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direct sales

  1. R

    Buying cars like we buy computers -- direct from the manufacturer

    I just published this short article, titled, Why Can’t We Buy Cars the Way We Buy Computers? Why Can’t We Buy Cars the Way We Buy Computers? You can rad it at this above URL.
  2. igotzzoom

    Thinking Outside the Box: Model 3 to be offered through Costco?

    Okay. Bear with me folks. I know some of you are going to pooh-pooh my speculation right off the bat, but I think it could happen. I think this could potentially be a very elegant work-around to the state-by-state dealer battles. Some of you may be familiar with Costco's auto buying service...
  3. dauger

    FTC: Direct Consumer Auto Sales: It's not just about Tesla

    The Federal Trade Commission continues to advocate for direct sales, calls out Michigan's ban, in a new post today: Direct-to-consumer auto sales: It’s not just about Tesla | Federal Trade Commission Send this to your legislators if you're in a state that supports dealership power. They need...
  4. M

    Building Support for Direct Sales in Arizona

    A bill has been introduced in the Arizona House to allow direct sales of Tesla in Arizona. I am hoping to build support from Arizona enthusiasts for legislation that will remedy this problem. Most owners are aware that current Arizona law forbids consumers from buying directly buy from Tesla...
  5. M

    Arizona HB-2216 Would Allow Direct Sales In Arizona

    Three of the most conservative state representatives in the Arizona House are sponsoring HB-2216 that would allow direct sales of Teslas in Arizona. One of the sponsors is chair of the House Commerce Committee that would, no doubt, hear the bill if it moves forward. Interesting development.
  6. D

    New White House Petition to stop States from banning direct car sales

    Lets try to get this over the 100K mark ASAP, or at least close enough that it hits the news cycles prior to election day to give pause to any other "back room politics" elected officials, esp. this close to election day. If you agree with the petition, I encourage you to sign it right now (and...
  7. M

    Ways to Support Direct Sales of Tesla

    A bill that would have allowed direct sales of Teslas in Arizona just died in our state legislature and I am pissed. It offends my sense of what free-choice and capitalism means. I am aware that Arizona isn't the only state to deny direct sales. While efforts to correct this miscarriage...
  8. M

    Direct Sales Bill in Arizona Next Year

    It is now clear that a bill allowing direct sales of Teslas in Arizona is officially dead in the state legislature for this year with TM vowing to have it reconsidered next year. Here are a few thoughts for next year: 1) The combined power of the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association...