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  1. E

    Car maker cheats on emissions, car maker pays the price, people still single out Tesla

    Are Electric Cars Only for the Rich? Sacramento Is Challenging That Notion To be totally fair, I see some of the points made in the article (and fully support its broader inclusive spirit). However, my point is that Tesla is not the only one making cars at the said price points, considering...
  2. mspohr


    German carmakers face EU anti-trust inquiry over emissions German carmakers face EU anti-trust inquiry over emissions As many had suspected, VW was just the stupid tip of the iceberg.
  3. Adm

    Dieselgate aflevering 293: BMW

    Het Duitse televisieprogramma heeft een BMW 320d op de proefbank vastgesnoerd en wat blijkt: Boven de 3500 tpm en 200 Nm gaat de EGR klep vol open. Blijkbaar gaat het marktaandeel van de diesel nog niet hard genoeg naar beneden naar de zin van BMW. Hinweise auf Abschalteinrichtungen bei BMW
  4. V

    From TDI to Tesla

    Another thread brought up the topic of what vehicle you are leaving when you go to Model 3. I know there were several posters who said they were moving out of the (recalled) TDIs. There are several issues inherent with this unique buyback program and the still-in-the-somewhat-distant-future...
  5. dauger

    Why Tesla Motors is Worth Every Penny of its Net Losses

    A well-written article saying the billions in investments by Tesla Motors is justified: Why Tesla Motors Is Worth Every Penny of Its Net Losses -- The Motley Fool I'd say it does a good job putting TM's net losses thus far into perspective, comparing them to others in the industry, and...