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  1. SumaPerformance

    Vendor 15% Off Ceramic Coating | 2-Year Protection with 1 Bottle, done in 10 Minutes.

    Have you always wanted to try DIY ceramic? Now it's the time with the15% off promo. Use "WELCOME15" at check out. www.sumadetail.com Formula developed by us to ensure that 1 layer lasts 6+ months that can be done in 10 minutes. Simply wipe on and wipe off. reapplying every 3 months for the...
  2. K

    Recommendation for detailers in NYC?

    Looking for recommendations for detailers around the NYC area for a new MYP. Storefront or mobile are both fine. I'd like to do ceramic coating in and out (white interior). Thanks in advance!
  3. Mm2021

    Tesla Heathrow Service Center Detailers Experience

    Hi everyone, So I collected my Tesla model 3 just over a week ago, took it straight to a detailers for PPF and the detailer found multiple etch marks from bird droppings and two deep scratches amongst many other paint defects that my untrained eyes failed to spot in the rain on collection day. I...
  4. J

    Fix scratches & chip in 2018 TMS around Westchester NY

    Looking for a good body shop/ detailer who can fix minor scratches and chip caused from my son hitting car with bike and other incidents. Looking for spot repair, not panel resprays. Considering PPF as preventative. S 100D Deep Blue Metallic thanks & stay healthy!
  5. S

    Little Help??--auto detail in southern orange county??

    does anyone know of a mobile auto detail outfit? I am looking for high end ceramic coating paint protection etc--just picked up red Model s 75d --need to protect it... Thanks in advance. S
  6. Mike M

    Colorado - Llumar Films Wrap & Rayno Phantom Tint - MX 90D

    We just got our MX 90D back from Colorado Detail and they did an extraordinary job. Full front and rear bumper wrap in Llumar Films Clear Bra, GtechniQ Crystal Serum paint treatment and Rayno Phantom 30% tint on driver and passenger windows with 20% tint on upper half of the front windshield...
  7. ElektraMS60

    Glass Coating on my 2016 Tesla Model S

    I just got my car fully detailed and glass coated. The front of the car has an XPel self healing clear bra wrap had the rest glass coated. If anyone is in the Orange County, California area, this place is the best. Website - Innovative Detailing Best Detailing Services in Orange Country Yelp...
  8. R

    XPEL Wrap, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Coating, Powder Coated Rims, Red Calipers

    I know Kyle (@Bulldog Kyle) of Bulldog Detail gets frequently recommended here. I want to add an overdue shout out for the work he did on my Midnight Silver Metallic S75. I got the following done through Kyle / Bulldog Detail and could not be happier: Full XPEL wrap Gtechniq Crystal Serum...
  9. EliteFinish

    Vendor Welcome to San Diego's Premier Auto Salon

    Greetings Tesla family, My name is Robert Nishnic, Director of Operations for Elite Finish Detailing. Let me begin by expressing our gratitude; we feel absolutely privileged to be a Tesla Motors Club vendor. Our team brings the desire and passion to educate the thousands of enthusiasts of...
  10. Brian@Impression

    Vendor 85D Paint Correction with CQuartz Coating - Impression Auto Salon in Santa Clarita, CA

    The final results Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! We are a sponsor here and did this 85D a while back so we wanted to share with you guys. We truly love helping our customers make their cars look perfect and keep them that way and this model S was no exception. When this new...
  11. T

    Vendor 2015 Tesla MS 85D - Jet Black - Ultimate New Car Prep - Beautiful

    This 2015 MS 85D was brought to our detail studio to receive the Ultimate New Car Prep package which it includes - Paint Correction - Full front wrapped in PPF aka Clear Bra - Full 3M Crystalline window tint - Gtechniq Crystal Serum protective coating application - Wheels removed and coated...
  12. M

    Recommendations for detailer and Opti-coat Pro near Thousand Oaks, CA

    Hi, just ordered Model S 90D Midnight Silver Metallic w/ Grey interior. I would like a recommendation of someone who can detail, paint correct (if necessary) and apply Opticoat Pro in or near the Thousand Oaks, CA area.
  13. T

