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destination charging

  1. L

    Received 47kWh charged for 54kWh

    I was staying in Newcastle and I booked into Jesmond Dene House as they showed electric car charging. I was first a little shocked that they charged £1 per kWh but doubly so when the car reported that I received 47kWh but the charger reported 54. Is this normal? Am I being charged for the...
  2. Olle

    How much extra would you pay for a Hotel with Destination Charging that you could Reserve?

    This is a follow up poll on the poll about if people are willing to stay at a hotel without destination charging. A big drawback seemed to be that it is hard to know if a spot will be available on arrival. One of the posters in the poll brought up the important point about how much a hotel could...
  3. Gwgan

    Unattended destination charger not for FindUs map?

    Was thinking about getting set of chargers installed at or near the town marina but site doesn't meet the criteria to be listed on the Find Us map and in the car since there are no regular staffed hours. The town docks, the local yacht club, and a commercial outdoor playground area all use the...
  4. S

    Tesla Destination charging availability?

    Hey folks, Like with the Superchargers, is there a Tesla or 3rd party app/website in which you can remotely check whether a Tesla Destination Charger is available & not in use?
  5. N

    Destination Charging etiquette

    First post of a long time lurker here :) so be nice :) Just wondering what the etiquette is of using destination charging. To me, politeness says you should be a customer of some description, I've seen people turn up, plug in and sit in the car or wander off and not buy anything which seems a...
  6. greyjustice

    Desination Charger Etiquette

    I'm planning a few weekend trips away when my M3 arrives next week, can anyone advise on the etiquette for using destination chargers at hotels and other locations? Many of the hotel charges are free to use for customers so I'm expecting them to be busy, especially in popular locations. Is it...
  7. C

    Nice destination charging locations in Europe

    Dear Community Finding nice destination charging locations can be quite cumbersome, not even speaking of disappointing experiences. I thought it might be nice to have a thread to share respective feedbacks. Here's my first input: Chateau de Moison is located about 30 km North from Bourges...
  8. XHokie

    Disappearing Destination Chargers? - Southwest Virginia

    I am planning a trip to the Blacksburg/Christiansburg, VA area and happened to look on Tesla's Charging Map to confirm which hotels at Destination Charging options. I know for sure there used to be at least 3 or 4, maybe more, in the NRV area. Now, the map only shows two remaining: the Holiday...
  9. mociaf9

    Tesla DC donation to City of West Palm Beach -- 38 EVSE + installation across 3 city garages

    https://www.wpb.org/getmedia/10cef510-a9a6-4d7e-9572-6d02c838b5c2/ACM-22241-Resolution-No-373-18; [PDF]; Approved as item 18 of the Consent Calendar at City Commission meeting on 2018-12-17 [PDF] "Tesla Motors reached out to the City of West Palm Beach as part of their Destination Charging...
  10. dauger

    4647-mile Road Trip through the American West

    Hello my TMC friends, I am very excited to share how I took my family on a 20-day 4647-mile road trip entirely using my S this summer: Tesla Model S - "American West" Road Trip Starting from California, we traveled through 10 western states to see National Parks and beautiful sites including...
  11. DiamondHands

    Smoky Mountains Family Trip

    Hi friends, I need help/tips/ideas on visiting the Smoky Mountains with 3 kids (4, 2, 0.5 years old) in tow in our Model X 90D. We’ve never been, and my wife and I wanted to spend maybe 2 days enjoying the scenery and serenity, without boring the heck out of the kids. We’ll be driving from South...
  12. Francop

    Destination Charging: Cambridge, MD

    There are new destination chargers being installed in downtown Cambridge, MD: https://mailchi.mp/downtowncambridge.org/march2_4_downtown_cambridge-md-1028873?e=da792c75eb Check them out this summer if you are driving by Cambridge on the way to the beach or staying in the area. There are great...
  13. Missile Toad

    500 days of (not) charging

    tl;dr; ...........in Today......5 years..Type 6%.........7%.......Critical Charges, Usually a Supercharger, but can be an overnight WC 1.0%.......7.0%.....Opportunistic, building extra cushion, meals, shopping, out on the town 87%........80%......Routine, daily charge habit @ home, work, school...
  14. WannabeOwner

    Is Tesla offering destination chargers for work places?

    That's what I heard, and unless I am mistaken its what the website seems to say. https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/charging-partners?redirect=no Made an application and got a reply that they are only for Hotels and the like. Have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  15. Missile Toad

    1kW charging at an airport: Awesome or Weird?

