I am specifically interested in charging at vacation destinations where I may spend extend...
  9. C

    Nice destination charging locations in Europe

    Dear Community Finding nice destination charging locations can be quite cumbersome, not even speaking of disappointing experiences. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to share respective feedbacks. Here's my first input: Chateau de Moison is located about 30 km North from Bourges...
  10. Cyberjr

    Owatonna Destination Charger

    I recently visited the Owatonna Destination charger on my hunt for good Ice Cream since it is finally nice out. Check it out if you are passing thru I35 and don't want to stop in Albert Lea, MN. https://bit.ly/2PR7KnK Owatonna Public Utilities 128 W Vine St Owatonna, MN 55060 Blast Soft...
  11. acaciolo

    New Retro 1950's Gas Pump Destination Charger

    I just finished installing our dual destination charger at our ice cream shop in Coopersburg, PA. www.theinsidescoop.com If anybody is nearby, stop by for some free "juice"
  12. G

    New Destination Chargers in Lubbock

    Overton Hotel on Instagram: “Whether you’re staying the night or just having dinner and drinks at Pecan Grill, recharge your car for free, while you recharge yourself.” Overton Hotel has 4 destination chargers (level 2). If anyone out there is on Plugshare can they please update the app with...
  13. BBryson

    Lunch Destinations

    In the spirit of the $100 hamburger in the aviation community, I would like to gather destinations to visit primarily as an excuse to drive my car. The principle behind the $100 hamburger is many people who own personal aircraft will find airports with restaurants then fly there for lunch just...
  14. vespax

    3 Destination Chargers - Main Street, Grand Junction, CO

    Hey folks, I wanted to share a little news and experience. In the fall I contacted Tesla about some DC for my office. They offered to provide 4 chargers (I opted for 3) and have them installed for the public to use. These are right on Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction! The additional...
  15. randygts

    Destination Charging problems

    Anyone having any problems with Destination Chargers? I have used them over 50 times without a problem before this weekend. At two different hotels (Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara, and Hyatt Regency in Indian Wells) I have had this exact problem. You plug the cable in...for a brief second it...
  16. Z

    Destination Charger help please

    I'm planning a small Family trip this weekend had a question about destination chargers. How do you know if you're allowed to use them? I'm in a situation that I must charge somehow but not sure how. I will be a Sandusky, OH. Any help would be great. We are still a little scared lol. Our hotel...
  17. Missile Toad

    500 days of (not) charging

    tl;dr; ...........in Today......5 years..Type 6%.........7%.......Critical Charges, Usually a Supercharger, but can be an overnight WC 1.0%.......7.0%.....Opportunistic, building extra cushion, meals, shopping, out on the town 87%........80%......Routine, daily charge habit @ home, work, school...
  18. Missile Toad

    Miles you expect to obtain from friends, destination chargers, etc. but not from Tesla Superchargers

    Answer only if you’ve owned your Tesla for 6 months or longer (all units in miles). Include informal charging from hotel wall-sockets and RV Parks' NEMA 14-50s — basically anything other than the Superchargers, and not in your house. For this question, please also exclude your main business...
  19. RedModel3

    Charging: Destination Charging vs. Supercharging speed

    I just got back from an 800 mile trip in my Volt, using mostly gas, and I've been trying to estimate where I will stop to charge on that same trip in a Model 3. I've been trying to find a simple answer to my question and I have yet to find it. In simple terms, as volts, amps, and watts do not...
  20. Missile Toad

    How many blocks between a hotel and a charger for it to be convenient?

    In some U.S. cities a block is 660 feet or 1/8 of a mile. This is the equivalent of 0.2 km. So think in these terms as you answer the question (your city/town may vary). When I say 'convenient', I mean that you would consider a stay at that hotel and travel via your Tesla to get there. For some...
  21. S

    Destination Chargers -- what are you guys seeing for payment for use?

    We hope to do a get-away at some point this summer/fall with our MS and was wondering what you guys who stay at places with Destination Chargers are being asked to pay for using them? One place we are considering is asking $10 a charge. Wondering how that compares to what you've seen. I think...
  22. JHWJR

    Destination Charger Anxiety

    I'm waiting on my Model X to arrive, and my wive and I are planning a very long trip in it shortly after it does. (Nothing will be locked down prior to delivery.) I am planning the trip and foreseeing a few SuperChargers and then a stay at a hotel with a Destination Charger. Same thing the next...
  23. B

    Destination Charger review – The Inn at Pamlico Sound (Outer Banks)

    Disclaimer: I don’t have a Tesla yet, but have a couple of Model 3 reservations and read quite a bit. This is the only destination charger on the island. Charger was sent to them by Tesla They have a nice Café. A bit spending but very good. Nice landscaping – They grow a good deal of...
  24. A

    Destination Charging Application

    Sorry for what I'm sure is a duplicate thread, but has anyone been through the application/approval process? I'm just curious how stringent they are, or if they look for certain property attributes. I have a good friend that owns a restaurant and I've persuaded him to fill out the application...
  25. Kayto

    Destination Chargers in Australia

    Tesla partners with places such as hotels and clubs to install charging points for customers to use. It seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship. They're known as "destination chargers". The actually connector is the same HPWC (High Power Wall Connector) you would have at home (not...