    Vendor 2015 Tesla MS 70D in Black Metallic - Basic New Car Prep +

    This MS 70D was brought to us for a proper new car prep and customization per request of the car owner. The services performed were - Paint correction, Opti Coat Pro protective coating application, 3M Crystalline tint all around, brake calipers painted Ferrari red and wheels powered coated gloss...
  14. T

    Vendor 2015 P85D Multi-color red...Get your popcorn ready because this one was a big project

    I was contacted by Mr J.C.G from Miami about his recently acquired Model S. He wanted me to perform our Ultimate New Car Prep which includes Single Step Correction, protective coating, PPF installation on the full front (full hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, nose cone, headlights and fog lights)...
  15. T

    Vendor Some of Our Latest Tesla work

    I have been extremely busy lately with a large wave of Teslas that came in thru our studios, both in Sarasota and Tampa. I am very grateful to all of those Tesla owners who placed their trust in me to properly enhance and protect their new automobile investment. I appreciate your patronage...
  16. T

    Vendor 2015 Silver Tesla Model S P85D - Ultimate New Car Prep

    I was hired by the owners of this new P85D to perform our Ultimate New Car Prep Service which includes: - Window Tint with 3M Crystalline all around including windshield and panoramic roof - Full front paint protection with Xpel PPF aka Clear Bra (we wrapped the entire hood, fenders, bumper...
  17. T

    Vendor The difference between Opti-Coat Pro and Opti-Gloss coating.

    It has been brought to my attention from other detailers around the country about unauthorized Opti-Coat Pro detailers selling Optimum Gloss-Coat as Opti-Coat Pro. Fooling many customers who aren't educated about this coating line and what to expect from it. After doing some research in my...
  18. T

    Vendor Resurrecting a 2013 Model S - Correction and Gtechniq Protective Coating

    The following 2013 Model S was brought to our studio for a rejuvenation via paint correction and protection with Gtechniq coating. The front bumper, nose cone and rear right quarter panels had been repainted by a body shop. Excessive amount of water spots were also present on every panel of the...
  19. T

    Vendor Get to Know First Impression Premier Auto Detail

  20. T

    Vendor 2015 Black Model S - New Car Prep <---- Another Bad One

    This Model S came to our studio from Lakeland, FL. The car was roughly a week old. We installed 3M Crystalline all around including windshield and pano roof, the car also received a paint correction and application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum and EXOv2 on the paintwork. Wheels, leather, carpet and...
  21. T

    Vendor 2015 Tesla Model S (Gray) - Correction, Gtechniq Coating and 3M Crystalline

    This brand new dolphin gray Tesla Model S was picked up from the Tesla store and brought into our studio for our new car prep service with a single stage paint correction, Gtechniq protective coatings inside and out and 3M crystalline all around including windshield and pano roof. Tesla at...
  22. S

    New member

    Hello everyone, I'm Chris from Portishead near Bristol, and I own Summit Detailing. I've had several enquiries and subsequent bookings for new car protection details in 2015 so thought it was only right that I sign up here to glean more information on the cars & of course contribute to any...
  23. S

    Hello, from Bristol, England

    Hello everyone, I'm Chris from a little town called Portishead near Bristol, England and I own Summit Detailing. I've had several enquiries and subsequent bookings for new car protection details in 2015 so thought it was only right that I sign up here to glean more information on the cars & of...
  24. R

    Anybody know Spider Auto Glass in San Jose, CA?

    I'm thinking of using them for a full Opti-Coat Pro on my new MS. Anybody got first hand experience with them? Any info appreciated. Thanks! -- Greg
  25. A

    Miami Car Wash Recommendations

    Just received delivery of my new Model S85 a few weeks ago and I want to keep it looking great. Any recommendations in the Miami area for a good car wash and/or detail service? I've been using the Miami Auto Spa on 8th street, but definitely open to alternatives. Also, are there any special...
  26. R

    Did Tesla mess up your paint job?

    There are multiple threads with owners who picked up MS's with significant swirl marks from Tesla after their detailers ruined the original factory pain job. When you picked up your MS, did Tesla wash & detail your car, or was it left as is after manufacturing? I requested Tesla not to touch my...