    So, Tesla has added to its 'findus' web-page a 40-slot Destination Charger near the Denver Airport: Fine Parking ( <- Plugshare). Tesla's site indicates it to be 'up to 16kW', but one Model S driver indicates it to be closer to 1kW, via Plugshare. The parking seems to be upscale parking called...
  16. Missile Toad

    When I tried charging at the hotel, this is what happened

    Pick up to 3 most frequent occurrences for you:
  17. swengl

    Altavista, VA: New Destination Charging location opening soon

    Hello everyone, I have been working with a business owner in Altavista, VA (about halfway between Lynchburg and Danville on Route 29) to establish a destination charging spot in the area and he is about to have 3 Tesla chargers and a universal charger installed at his business. The business is...
  18. jmcclureXPA

    Anyone install a destination charger at their work place?

    I want to install a charging station at my office. I am considering allowing others to use it as well? I.e. employees and clients and maybe anyone Does anyone have any advice for this? Has anyone installed something more universal than just a Tesla charging station? Is there a difference...
  19. S

    So what's the trick with Destination Charging?

    After a very successful Destination Charger installed in my local office park, I got to thinking that I should look at the places where I do mid-distance travel and see if those locations would be as interested as I was in free charging hardware from Tesla. I've been really surprised on the...
  20. I

    First Destination Charging point in Ireland opens, 10 charging sites to be installed in coming weeks

    Wicklow chosen for first “Tesla Destination Charging” point - Industry News
  21. 787steve

    How fast does 16kW destination charger charge?

    Picking up our new Model S 60 tomorrow! Planning first road trip to the Carolina coast next week. About 160 miles to destination. Could go by SuperCharger. But if we press through there are two destination chargers which look usable. One is 8kW, the other is 16kW. How long to recharge...
  22. dauger

    2824-mile Road Trip through "Indian Country"

    Hello my TMC friends. I wanted to share a post about taking my family on a 2824-mile road trip entirely using my Model S earlier this month: http://tesla.dauger.com/roadtrip1608/ We visited National Parks (it is the centenary) and numerous points of interest in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado...
  23. Chickenlittle

    Virginia universities

    I was surprised to find that James Madison University did not have a single electric car charging station. I understand that most teslas are out of the price tange of students but not faculty. Model3 will not be out of price range. This university and others would be good locations for...
  24. oldgoat1968

    Destination Charging

    One restaurant in my area (Panama City Beach) is probably the best known eatery in NW Florida -- always gets rave reviews from tourists, locals and restaurant reviewers. I know and enjoy a friendship with the management there. I dropped them a line suggesting they consider contacting Tesla...
  25. swengl

    Promoting new Destination Charging Stops

    Hello all! I'm working to get a local business in my old hometown to join the Destination Charging program. The business, historically a minute market, has expanded and has added a craft brewery taproot and has quite a good food menu to offer. The unique and, in my opinion, most appealing...
  26. SW2Fiddler

    Destination CHAdeMO w/Tesla Adapter: New Orleans, LA

    Basically, several concepts came together in a happy confluence. A free, Tesla-friendly CHAdeMO host - A desirable location - both as a Destination in and of itself, but also between two SuperChargers - Tesla's "Referral" promotion making it possible to grab an adapter on Tesla's tab - And my...
  27. G

    Staying and Charging at Wellesley Island State Park NY

    Hi, In a couple of weeks I will be going to Wellesley Island State Park. I am trying to collect feedback on the feasibility of the trip with my Model S 70D. Plan is the following: - Leaving on Saturday morning from Pittsford NY with a full charge. Getting to Wellesley Island State Park with...
  28. D

    Village of Pinecrest (South of Miami) Installing 2 Tesla HPWCs

    Got word at a Pinecrest Gardens Advisory Committee Meeting that the Village of Pinecrest is close to installing two HPWCs. Going to stay on top of it to find out specific dates, but here are the two locations. Village Hall 12645 South Dixie Highway Pinecrest, FL 33156 12645 Pinecrest...
  29. robatbeach

    Great Road Trip - Key Observations

    Many of you have already had this experience, but we packed up the Tesla (who needs a van or SUV) and our one year old and went on our longest road trip yet. Previously, we had only done Morgantown, WV-MD and NY-MD. This time we went all the way to Iowa. I just love mentioning that to people...
  30. 4SUPER9

    Mammoth Mtn

    I'm hoping to take my P85 to Mammoth this coming Winter. That depends in part on if the grey dots along 395 get built in time (Ridgecrest?, Lone Pine?, Bishop?). If there is one indeed in Bishop, then I could charge up there and be good for the 42 miles up the hill and back down. My concern...