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diminished value

  1. Z

    Other party is denying my claim. Can I still get DV?

    My 2022 Model X was hit back in March 2023 by a 26' U-haul truck. I was parked in the U-Haul parking lot, so my insurance determined the other driver to be 100% at fault obviously. It ended up being repaired for about $16k. Initially, I went through the other guy's insurance (Mercury). They...
  2. I

    Slap in the face by Tesla - Trade-in value £20k less than I paid Tesla just 18 months ago.

    I've been looking at my options of potentially upgrading to a new Model 3 and so requested a trade-in valuation of my December 2016 Model S P90 upgraded to HW3 and MCU2 and has Enhanced Autopilot. I purchased this from Tesla directly 18 months ago for £37,000 and paid about another £2000 for the...
  3. K

    Model Y door and fender damaged, worth pursuing DV?

    My Model Y LR recently got hit while parked. Sentry mode caught the accident (also got alerted via Tesla app) and I am filing the claim against the at-fault party's insurance (StateFarm). I plan to get this repaired at a Tesla Collision Center in the area. Tesla Collision Center's initial...
  4. F

    Model 3 loss of use claim

    Hi all, First post here, much appreciate your help with pursuing a loss of use third party claim (the other driver's insurance company is MetLife). I'll keep the message short but am happy to provide more information and edit this post if there is interest. I was in an accident in November...
  5. E

    Model S: I got rear-ended

    Hi Tesla community, I drive a 2017 Model S 100D, 20k miles on board. I recently got rear-ended by a distracted driver. The Tesla-approved body shop told me that the back aluminum panel was bent, so the insurance company's initial low-ball estimate of $ 2,000 is totally inadequate. The shop...
  6. R

    Diminished Value Claim (CA) for minor damage in 4-car Pile-Up?

    So I was involved in a 4-car pile-up while driving in the carpool lane this morning in SoCal. My 6-month old (14K milage) Model 3 suffered the least amount of damage, as I was the front-most car. The rear-most 4th car (which was a Bentley) hit the 3rd car, which hit the 2nd car, which then...
  7. kingkong5

    Can diminished value be greater than the cost of the repair?

    And how would I go about asking the insurance company for that money? Last week in my 2018 100D I was the front car in a 3 car chain reaction. It was at a stop light that had just turned green, and while waiting for the three cars in front of me to proceed, a driver coming down the road 2 cars...
  8. pdxgibby

    Inherent Diminished Value Settlement (Oregon)

    TL;DR: Rear-ended. Car took 7 months to be repaired. Successful reimbursement for gas costs! Successful inherent diminished value claim settlement! Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, this is just my experience, YMMV. Last year, I was rear-ended in Portland, Oregon in my 2018 Tesla Model S. It had...
  9. Pkmmte

    Diminished Value Claim - Still Possible If Person at Fault Pays For Damages?

    I was charging my car when another car (a Model X) pulled in then out of the parking spot next to me. Upon pulling out, they made a sharp right turn which ended up damaging the front of my vehicle. The front driver side bumper cover is damaged (significant), left headlight has some scratches...
  10. F

    Anyone have a successful Diminished Value / Loss of Use Claim?

    Hi, I'm looking for advice around a potential Diminished Value Claim on my 2015 Model S. About a month ago, my vehicle was hit in a parking lot. The other driver left the scene (hit and run). Fortunately, my dual dash cam recorded everything: - He hits my car in his heavy pickup truck - He...
  11. J

    Married to one of you, and providing diminished value help

    Hi all. My husband owns a Tesla and we both love it. However, we are also going through a diminished value claim because somebody smashed into it while it was parked safely in our garage. With the door closed. Anyway, I joined the forms because I have actually been here for a while, looking for...
  12. J

    Our diminished value case is headed to trial

    I have seen that there are a lot of posts regarding diminished value claims, so I thought I would start my own and provide information that others can use for their own claims. Our 2013 Model S 85 was parked inside our garage. A food delivery person slammed into our garage at a high rate of...
  13. YauKwan

    Diminished Value appraiser and/or auto accident lawyers.

    Hi, My car rear ended recently in NJ. I've reached out to a couple of forum members for DV appraiser recommendations, but most of those appraisers out outside of the NYC/NJ area. Has anyone worked with an appraiser in the NYC area preferably one that deals with Tesla. Any advice or...
  14. krazineurons

    Anyone in Seattle, WA successful with a DV claim?

    My X got in a not at fault collision, it's sitting at Pacific Auto body for 2 months now. Trying to find recommdations of an appraiser to help with a diminished value and loss of use claim. Also wondering if i should get a lawyer and save myself of the headache. Any recommendations?
  15. H

    Carfax for diminished value

    Anyone have an extra or unlimited Carfax report to give? I'd like to check if my $4400 door ding that was repaired at a Tesla authorized body shop is listed on Carfax. If so, I'm going to make a diminished value claim.
  16. dvhart

    2016 Model S 90D - Property Damage Claim Post Mortem

    After nearly two months, we finally settled our property damage claim after being rear ended in our 2016 Tesla Model S 90D. Insurance claims are something many of us dread about owning a Tesla, a risk we acknowledged going in. I thought I'd share the experience and the outcome in the hope it...