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  1. J

    Hand controls installed on Model X

    We have a MX refresh on order. Will need to have hand controls installed. Has anyone had hand controls installed on an MX? What brand did you use and did it affect anything on FSD, autopilot or regenerative braking. We have seen different models with controls installed, so we know it can be...
  2. H

    2013 Model S - Many Disabled Errors and now a Dead Battery

    Last Wednesday (1/28/21), I was returning from a store 2 miles from my house. One mile down the road and these 7 error messages pop up on the screen: charge port disabled stability control disabled regenerative breaking disabled power reduced charge rate reduced traction control disabled...
  3. fasteddie7

    Autopilot at 50% due to accident

    after a year of babying my car, it finally took its first whack in a parking lot. The hit, although seemingly far away from the sensor, made parking assist disabled. Certified Tesla body shop says 6 months to fix, and Tesla can’t look at it without double dipping insurance. So as a PSA here’s...
  4. Marito

    Shared Parking spaces (Disabled/EV)?

    Just saw this at an IKEA in Miami. I was hoping to charge my X while there, but someone who definitely needed the spot more (disabled) was already parked there, which got me thinking... What if it had been the other way around? What if a disabled person had to park farther from the entrance...
  5. dauger

    Tesla Stands by its Battery Pack Warranty

    Wednesday my beautiful P85 Model S became disabled, requiring a tow to Tesla Service. But by noon Thursday Tesla restored it. And therein lies a tale. On my way back home from a longer-than-usual day trip, thoroughly enjoying the Tesla driving experience, I stopped around 2 pm at a...